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Wednesday Kpop Update | Se7en New Release “I’m Good”, 3 Year Hiatus + Big Hit Apologizes for Lyrics + Girl Group D.Holic Making a Comeback with New Member(s) + New Music Videos

The world of kpop just didn’t seem the same when Se7en announced that he would have to take his official hiatus for his military service. And though we missed him and were able to listen to all his wonderful songs he left for us to enjoy, his comeback is what we’ve all been waiting for, whether we knew it or not.

The official video has already been released and you’ll find it at the end of this post. It was released at midnight KST. This will be Se7en’s first new song in three years!

Welcome back Se7en!

Big Hit Entertainment has been in some serious hot water over lyrics in BTS’ songs that have been misogynistic. It was so bad, they actually had to release an official apology today. But what was said exactly? Well the outrage came after the lyrics were released to songs such as “Hormone War” and Rap Monster’s “Joke”.

They said in an official statement:

[excerpt. See full statement at allkpop.com]

“Big Entertainment and BTS acknowledge that since the end of 2015, there’s been a controversy regarding the misogyny in BTS’s lyrics, and after reviewing the lyrics once again, we found out that a portion of the substance could be misunderstood to criticize women, which was not intended when it was being written, and made people uncomfortable…Big Hit Entertainment and all of BTS are extremely apologetic toward all of the fans as well as the people who felt uncomfortable because of BTS’s lyrics and SNS content, and we will continually refer back to such comments and problems in the future during the writing process… Even in the future, please continue to watch over BTS’s development, and if you point out the parts where we’re lacking, we will work even harder as we listen to the fans and society’s advice.”

As sweet as a gesture this was, the fans are split! Many fans are crying out that this was completely unnecessary and then there were those who fully appreciated the apology and are glad that they will be changing their words in the future.

I’m personally glad they handled this the way they did. Although, I’m from a country where the music and music videos are far worse, many people could still potential find offense in the language so I get it



And then there was D.Holic…

Did you know they were making a comeback? That’s right! The ladies of D. Holic are returning but with a bit of a shake-up.

Notice something?

The once five-member group has now because four and to add to it, they’ve added a new member rapper EJ. But why the change?

HMate Entertainment explains, “What once originally a five-membered group will now stand in front of fans with four members instead. Members Danbee and Duri have left the group, and rapper EJ will be joining in their stead.”

(source: soompi)

This is actually the second time they’ve had to make some changes and readjustments. Last August, their main vocalist Nine left for personal reasons.

I’m excited to see how this works out. This change will probably also result in a new sound as well.

Music Videos




YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk Unfollowed Park Bom and Seungri on Instagram + Speaks Out About It

I had no idea things like this actually made such a big controversial splash in the world of social media until today. I saw this story yesterday and didn’t think much of it until I went online and saw how many people were really upset about it. So today I saw an updated story and had to talk about it.

Apparently, out of the blue, YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk unfollowed 2NE1’s Park Bom and BIG BANG’s Seungri on instagram. Instagram users and fans went crazy! They had screenshots proving he used to follow them and then showing the exact moment he unfollowed. Rumors began spreading like crazy in less than 24 hours that both Park Bom and Seungri were no longer with YG.

And then CEO Yang Hyun Suk saw what was being said online. And he said exactly what I figured happened. He unfollowed because they weren’t active on social media.

“The people I originally followed on Instagram were Big Bang’s G-Dragon,Taeyang, Seungri, and 2NE1’s CL, Park Bom, and Dara. Just 6 people, who I followed when I first started Instagram. In Park Bom’s case, she doesn’t really use Instagram these days, so I stopped following her. G-Dragon as well as Taeyang use it often so I left their accounts… Big Bang’s new song will be out soon, so why would I unfollow Seungri for any particular reason? I have no problem with either Seungri or Park Bom.”

(click here to see the full article on allkpop.com)

So there you have it folks. Just another day in the life of social media. I can’t believe this made such big news.