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운둥하다 (undonghada) | [Word of the day]


I unintentionally have been forgetting to add the romanization of each word and sentence. I’ve gotten so used to not doing it during the Grammar of the Week so this combined week of GOTW and WOTD is throwing me off a bit. I’m going to try to remember to add it in the future. I thought by now I’d have internet on my desktop but I still don’t so I’m still using my tablet to update TwentyThirdStation… bare with me guys!

Let’s get started! This word is also a familiar one.

운둥하다 (undonghada) | “to exercise”

Again, we are combining this verb with the lesson from the Grammar of the Week, 을까 하다 (-eul kka hada)


  • Drop 다
  • 운둥 + 을까 하다
  • Conjugate 하다 to get 해 or 해요
  • 운둥을까 해요 | “I intend to exercise/I am thinking of (going to) exercise”
    • [this doesn’t include the full sentence, for the purpose of this example it is simply understood. However, remember that you would have to add a conjugated form of 가다 (gada) to complete this thought.]
This is a little different then before because it already had 하다 attached to it as a stem. However, 운둥 can actually exist by itself as a word and so you don’t need to worry about it too much. We’re still treating it as a verb in this example.
So that’s it for today! Final example for this lesson tomorrow before we move.

운동하다 (undonghada) [Word of the Day]

안녕하세요! (Annyeonghaseyo!)

I took a little bit of a break from past/future tense usage. I didn’t mean to take so long of a break. I got pretty distracted for some reason. But today, we’re going to get back into it!

The WOTD is 운동하다 (undonghada) and it means, “To exercise”. (something I’m trying to do more of…)

Examples (future tense)

  • 오늘은 운동해겠다. (oneul-eun undonghaegessda.) = Today I’m exercising.
  • 그는 나중에 운동을겠다. (geuneun najung-e undong-eulgessda.) = He’ll exercise later.

Example: (past tense)

  • 나는 어제 운동해였다. (naneun eoje undonghaeyeossda.) = Yesterday I exercised.

Ok so that’s it for today. We’ll practice this some more tomorrow as well! Hopefully by now you kinda already get it so this is just review.

-내일까지! (naeilkkaji!)