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Korean – Basic Conversation [video]| [Grammar of the Week]


I stumbled on a web series that I wish I had known about a long time ago when I first started learning Korean. This is literally one of the most helpful series I have watched in a long time.

However, I’m not posting those today! I’ll post those videos this week. Because 1) I was going to do another Grammar lesson but to be honest, I really couldn’t think of anything that I haven’t already done! I was working on a whole post and got all the way to the end when I realized it was the exact same thing I did about three weeks ago! And 2) I really do like posting videos. I’m not sure if you guys figured that out yet but I love finding videos and sharing them with you guys!

Let me know if that’s super annoying and you’d prefer if I didn’t do that in the comments and I’ll definitely limit the videos I share.

For now… I’ll share this video that is basically asking general direction questions. I wanted to go over this before (and to be honest I think I already did a couple of times I can’t even remember) hopefully this is something new. I really hope that this is something new!

Not only does she say the phrase and tell you what it means but she breaks down the pronunciation extremely well.



11 Rules of Korean Table Manners | [Word of the Day] (video)


I’m semi-back! Automatic posting here. I’m not entirely sure if I have enough posts for the week. But in my defense I did say I was taking break! Next week will be better.

Alright to end the week I’ve managed to find some way to come back to food!! Of course if you’re making friends in Korea (or with people in your local area who are Korean), you’ll more than likely being sharing meal or two with them. So why do you need this video?

Because… etiquette?

It’s useful! You’ll never know when knowing these things come in handy!

Top 25 Korean Phrases | [Word of the Day] (video)


Okay so I’m not sure if this worked but if you’re seeing it then… “Yay! It worked!” Had to automatically publish posts for the week so don’t mind me just strolling through…

Okay, so let me first start by saying that I wish I had a video like this when I was first starting out! Just letting you know, these phrases are indeed informal and she makes note of that in the very beginning. We’ve talked about everything in this video before however, she explains more when/where you can use these phrases and she really breaks down how to say the words and has additional examples for each one.

“Speak Korean Like Natives?!” | [Word of the Day] (video)


So this week I’m taking break you guys! I’ve been trying really hard to balance everything but mentally I just need an extra week to gather myself. I have a presentation and a lot of catching up to do in one of my classes so this week.

But! You guys already know that just because I take a break doesn’t mean I’m not looking out for you! I found videos to kinda fill in the gaps while I’m gone. I really thought they were super helpful and I hope you guys find them useful as well.

First video! Pronunciation! It is sooooo super important that you practice your pronunciation in Korean as you learn. You don’t want to accidentally say things wrong and ultimately be misunderstood because nobody can understand what you’re saying. This video is very good at showing how to do this so well you’ll even convince your family and friends.