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Wednesday Kpop Update | BIGBANG is “Creative Icon” + BLACKPINK Prepares for Debut, Teaser + Starship Entertainment New Unit, Y틴 (Y TEEN)

Alright so we’re back another week with Wednesday Kpop Update. A new Artist of the Week is coming next week!

I wasn’t even sure where to start this week with the news so I’ll begin with Lion Girls. I’ll be honest, today is my first time hearing their name. Or if I did hear it before, I totally forgot and that’s all on me. However, I was going to post the video but I can’t seem to find it anymore. So here’s the pictures they just released.

BIGBANG was chosen as the nation’s “Creative Icon” by  South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism! With the new title comes a huge responsibility…

“As creative ambassador, BIGBANG will be involved in the Rio Summer Olympics this August as well as the 2018 PyeongChang 2018 Winter Games Olympics.”

(source: soompi)

Congrats BIGBANG!

BLACKPINK, YG’s new brain child is finally emerging, and it looks like their getting ready to make a debut!

And finally Starship Entertainment is also getting ready to release new music to the world through the new unit group, Y틴! This group is unique because it’s made up of familiar faces, MONSTA X and Cosmic Girls!

And now for some music videos…


Thursday Kpop Update | Cosmic Girls “Natural Unit” Sub-Unit + Jessica Jung Grazia Interview + “Gravity” cover video + April “Snowman” Choreography Video

Alright so this is either the last Kpop Update of 2015 or the first of 2016, depending on where you are in the world. It was truly an amazing year in the year of kpop. And I’ve had a lot of fun talking about it! Now to end (or begin) the year!

BTS’ Rap Monster might not be in attendance for the 2015 MBC Gayo Daejejun. According to BigHit Entertainment, after falling on a slope during a rehearsal and being rushed to the hospital, they’re airing on the side of caution and having him sit this one out.

Jun Hyun Moo issued an apology after the whole red carpet incident with Kang Ho Dong. Fans didn’t think he treated the comedian well and decided to let him know through their SNS accounts. Well, after the outrage reached him, he issued an apology saying that he “carelessly crossed the line” and made a “thoughtless mistake”. The two of them are very close and what he meant as a joking manner between friends was taken the wrong way to the public and for that, he apologizes.

Starship has finally announced their second sub-unit, “Natural Unit” for their new girl group, Cosmic Girls. The group is set to have a few sub-units that will make up the one group. We have “Sweet Unit”, “Joy Unit” and “Wonder Unit” and now we have the “Natural Unit”.

Jessica Jung was also featured in the headlines today. She recently sat down with China’s Grazia magazine to talk about her life before and now. She talked about her days training with SM, as a member of SNSD and what she wants out of life now.

“She revealed that she trained for seven years and enjoyed it a lot, saying that she had never felt like things were so hard that she wanted to give up.  She then said that she wanted to enjoy whatever she did, like her current pursuit of fashion.”

(source: koogle.tv)

But of course my favorite part of the interview was hearing her sing again and go figure she’s singing one of my all-time favorite songs. Here’s a video of her interview as a well as her covering Sara Bareilles’ song, “Gravity”. (4:15)


Just in case you needed so choreo to end your year or even start your year, I got you covered! Check out April’s “Snowman” choreography video!



Monday Kpop Update | BTS’ SUGA and V Update + BTOB Fandom and Netizens Angry with SBS “Gayo Daejeon” + Starship Unveils New Members of Cosmic Girls

I’m trying to find a way to add a tagline to these kpop updates. I have the headline stories along with other stories that happened all in one post and I have no words to kinda help me express that. So if you have any ideas, drop them in the comments below and I just might use it! (Of course you’ll get a special shout-out if I pick your tagline!)

And now on to the news…

4Minute has officially announced that they will in fact be making a comeback in January. After the special selfie with Skrillex, it was only a matter of time before the official announcement was made. Lee Sung Kyung will give a special performance at the 2015 MBC Acting Awards. And actress Actress Lee Min-jung will join Rain back on the small screen for the new MBC drama, “Come Back Mister”. She will play the leading role as the widow.

Jessica Jung was also in the news today as she was featured on the cover of Singaporean magazine, NUYOU.


In great news, Big Hit decided to update fans on the status of Suga and V. After announcing that BTS would have to cancel show due to illness, it is has been revealed that everyone is ok.

“All of the BTS members returned to Korea on December 28, and members SUGA and V received close examinations at a specializing hospital in the country. The results of the examination show that there is thankfully nothing wrong with SUGA or V; on top of that, the other members were also revealed to have no problems with their health, so they have all returned to their dorms to rest…”

(source: allkpop)

But then there was the mishap with SBS’ “Gayo Daejun”… apparently during before BTOB performed a voice can be heard saying, “Why are they doing a musical again?” and it seems that BTOB may have been able to hear it as well and according to fans, it reflected in their performance.

(it can be heard at 0:20)

And now fans are upset. They’ve taken to their SNS accounts to express their displeasure and disbelief with SBS. Many saying that they were in tears watching the sadness and hurt in the eyes of each member of BTOB.

SBS later released a statement apologizing for the incident.

“First of all, we are sorry that we didn’t look into [the issue] sooner. The mic glitch is just a misunderstanding. At the time, the only mics present were the ones handed to the artists and the ones installed in the audience seats. No mics were handed to the staff members. The production crew will look into the exact cause [of the glitch], but in the meantime, it was determined that that was not the voice of our staff member.”

(source: allkpop)

Fans aren’t having it and they aren’t happy with how SBS has chosen to handle the situation. Some even saying that it sounds as if SBS is “blaming the audience”.

Maybe with the outrage something else will be said or done but for the time being, this may be the only acknowledgement we see of it.

And finally, Starship Entertainment is still announcing the new members of Cosmic Girls! This sub-group is the first one to not have any Chinese members.

These three members will make up the “Sweet Unit” sub-group, the third addition to the two previously revealed “Joy Unit” and “Wonder Unit” subgroups. This subunit is meant to be full of members who are sweet, but gentle, hence the name “Sweet Unit.”

(source: kpopstarz)



Thursday Kpop Update | Oh My Girl Detained in Airport, Returns to Korea + BTS Manager Controversy, Big Hit Releases Statement + Starship Entertainment Announced 3 New Members of Cosmic Girls

Seriously, today was a riot! I have to say that even though I thought it would be quiet today, it turned out to be super busy!

Ok let’s just get right to the top stories.

Oh My Girl flew to the LA, California, US for a photoshoot. This was for their new album. Well apparently after arriving to the US, they were detained in the airport and sent back home after 10 hours!

“On December 10th… girl group were on their way to America to shoot for their new album jacket, landing in Los Angeles… the group and staff encountered a problem after they were detained by customs at the immigration office for over 10 hours…”

(source: koreaboo)

But why? Well there are currently two conflicting statements that have been released.

WM Entertainment said:

“We passed through the immigration control office, but it seems like the large quantities of clothing and items needed for the [album jacket] shoot caused a problem at customs… We were waiting for the second screening, so it’s not that we were disallowed into entering the country, but the members are young and it felt like we were remaining at the airport for too long, so we returned to Korea.”

(source: allkpop)

But apparently, the Korean airlines is saying something completely different. They said it wasn’t a problem with their luggage, it was a problem with their visa.

I’m not entirely sure what the full story is and at this point with both statements out there, I doubt we’ll get that story anytime soon.

Big Hit Entertainment is also still in the news. It was revealed yesterday that the manager for BTS was shown being rough with Jungkook. And unfortunately for him, it was caught on film. Fans were outraged and wanted an explanation for his actions.

And they got one better, Big Hit fired the guy. They released a statement sincerely apologizing for the incident.

(statement excerpt)

“…We sincerely apologize for concerning fans from the ‘2016 BTS Season Greeting DVD making video’… We take full responsibility for the action that created this problem and for not filtering such parts from the video, which is meaningful to fans. The manager himself admitted that he was at fault, and because of this, he will be dismissed from his staff position and we will ask the higher-ups about management responsibilities… we apologize once again to the fans who have loved BTS.”

(source: allkpop)

I do have to wonder if this is something that has been going on for a while and nobody really paid that much attention to it. I mean, why else would Jungkook flinch? It’s not uncommon for kpop managers to be rough either to the fans or the members themselves but I am glad the agency is doing something about it.

On to some good news…

Starship Entertainment and Yuehua have announced their newest members to join EXY. The Cosmic Girls roster is slowly but surely filling up and from the looks of it, this is really going to be an awesome group!

The new members are Cheng Xiao, Bona, and Dayoung.

I can’t wait to hear who’ll be joining them.