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MOON | New Artist Alert!

Alright so I’m doing something a bit different and posting an “Artist to Watch” instead of an Artist of the Week. I’ve been searching all over for something new and SM Entertainment surprised me by debuting one of its new artists from its sub-label. SM bought a few lower level labels to expand their diversity to reach more people and this is one of their artists from that merge.

I’m excited about this direction and cannot wait to hear more music from her!

Artist of the Week | 효연 (Hyoyeon)

It’s been a while since the Artist of the Week was a kpop girl-group artist. I haven’t neglected them I’ve just been listening to so many different types of music that I almost forgot about mainstream artists.

So the spotlight for this week needs no introduction! You all know her for the top selling kpop girl group “Girls’ Generation (SNSD)”! She’s back with a solo comeback and so far she’s done really well on the charts!

If you haven’t heard her solo music before, check it out below!

Taeyeon | Upcoming Album Spotlight

So I said I wasn’t going to do Kpop Updates on here anymore because it just isn’t my passion to be a kpop blogger (but all the kpop updates will still be done regularly on twentythirdstation.tumblr.com if you’re looking for it!) However, I do still love talking about the music.

I was definitely going to reserve this for later but when I stumbled on YouTube earlier I saw all this promo for Taeyeon’s upcoming album. SM is really really pushing this with all the visuals and teasers. And after listening to it, I can see why. I truly enjoyed her solo debut and this album seems like it’s going to be the perfect follow-up. I won’t post all the teasers because there’s at least 12 of them, but check out the ones below!

Will you be listening?

Full Music Video:

Artist of the Week | NCT 127

C’mon! You can’t say you didn’t see this one coming…

I’ve been watching this group for a while now as I’m sure all of you have. I was very tempted to label this, “Artist to Watch” instead of “Artist of the Week”. This is a fairly new group by SM Entertainment, formed from the Hallyu localization project Neo Culture Technology. It’s part of an idea of unlimited members with two other units NCT U and NCT Dream, and more to come.

I thought the idea was fascinating since this was an idea that would carry over all over the world with different units cropping up with more members and all of them being apart of one collective group, NCT. It’s pretty cool.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of them by now but in the event you haven’t… check out their playlist on Spotify below.