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Korean “Layering Skincare” Routine [video]

I really do miss posting videos like this. Today I had some time on my hands and was pretty much watching wayyyy too much YouTube. But we all totally are benefitting from my lazy “I wanna watch YouTube” day.

I was in search on new skincare routine and I just decided to go to one of my favorite YouTubers NamiiCho and what do I find?? A skincare routine that might help me out! My acne is back with a vengeance. And with acne comes dry skin from acne treatments and scarring.

Fun times…

But hopefully this routine will help me. What do you guys think? And what are you using?


[Grammar of the Week] — Postponed Until Next Week | Got7 One Point Korean Lesson Video


I’m back!! I was forced to take a week off because I somehow managed to cut my eye and so I was unable to do much of anything without resting it. It took a few days to heal and then a couple of more days before the pain stopped in it. It’s all better now so that’s the good news! But. The bad new is also because of my eye injury I wasn’t really studying much to post here. So this week we’ll do a Kpop Teaches Korean Too (with a twist) instead of a full grammar lesson for the week or maybe just random Words of the Day. I’m still working out the details but I’ll have topics to post by tomorrow. (New post on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday)


In the meantime, I decided to share this video. It’s pretty much conversational Korean but there are a lot of key points and vocabulary in here that’ll be helpful to those who are on a “speaking” level of Korean. Today was actually my first time seeing it but it is really similar to some of the other videos I’ve posted before.

New Grammar lesson next week! And new Artist of the Week! I might post that on Friday.

Taeyeon | Upcoming Album Spotlight

So I said I wasn’t going to do Kpop Updates on here anymore because it just isn’t my passion to be a kpop blogger (but all the kpop updates will still be done regularly on twentythirdstation.tumblr.com if you’re looking for it!) However, I do still love talking about the music.

I was definitely going to reserve this for later but when I stumbled on YouTube earlier I saw all this promo for Taeyeon’s upcoming album. SM is really really pushing this with all the visuals and teasers. And after listening to it, I can see why. I truly enjoyed her solo debut and this album seems like it’s going to be the perfect follow-up. I won’t post all the teasers because there’s at least 12 of them, but check out the ones below!

Will you be listening?

Full Music Video: