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Different Ways to “Shop” in Korean| [Word of the Day] (video)


Okay so the title is a bit of a bad pun but I guess my theme this week is “Different Ways to Say…”, so I decided to talk about shopping but in a clever way. (I’m done over explaining now lol)

“To shop” is a verb I use often around here however this video will help you use the ways to talk about shopping in real life scenarios with context, spelling, and pronunciation.

Check out the video below!


Different Ways to Say “Shoes” in Korean| [Word of the Day] + (video)


I wanted to do something different this week and talk about shoes.

So in Korean there are like three different ways to say shoes that I can personally think of off the top of my head in this moment. They are, 운동화,  신발, and 구두. What’s the difference?

  • 운동화 | athletic shoes
    • 운동 means “to exercise” or “athletics”
    • 화, when combined with 운동 means “shoe”
  • 신발 | shoes
    • This is used for all types of shoes. You can use this when talking about “tennis shoes” or “athletic shoes”
      • i.e., 테니스 신발
  • 구두 | shoes
    • This is used for dressy shoes like high heels, boots, etc. This wouldn’t be used to refer to general types of shoes.

And of course you guys know I found a video for you! The video below only focuses on 신발, however, I wanted to tell you the other ways you can talk about shoes as well.

That’s it for today!

Artist of the Week | 샛별 Satbyeol

So while I was surfing the net I ran across this artist that I had never even heard of before. I’m not sure why she’s not more popular! I couldn’t find a lot of music for her on spotify or soundcloud… it’s disappointing really. She’s an amazing R&B/Pop artist and her name is 샛별 Satbyeol.

I can’t find a lot of information on her either except from her fan page on Facebook which says that she released her first solo album, <1+1+1> on December 14, 2011 and since then she’s worked with numerous well-known artists such as The Quiett, Yankie, Crucial Star and Crown J as well as many more.

But even though I can’t make a playlist for her, I can share a music video of hers! Check it out below!


10 Korean Phrases for Meeting New People (video)| [Word of the Day]


So you guys the internet is out at my house. I’m literally typing this on my cell phone. However, we will push through it! Haha!!

We reached the end of another week and what better way to end it then with a video? These are phrases that are good for when you meet people and you may have even seen a few of them on here before.

Check it out below and see you all next week for the new Weekly Lesson, Artist of the Week and WOTD!

I’m off to figuring out what’s up with the Wi-Fi.