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장을 보다 (jang-eul boda) [Word of the Day]


Ok so this is a completely different way that I’ve ever heard of saying grocery shopping. I’m not sure how many of you are actually familiar with this term as well, however I will do my best to use it in a sentence. Below I’ve provided two alternatives of ways that I would typically say grocery shopping.

장을 보다 (jang-eul boda) | “to do grocery shopping”


  • 나는 장 보러 가야. (naneun jang boleo gaya.) | “I have to go grocery shopping.”


  • 나는 식료품 쇼핑을 갈 필요가. (naneun siglyopum syoping-eul gal pil-yoga.) | “I need to go grocery shopping.”
  1. 식료품 쇼핑 (siglyopum syoping)
  2. 수퍼마켓 (syupeomakes)

That’s it for today!


Makeup Shopping Spree in South Korea | (video)

This week I have a culture/make-up post! You’re going on a shopping spree… for makeup in Korea! I really have been slacking on the makeup videos and posts and so I’m trying to makeup for it slowly but surely.

So here goes…

Cheat Codes for Shopping at Target

For those of you who like shopping at Target, you might like this video! I was just browsing the news on Yahoo! and stumbled across this Buzzfeed video. I usually make at least 3 stops to Target in a two week span and this is stuff I never even knew. So for all my shopping Stationers. I found this little cheat code! Have you ever wondered how much of a discount you’re really getting on those red ticket clearance items? How about returns? And what’s the best day of the week to go to Target to get items like shoes, clothes, make-up, toys, food, etc? And to get a really good deal on them?

Buzzfeed’s got us covered! Check out the link below!