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Wednesday Kpop Update | Se7en New Release “I’m Good”, 3 Year Hiatus + Big Hit Apologizes for Lyrics + Girl Group D.Holic Making a Comeback with New Member(s) + New Music Videos

The world of kpop just didn’t seem the same when Se7en announced that he would have to take his official hiatus for his military service. And though we missed him and were able to listen to all his wonderful songs he left for us to enjoy, his comeback is what we’ve all been waiting for, whether we knew it or not.

The official video has already been released and you’ll find it at the end of this post. It was released at midnight KST. This will be Se7en’s first new song in three years!

Welcome back Se7en!

Big Hit Entertainment has been in some serious hot water over lyrics in BTS’ songs that have been misogynistic. It was so bad, they actually had to release an official apology today. But what was said exactly? Well the outrage came after the lyrics were released to songs such as “Hormone War” and Rap Monster’s “Joke”.

They said in an official statement:

[excerpt. See full statement at allkpop.com]

“Big Entertainment and BTS acknowledge that since the end of 2015, there’s been a controversy regarding the misogyny in BTS’s lyrics, and after reviewing the lyrics once again, we found out that a portion of the substance could be misunderstood to criticize women, which was not intended when it was being written, and made people uncomfortable…Big Hit Entertainment and all of BTS are extremely apologetic toward all of the fans as well as the people who felt uncomfortable because of BTS’s lyrics and SNS content, and we will continually refer back to such comments and problems in the future during the writing process… Even in the future, please continue to watch over BTS’s development, and if you point out the parts where we’re lacking, we will work even harder as we listen to the fans and society’s advice.”

As sweet as a gesture this was, the fans are split! Many fans are crying out that this was completely unnecessary and then there were those who fully appreciated the apology and are glad that they will be changing their words in the future.

I’m personally glad they handled this the way they did. Although, I’m from a country where the music and music videos are far worse, many people could still potential find offense in the language so I get it



And then there was D.Holic…

Did you know they were making a comeback? That’s right! The ladies of D. Holic are returning but with a bit of a shake-up.

Notice something?

The once five-member group has now because four and to add to it, they’ve added a new member rapper EJ. But why the change?

HMate Entertainment explains, “What once originally a five-membered group will now stand in front of fans with four members instead. Members Danbee and Duri have left the group, and rapper EJ will be joining in their stead.”

(source: soompi)

This is actually the second time they’ve had to make some changes and readjustments. Last August, their main vocalist Nine left for personal reasons.

I’m excited to see how this works out. This change will probably also result in a new sound as well.

Music Videos



Wednesday Kpop Update | iKON Releases “What’s Wrong?” and “Dumb & Dumber” + Rain SBS Drama Comeback + Se7en Officially Launches Agency “Eleven9”

Eventful day today!

Park Bo Young is officially the model for Claire’s Korea brand “Guerisson 9 Complex Cream” and whitening brand “Cloud9” in both Korea and now China as well.

Bumkey’s drug trafficking ruling is officially being appealed in the Seoul District Court of Appeals. However, his lawyers are maintaining that the credibility of the witnesses is truly waning and they’re just blaming him for leniency. Back in August, Bumkey was acquitted of all charges.

Kim Soo-hyun’s stepsister, Kim Joo-na will be participating in “Produce 101”, Mnet’s production for the next girl group. She is currently a trainee with  musicK Entertainment.

iKON released two new videos today for their new songs from their upcoming full length album, “What’s Wrong?” and “Dumb & Dumber”.

And in actor news!

Rain has officially confirmed that he will be making a comeback with a new SBS drama, “Come Back, Uncle”.

Rain portrays the handsome manager Lee Hae Joon, who was a middle-aged salaryman who dies, but is given the opportunity to live again. The drama will explore the meaning of true love and the essence of life.

(source: soompi)

It’s based off a Japanese novel “椿山課長の七日間 (Tsubakiyama Kacho no Nanokakan)” about a middle-aged department store manager who dies from overworking and stress. He is granted the ability to come back to life for 3 days only but he is only able to come back as a woman named Tsubaki Kazuyama.

And finally, Se7en has officially launched his new agency “Eleven9”. He announced back in January that this was a project he was working on and has been working diligently ever since to launch it. The agency plans to cover “a wide range of segments including music, acting and fostering rookies to become a comprehensive entertainment agency”.

An official statement from Eleven9 read:

“Se7en was involved in many details throughout the construction process. Since the label officially kicked off, he will do his best to develop the company which will have much influence in an array of fields,”

(source: kpopherald)

Along with the new agency news, Se7en is expected to also be making a comeback early next year with a new album.

Looks like next year is set to be a very intriguing year!



Se7en Created His Own Agency “ELEVEN9”.. Officially!

Honestly I’m more shocked that the name didn’t have 7 anywhere in it. This is thrilling news! I had heard a rumor about him doing this some time back and I was beginning to wonder if he had just given up on it all together. But apparently not! While we all thought it was still in the works, Se7en was truly busy!

On July 7, a representative of Se7en revealed, “Se7en will be continuing activities after creating his own agency. His fan meeting in Japan today will be the first official schedule under the new agency. The agency was set up with the investment of SH Holdings.”

(click here to see the full article at soompi.com)

And as for the name, well apparently he chose to name it after his birthday. I guess that makes more sense than my idea.

Congrats Se7en!

Yoo Seung Ho and Se7en Returning to the Entertainment World [kpop news]

It’s been a while but Yoo Seung Ho and Se7en are now being discharged from the military and returning to the entertainment world! Hurray!!! They were both so very missed and now they’re coming back in December!

If you remember, Se7en left a heartfelt video and song for all his fans before leaving for military service. If you haven’t seen the video, I posted it below. Now from what I understand, there’s a bit of controversy surrounding the return of Se7en since his YG contract is expired. Uh oh.

For more on this story, check out: Se7en to also be discharged from the military in December.