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Korean “Layering Skincare” Routine [video]

I really do miss posting videos like this. Today I had some time on my hands and was pretty much watching wayyyy too much YouTube. But we all totally are benefitting from my lazy “I wanna watch YouTube” day.

I was in search on new skincare routine and I just decided to go to one of my favorite YouTubers NamiiCho and what do I find?? A skincare routine that might help me out! My acne is back with a vengeance. And with acne comes dry skin from acne treatments and scarring.

Fun times…

But hopefully this routine will help me. What do you guys think? And what are you using?



Clear Skin? Dewy Look? How??? [video]

I’ve always been curious as to how these Korean actresses and kpop idols have this clear and dewy skin. I can’t be the only one! It’s such a great fresh face look and I’m a huge fan of it. But from what I’ve personally learned in my ‘road to clear skin’, the dewy look isn’t as easy I thought without the right products.

Right now, I only use my bb cream and concealer. When they’re on first thing after I wash my face it gives me this glow and dewy look, but then after a while it completely wears off. Super annoying.

But then I found this video… I told you guys I’m not a beauty blogger/vlogger, but I do like sharing what I find. Not only is the a great video for beauty tips but it’s a little bit of a Korean lesson for those of you learning. See? I covered all my bases with this one!

I figured Monday’s will be dedicated to my beauty friends. What tips have you found along the way for clear skin?

ICON Asia | YouTube Channel [Make-up, Travel, etc.]

How many of you have heard of the ICON network? If it’s unfamiliar to you, I’m here to get you acquainted! I used to follow Michelle Phan when she was doing make-up tutorials on YouTube. Now that’s she launched her own brand of make-up and skincare products, she’s larger than life! Meaning, she’s teamed up with Endemol Beyond to create the ICON network.

But it’s not just one network…

There’s ICON Asia, which I’m highlighting today. And there’s also ICON UK and from what I understand there are more in the works. She’s thinking beyond YouTube and thinking towards creating an actual network.

So what is ICON?

It’s a style network. They talk about fashion, make-up, skincare… but each host has there own YouTube channel where you can still find your favorite tutorials. I personally love this channel because I get pretty good ideas from it when I don’t really know what to wear or how to do my hair.

If you haven’t heard of it, check it out below! Apparently, this channel is about a month old.

Beauty Bible | The Secret to “Wide-Awake” Eyes

I don’t know about you but I’ve always wondered how on earth these actresses can change their eyes without surgery! I always knew it was make-up or something but I never knew it was this simple.

So the trick is a “magic stick” and eye massages? Huh? Apparently, the eye massages and pushing in the opposite direction of wrinkles actually helps make your eyes look less sleepy. Of course there’s a little more that goes with that but the point is, if you want to get eyes that look like the stars without surgery, this might be helpful.

Check out this video below! It’s about a year old but it’s 12 minutes and totally changed my life. (I sound like an infomercial!)