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이해하다 ‎(ihaehada) [Word of the Day]


This is probably one of the few times I will do a post on a word that I was 100% sure I had already covered. (But if I did already do this word and you find the post or have it bookmarked please link it to me in the comments!) I think it was in my vocabulary list and I never went over it because in my head I used this word and just mistakenly forgot to post it here.

Anyway, it’s here now!

이해하다 ‎(ihaehada) [v] | “to understand; to comprehend”


  • 이해가 안. (ihaega an.) | “I don’t understand.”
    • an easier way to say this would be “나도 몰라 (nado molla)” or “잘 모르겠어요. (jal moleugess-eoyo.)”
  • 어떻게 나를 이해시켜야 할지? (eotteoke nareul ihaesikyeoya halji?) | “How can I make you understand me?” – f(x) “Beautiful Stranger”

Ok so that it for today!