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이렇게 하면 돼 | [Word of the Day]


Today I’m not breaking down anything from the video except 하면 and that’s only because we’ve talked about the other two words. (I totally remember going over both of those!)

하면 | “if”

That’s it! That’all I’m saying. I really like this one so I won’t be a huge spoiler this time around.

See ya next week!


너무 좋아서 그래 | [Word of the Day]


Sorry for the late post you guys! I know this was supposed to be up yesterday! We’re going backwards here it seems. We did #6 yesterday and now today we’re doing #5 and before you ask… 네 맞아요! we’re doing #4 on Thursday!

“알았어, 하지만 what does “너무 좋아서 그래” mean?

I was going to explain this one like I did yesterday but to be honest, I think the video would probably do a better job than me.

Quick notes:

  • 너무 | “too, very, extremely”
  • 좋아서 | “good”
  • 그래 | “yes” or “okay”
    • typically in agreement with something so it doesn’t always have to mean just “yes” or “okay” as you will find out in the video below

그런 거 같아 | [Word of the Day] (video)


So like I said yesterday, I’m sharing videos this week. Each video has a different topic, one I don’t think we’ve gone over before but I could be mistaken. I’m really really hoping these topics are different! And who knows, you may see this particular one again next week. I may or may not have extra examples ready for this particular post… *wink wink*

“What does that even mean? I hear it all the time in ___ drama and I’m sure the translations at the bottom have kinda done some type of translation before I’m just trying to figure out what it means. I mean they translate it two or three different ways! 왜?!”

Well 친구, 나 설명할게.  Or… maybe I’ll let the video below do it. Here’s the basics:

  • 그런 | “then”
  • 같아 | “to be the same”
  • 거 같아 | “it seems” or “I think”
    • If you see this and wonder, “what’s the difference between this and 것 같아?” Nothing. It’s just a pronunciation and spelling difference. Meaning, 것 같아 is how it’s spelled and 거 같아 is how it’s pronounced but it means the same thing.

“All that is great! But what does it mean put together?”

Check out the video below!

Korean – Basic Conversation [video]| [Grammar of the Week]


I stumbled on a web series that I wish I had known about a long time ago when I first started learning Korean. This is literally one of the most helpful series I have watched in a long time.

However, I’m not posting those today! I’ll post those videos this week. Because 1) I was going to do another Grammar lesson but to be honest, I really couldn’t think of anything that I haven’t already done! I was working on a whole post and got all the way to the end when I realized it was the exact same thing I did about three weeks ago! And 2) I really do like posting videos. I’m not sure if you guys figured that out yet but I love finding videos and sharing them with you guys!

Let me know if that’s super annoying and you’d prefer if I didn’t do that in the comments and I’ll definitely limit the videos I share.

For now… I’ll share this video that is basically asking general direction questions. I wanted to go over this before (and to be honest I think I already did a couple of times I can’t even remember) hopefully this is something new. I really hope that this is something new!

Not only does she say the phrase and tell you what it means but she breaks down the pronunciation extremely well.