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MOON | New Artist Alert!

Alright so I’m doing something a bit different and posting an “Artist to Watch” instead of an Artist of the Week. I’ve been searching all over for something new and SM Entertainment surprised me by debuting one of its new artists from its sub-label. SM bought a few lower level labels to expand their diversity to reach more people and this is one of their artists from that merge.

I’m excited about this direction and cannot wait to hear more music from her!


Foreign Language Tip | Reading a Passage in Korean [TTMK Video]

So I remember a while back I was talking about practicing your reading skills in Korean. I wasn’t able to fully demonstrate it in the post because I didn’t know how to properly explain it.

And then I found this video…

This is exactly how you practice learning to read in Korean. When you hear people say to buy children’s books in Korean, they mean reading it like the video below. Break down the sentences and then put it all back together in the beginning. Yes it’s a bit of translation but you want to be able to start reading to comprehend and the best way to do that is to break down the sentences or in this case break down the passage.

Another thing you can do is read webtoons. I downloaded both the English and Korean webtoon app that way I can use the Korean one to practice reading and the English version to make sure I’m on the right track and I know for sure what words I need to review.

Or, if you like watching K-dramas, you can do the same with them. If there are Korean subs available for the drama that you’re watching, you can break down the sentences there too and then switch to the English subs if you need check your accuracy.

It takes practice but you guys can definitely do it!

(one day it will just click…)

“Clear Glassy Makeup Tutorial” [video]| Learn Korean through Tutorials

So I’m always advocating for finding something that you love and then looking for it in Korean. If you’re really into makeup tutorials YouTube is a great source of tutorials that are completely in Korean with subtitles.

This is one of those examples. I’ve found a tutorial from PONY Syndrome.
She added subs to the video, however, for those of you who are working on listening skills I would say listen to what she’s saying first and then go back and look at the subs. Another thing that’ll help is turn the subs to Korean that way they cover the English subs in the video and you can follow along. So if she says something you don’t know, write down the word and look it up and then add it to your personal daily/weekly vocabulary list.

Another thing, she speaks at the standard pace of Korean but if it’s too fast for you I would suggest slowing down the video to about 0.5. That way you can still hear what she’s saying and comprehend it.