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Wednesday Music Update | Minzy Breaks Silence – Releases Statement + Inkigayo Release Statement Amidst I.O.I Exclusion Rumors + Jessica’s New Solo Debut “With Love, J” + New Music Videos

The music world this week has been extremely busy. With new releases and comeback news, I’m surprised the world has not tilted yet.

Dal Shabet has been preparing fans for Subin’s new single, “Flower”. She’s released two more teaser photos before the release at Noon on May 12th KST.

Another recently announced solo debut artist, INFINITE’s Woohyun seems to have proven he truly has strong staying power in this industry. “Write…” went on pre-sale on May 9th and the 50,000 copies completely sold out before the official release on May 10th! Woolim went into overdrive trying to produce more albums overnight only to have to inform fans that production might take a little longer than expected. DEAN is also taking the world by storm by announcing his New York concert debut in June. After taking SXSW by storm back in March, he’s ready to return to the States for a showcase on the West Coast. Tickets are on sale starting at $45 on May 13th at Eventbrite!

And looks like we’ll be seeing Rapper Microdot in the near future! After seeing his performance on Show Me The Money 4, Culture Think has officially signed him to there label. They were thoroughly impressed with his performance and stage presence and are convinced he’ll be the perfect fit for their label. Sechs Kies also has officially signed with a label and they’ve signed with YG Entertainment. All the members, except Go Ji Young, have officially reunited to release new music for the fans. This comes right after their surprise reunion on Infinity Challenge.

But speaking of YG… 

After announcing to the world that Minzy had chosen not to re-sign with the label and ultimately parting ways to 2NE1, rumors began sprouting out about the labels she would sign to or even if she would ever sign to a new label again. All the speculations about why she left and whether she was ok began creeping into the atmosphere and still not one word from Minzy herself.

She finally broke her silence by releasing a statement in the form of a letter to her fans through instagram. She writes:

“Hello, this is Minzy. It is with a sincere heart that I write to you all. First, I would like to apologize to all those who expressed shock at the news of my departure. It is after careful consideration and much deliberation that I have decided to pursue a new journey as an artist named Minzy Kong. Ever since debuting with 2NE1 at the young age of 16, I have been grateful for the wonderful memories I shared with incredible fans worldwide. These experiences were undeniably precious and I take none of them for granted. Thank you all for helping me grow as an artist. I promise to work even harder to return before you all with an improved and more honest version of myself. Through a renewed vision and hard work, I hope to reciprocate the love, dedication, and support that you have shown me. Thank you to all the fans, family, and friends who have shown me their love and concern. I promise to return soon. love, Minzy”

And though I’m sure fans will surely miss her when 2NE1 re-emerges as a trio now, it’s for the best. Let’s keep supporting them all as they go through this transition.

Inkigayo is doing damage control as rumors spiral that they deliberately excluded I.O.I from early voting. The voting list was released on May 22nd and listed songs from Sech Kies, Busker Busker, and even Crush’s new song “woo ah”. But I.O.I, who released “Dream Girl” on the same day as Crush’s single, was not on the list which prompted many fans to assume that the action was deliberate.

I.O.I has been unable to appear on any public broadcasting music show which means they haven’t been doing much promoting so nobody expected the outright exclusion. Today Inkigayo responded saying simply, “it’s nothing personal, they’re just too new”.

“The announcement of totals on the online audience board is last year’s. Every week, the No. 1 place is decided through the system. The system totals up various weights using music chart rankings as reference…. I.O.I’s song has not been released long enough to gather data. Early voting is only available for songs that were within the Top 60 in the past week.”

(source: soompi)

In spite of all of that, I.O.I still may be able to appear on Inkigayo in the future.

I guess that’s the silver lining in all of this… 

To end on a happy note!

Check out Jessica’s newest teaser for her brand new solo debut of her album, “With Love, J”.  The official release date is May 17th at midnight!

And now for some new music…

Weekend/Monday Kpop Update | Seventeen’s Wonwoo Apologizes for Past SNSD Anti-fan Behavior + BTS Guest Star on 300th Episode of “Running Man” + Corn-Eating Trend Viral Video

I wanted to do this post yesterday but I couldn’t because I got a migraine out of nowhere. I unfortunately am one of the many who suffer from migraines. They’re awful.

However, I’m here today! So let’s get started!

We start this weekend with news about Seventeen’s Wonwoo who recently publicly apologized for his past “anti-fan” behavior against Girls’ Generation. Apparently, his many hateful and crude comments were leaked and he decided he wanted to apologize personally. Pledis Entertainment said in response:

“He wanted to apologize himself instead of through the label. He thought this would be the best way to express his feelings, so we are revealing this after a lot of thought. We apologize for not fulfilling our role as a guardian.”

(source: allkpop)

Many fans of Seventeen and SNSD are pretty divided on the issue. Though they are glad that he matured and apologized, some say it is either too little too late or that he’s only do this because it’s happening to him now. In other words, they don’t think he’s being too sincere. Personally, I can’t say whether or not I agree with them, but I do think we all make mistakes and this is just one of his. Hopefully in the future he’ll be more mindful of what he says about others.

You can view the full apology letter here below this is an excerpt.

“…First, I want to apologize for everyone who I have hurt by this situation. Instead of making excuses by saying they were foolish mistakes I made when I was young, or saying that I don’t remember what I did, I believed that admitting my faults and apologizing was the right choice, which is why I’m writing this…. Even though I wrote it when I was young, it is definitely something I wrote, and I am sorry to the Girls’ Generation sunbaenims, their fans, as well as Carats who were hurt by this. I am also sorry to the members, who worked hard together to become Seventeen together… I will work hard never to disappoint again. I will read all the criticism and advice on my immature actions and never forget them. Also, please continue to teach me. I apologize once again.”

The full letter is about a page or two long.

BTS will be guest starring on the 300th episode of “Running Man”! It was announced through instagram that they are currently filming for the appearance on the show. They also posted a picture that has all of BTS dressed in black against Running Man in all pink.

View this post on Instagram

🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻 [ RunningMan NOW ] RM Ep.300 special < 7 vs 300 > is still filming now in Seoul. #BangtanBoys are joining RM as special guests today. RM members & #BTS is doing a mission related to number '300' now. RM Ep.300 on May 22 at 6:25pm KST on #SBS. 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻 런닝맨 제300회 특집 < 7 vs 300> 서울에서 촬영 중. #방탄소년단 멤버 전원이 스페셜 게스트로 런닝맨에 참여 중. 런닝맨 멤버들과 방탄소년단은 현재 숫자 '300'과 관련된 미션을 수행 중. 런닝맨 제300회 5월 22일 오후 6시25분 방송. ••• #BehindTheScenes #BTS #RunningMan #RM #YooJaeSeok #Gary #Haha #JeeSeokJin #LeeKwangSoo #SongJiHyo #KimJongKook #개리 #하하 #유재석 #지석진 #이광수 #송지효 #김종국 #런닝맨 directed by #이환진 (@hwanjine) •••

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Apparently there’s a new trend to eat corn fast and it was all apparently started by this guy.

Well, the video went viral and copycat videos sprung up from it. And though there were some successes, the one that’s gone viral and potentially surpassing the popularity of the original is a video being dubbed “The Corn Girl”. She tried and well… it went horribly wrong!

I do mean… horribly wrong.

Thankfully she’s okay! The second half of the video she updated viewers by showing her doctor’s visit to treat her scalp.


Kpop Music Update | BTOB and DAY6 Join KCON 2016 + Minzy’s Alleged New Agency + Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Solo Debut Teasers + Music Videos

Alright so this post is a day late! Normally a Wednesday post, I just couldn’t pass up on another Artist of the Week post. Sorry! But, we’re here today!

And we’re kicking off this week (or ending it) with more on KCON 2016! The line-up just keeps getting more and more exciting. It seems, in addition to BTS, MAMAMOO, SEVENTEEN and Ailee, BTOB and DAY6 have made their announcement as well!

Ugh!! I wanna gooooo!!!

After announcing that she was leaving YG and ultimately 2NE1, it seems that Minzy may have found a new agency to call home. Though Blackjacks were heartbroken by her leaving, they have expressed well wishes at this potential “could be official” rumor.

“According to a report from news outlet Sports Donga, an insider revealed to them that Minzy has decided to sign an exclusive contract with Music Works after having discussions with several different agencies… Music Works addressed the reports and commented, “It’s true that we recently met with Minzy to discuss an exclusive contract, but a contract has yet to be officially signed.”

(source: soompi)

Don’t know if she truly is signing with them yet but I’m sure if she’s talking with them we just might hear something soon.

Minzy… 화이팅!

And then there was another… Girls Generation member solo debut! 

It was announcement a little while ago that Tiffany would be making a solo debut as well and now, we get to see what that solo debut will look like because we are days away from it! She’ll begin performing her new song on May 12th on Mnet’s M!Countdown and then she’ll be performing on KBS’s Music Bank on May 13th, MBC’s Music Core on May 14th, and finally SBS’s Inkigayo on May 15th.

Weekend Kpop Update | YG’s Teddy New Label “THE BLACK LABEL” + BTS vs. Netz Plagiarism Accusations Continue + I.O.I Accused on Copying SNSD

Ok so yesterday was awful! I tried to post a weekend update and the internet was out. So I tried writing it from my tablet and just ended up being super frustrated by autocorrect. I almost gave up writing the Grammar of the Week post. It literally took me almost 2 hours to write one post! Frustration is not even an accurate word to describe my feelings.

However… the show goes on today!

In lighter news, YG’s Teddy is auditioning for his new label that’ll be housed under YG Entertainment, “THE BLACK LABEL”. The label is a sub-unit like follow label mate Tablo’s HIGHGRND. Both will have a distinctive sound from the YG sound, and I have to say, after hearing and seeing HIGHGRND, I can’t wait to hear something from “THE BLACK LABEL”.

The auditions will run from May 2nd until May 31st. Applicants must fill out an application here, submit it through email, and then after receiving a confirmation email can go on to the onsite auditions. They’re looking for applicants in the areas of Singing, Rapping, Dancing and Appearance but you can only pick two. It’s open to all ages and nationalities.

Clearly, “THE BLACK LABEL” is going for diversity and I can’t wait to see the new recruits!

Over the weekend, an interesting development took place online. Even though it’s just being published today on allkpop, and you can see the full article here, I kinda watched it play out before then. Apparently, there are some netizens who believe that BTS may have copied SHINee’s concept (and even a little bit of BIGBANG) for their new comeback concept “Young Forever”.

The accusations are “startling” to say the least. (Editor’s note: sarcasm intended)

Honestly, this just seems like a really bad attempt at starting a fan-war. Most of Shawol’s aren’t even upset by the concept. In fact, they actually support it a bit. (Not all, but enough of them to make this a non-issue)

Here’s the alleged “proof”

I’ll just say it… this isn’t even a concept SHINee created. It looks very European 70-ish. It’s been recycled for decades. Very Beatles with the bus. It’s not even a big deal.

Let’s move along. Congrats to ARMY and Shawol for being so good about this and not allowing drama to enter into the comeback season space.

I wish the same could be said with YMC Entertainment’s I.O.I vs SNSD but apparently, the proof is in the video. The controversy is surrounding I.O.I’s video for “Dream Girls” in comparison to SNSD’s “Brave New World”.

It got so bad a representative from YMC had to release a statement in defense of the ladies and the video!

I.O.I’s representatives told news outlet Herald POP on May 2, “The music video was made to suit the lyrics, which are about hopes and dreams.” They explained further that “Dream Girls” aims to send a bright and hopeful message that a dream can be achieved if one diligently works for it.

(source: soompi)

Right now, it’s just a teaser so I’m not sure how they can automatically jump on the “plagiarism” train without the full video but whatever.

Here it is below.