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Wednesday Kpop Update | miss A’s Fei Solo Debut, Coming Soon + BEAST Comeback Details and Tracklist + MBK Entertainment Fighting Back Against Online Comments + New Music Videos

Alright so we survived another week in the kpop world!! And the great news announcements keep coming! Your voices were heard and SBS is listening… TWICE’s Jungyeon, Gong Seung Yeon, and Kim Min Suk  have been officially announced as the new MC’s for Inkigayo. Congrats to the trio!

Taeyeon has a new album coming soon. She’s released teasers for the album and it’s also been announced now that Hyoyeon and DEAN will also be featured on the album. Hyoyeon be on the dance track “Up & Down”. And DEAN, for now all I know is that he was involved in the album. Album release date is June 28th! Super exciting!

Wonder Girls long awaited comeback “Why So Serious” has officially been released as of June 22nd KST. And they have a full schedule line-up…

miss A’s Fei is joining the realm of idols who have chosen to make a solo debut. And I have to say, I did see this one coming.This all comes after news of Jia leaving and joining a new agency, leaving miss A a trio.

For now, Fei is releasing a solo track sometime this summer and then… solo promotion plans?

A representative stated, “The precise date for the track release has not been decided yet. After organizing more specific plans, she will start solo activities.”

(source: soompi)

This translates that they will release the track, test the response and proceed from there. It’s all about marketing from here on out so if you want to see her solo career… Support her solo track!

BEAST has been making comeback plans for a while and now that the date for the official release is approaching, they’ve given the fans what they want to see… details and a tracklist!

For this album, the members actually had a hand in doing a lot of heavy lifting from producing to even song-writing.

“…Many of the songs were produced by Yong Junhyung’s producing team Good Life. Yong Junhyung also wrote the lyrics for many of the songs. Yoseob, Kikwang, and Dongwoon also participated in writing lyrics for several songs.”

(source: soompi)

In truly disappointing news, yet another agency has had to resort to legal actions against the nasty comments written by netizens trolling on social media. MBK Entertainment is fighting back against false rumors and allegations that have been spread through the internet, specifically about T-Ara, DIA, and Shannon.

MBK stated before that they originally didn’t see much harm in the comments as they just thought people were essentially just “showing interest”. But after time has passed, they realized that these rumors and comments have actually done more harm than good and now they want to seek legal action against the main people involved.

And apparently, they have a whole inbox full of tips from people. Looks like this is about to get really interesting.

And now for new music!!



Kpop Music Update | History Comeback Teaser + Wonder Girls Comeback Date Questionable + Day6 “Letting Go” + Jun Hyo Seong “Find Me” + SG Wannabe”By My Side”

This post is ever changing and becoming kinda like an MTV of kpop posts. I really like the Wednesday posts more than my “gossip column/rumor mill addressing” post of a Kpop Update. But, no long speech, let’s get to it!

The official comeback date from HISTORY is getting closer and closer! The official date is April 11th and honestly, I can’t wait!

“According to their agency, “HIM” will showcase a more masculine side of the five members through both music and visuals. In the black-and-white teaser shot, the members are groomed to perfection in sleek suits, owning the modern city man look while posing for the camera.”

(source: soompi)

Check out their new teasers they posted to SNS.

Fans were delighted to hear about the revival of Wonder Girls. With the new look and sound after the loss of two members, we were thrilled to see them starting over. But now, we’re all starting to wonder when we’ll ever see them again. JYP says, it’s still up in the air.

“As a response to these rumors, JYP stated to another news outlet, “Nothing has been confirmed regarding the comeback schedule or album format. The members are all working hard to prepare for their comeback,” suggesting that it’s too early to start counting days.”

(source: soompi)

So apparently there will be a comeback… but again the date is still questionable. I guess we’ll know when JYP starts releasing teaser videos again.





가슴 (gaseum) vs 마음 (ma-eum) [Word of the Day] (Kpop Teaches Korean Too | Wonder Girls “Tell Me”)


I was given this song as a request to do for “Kpop Teaches Korean Too”. I haven’t come up with a new theme this week for the WOTD so today will be a special post. The song chosen is by Wonder Girls and it’s called “Tell Me”. I’m not going to do the entire song as that’ll only be a full translation. So I’m just going to focus on what part that I’ve talked about before and I love that this song used this!

어쩜 내 가슴이 이렇게 뛰니
가슴이 정말 터질 것 같아
네가 날 볼 때면 전기에 감전된 사람처럼 전기가 올라

“…eojjeom nae gaseumi ireoke ttwini
gaseumi jeongmal teojil geot gata
niga nal bol ttaemyeon
jeongie gamjeondoen saramcheoreom
jeongiga olla…”

My heart is beating so fast
I think it’s going to pop
Whenever you look at me, I feel like i’ve just been electricuted

Wonder Girls | “Tell Me”

가슴 (gaseum) vs 마음 (ma-eum)… remember this?

I didn’t go into detail too much the first time I covered it but I do remember explaining the difference and now we get to see it’s usage in action. The question here is, why was 가슴 (gaseum) used instead of 마음 (ma-eum)? She is talking about her heart so why the difference?

Answer: Because she’s talking about her literal heart.

가슴 (gaseum) | “chest; heart” (literal)

마음 (ma-eum) | “heart” (emotional; figurative)

There may not seem like much of a difference but let’s say, she said instead:

  • 내 마음이 파괴되어 같은 느낌. (nae ma-eum-i pagoedoeeo gat-eun neukkim.) | “I feel like my heart is breaking”. 

Notice how instead of 가슴 (gaseum) that 마음 (ma-eum) is used here. This is because a “broken heart” is a figure of speech and describes an emotional state or feeling. It is not meant to be taken in a literal sense. Therefore, 가슴 (gaseum) cannot be used here.

However, saying: 어쩜 내 가슴이 이렇게 뛰니 (eojjeom nae gaseumi ireoke ttwini) | “My heart is beating so fast”, would be the correct way to talk about the heart. Here we are speaking of the heart in the literal sense. Your “heart racing” or “beating fast” is generally considered a literal feeling.

I just wanted to talk about that again. I saw it and immediately thought, this is the perfect example of how these two words are the same but different.

That’s it for today!

Wednesday Kpop Update | (Unpretty Rapstar Edition) Truedy Deletes Instagram + Yubin Performance Criticized

I noticed that the top stories today revolved around Unpretty Rapstar. Unfortunately, I haven’t really been following all the drama of that too much so I’m a bit behind on what happened. I had to start looking into it and low and behold I find out that it wasn’t too far from what I thought happened. Starting with Truedy.

Truedy’s ethnicity has been the topic of conversation for some months now with many people wondering if she’s mixed with black or half black. Fans even noted her resemblance to Yoonmirae. And then, little things started coming out. Comments people made, specifically Gilme who called her out for “pretending to be black” and then she allegedly came right out and said she wasn’t black. And the final thing, a picture surfaced.

(picture source: soompi)

Fans took to instagram to express their displeasure in her antics and have attacked her. They’ve called her a “fake Yoonmirae” and even said she’s “being disrespectful to black people for her cultural appropriation”. Apparently, she had enough of that and not only did she delete all her pictures and block a lot of people, but she left behind a short message, “It’s so hard…”

As for what Gilme said:

“Stop your Halloween cosplay,
Your rap is nothing special, it has no content,
Black people? Take off your dark makeup.”

Personally, I don’t think it’s right to terrorize anyone online for any reason. But I also don’t think it’s right to lie about who you are. Be you! It’s ok to embrace different cultures and to love different things about various cultures but don’t lie about who you are. Who you are is beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of or to hide away just to be someone else.

I do hope one day she returns to social media and I also hope when she does return, she’s not bullied and attacked anymore over this. And I also hope she’s learned her lesson. It’s ok to appreciate another culture. It’s ok to love and embrace another culture, but just be honest. Be yourself. Embrace all cultures and appreciate the beauty in everyone. That’s all.

Which brings me to Yubin… 

I don’t know what happened! Apparently she really fell off and fans have been calling her out as well for her lackluster performances. What?!!

She had Drake’s “Back to Back” beat to freestyle and to just really go in! I don’t know what happened. She had the perfect set-up. It’s like she held back and the she didn’t really follow through with it like she should have. I’m not sure if maybe it was the nerves or the fact that she’s not a battle rapper but something didn’t work for her. And netizens let her know.

[+ 135, – 15] Her breathing is so off you can tell when she misses the beat

[+ 130, – 16] Even from the beginning I thought she was bad and couldn’t understand why people kept saying she was good. She has good stage presence..but her lyrics and rapping are so bad

[+ 101, – 20] She’s really pretty but she’s…bad..

(source: koreaboo)

This is a bit heartbreaking. Hopefully she pulls it together. (Unless I’m late and she’s already been eliminated.)