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Monday Update | “Descendants of the Sun” 3 Episode Special + Netz vs. Red Velvet “One of these Nights” Choreography + “BAD RAP” Film on Asian-American Rappers

Alright this post is definitely coming a lot later in the day than I wanted to post so let’s just get straight to it! It’ll be kinda short today.

The team involved with “Descendants of the Sun” wants everyone to know, the show isn’t over just yet! While it is coming to an end, there will be a 3 episode special to end the show properly.

Airing April 20 and April 21 at 10 p.m. KST will be specials recapping the show’s best lines and scenes, and on April 22 at 9:25 p.m. KST will be a “Descendants of the Sun epilogue” episode showing the entire production process and behind-the-scenes clips of the drama.

(source: soompi)

Being that this is probably one of the most expensive shows to be produced in a while, I think the send off is perfect.


My favorite story of the day was this one I ran across on kpopstarz.com. The 2016 Tribeca Film Festival just got a lot more interesting with the film “BAD RAP”. It’s a documentary that highlights Asian-American rappers in the hip-hop industry and their struggles and successes as they make a name for themselves on the American hip-hop scene.

“BAD RAP follows the lives and careers of four Asian-American rappers trying to break into a world that often treats them as outsiders,” Tribeca Film Festival said in a press release. “Sharing dynamic live performance footage and revealing interviews, these artists make the most skeptical critics into believers.” Representing the east and west coasts, the 81-minute documentary will feature rappers Dumbfoundead, Awkwafina, Rekstizzy and Lyricks as they show the successful moments and struggles they face as a minority in the game.”

(source: kpopstarz)

Well, just so it’s out there, I can’t wait to see this! And hopefully it’ll be available on HBO or something so I can.

Red Velvet ran into a bit of drama with fans as they began to dissect the choreography for their ballad, “One of these Nights”. Apparently, they have come to a agreement that Irene’s solo dance is plagiarized. So where did it come from?

Apparently, Detective Conan? Needless to say, I doubt this claim of plagiarism is not exactly a serious argument.

I don’t see it but I guess it makes sense to them. Check out the comparison below.


New Music | HYOMIN “Sketch” + Ailee “Love Now” + Red Velvet “One of the Nights” + SM Station Yoona “윤아 덕수궁 돌담길의 봄 (Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway) (Feat. 10cm)”

I think this is truly going to become a permanent fixture during the week. This blog was being overrun by kpop news but not enough music! So I’m using Wednesday’s to bring kpop back… well… just bring it back to TwentyThirdStation.



Thursday Kpop Update | “Produce 101” Trainees on Show Illegally + Eddy Kim and Zico Collaboration Track Year-Long Production + Red Velvet Comeback (Teaser)


The kpop world this week was so eventful and exciting, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to talk about all the major headlines and still post the new music. But I did a pretty good job of covering all of it, or so I thought.

“Produce 101” is back in the headlines but not necessarily for good reasons. Apparently, some of their show trainees are from agencies that aren’t registered with the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. And in total, it’s about 6 agencies. So what does that mean for the trainees? Well, it means they’re illegally on the show. The show isn’t taking the accusation lightly and has already released a statement.
“We received an inquiry from the creative content agency regarding registered companies so we immediately made an inquiry with participating enterprises about the guidelines and submitted the necessary registrations.”
(source: allkpop)
The show targeted trainees from all agencies and even said that they willfully targeted agencies that hadn’t registered. Now that they have trainees on the show, the agency is still expected to complete their registration. And the show wants verification after the process is done.
Will the agencies properly register and provide verification? Will the trainees get to stay on the show? Find out on the next episode of…
In all seriousness, I’m sure they will now that attention has been called on their lack of proper paperwork and since the show is this far along, I’m sure they’ll allow the trainees to stay. Legal or not.


Eddy Kim just released a new single with Beenzino “Paldangdam” which has gotten the attention of a lot of people.

However, the topic quickly shifted to Kim’s collaboration track with Zico. Apparently, it’s taken over a year to produce this one song. Why? Apparently, Zico and Jung Joon Young have been saying that Eddy Kim is lazy and he wasn’t having it. Jokingly, he said in an interview:
“…I’ve been working on a collaboration track with Zico since April of 2015. While I’m as lazy as I’m available, Zico is so busy, and I tell him that if he gives me a date, I’ll be there. It’s getting to be a year since we’ve started this collaboration project, but now I’m not even sure if we’ll be able to finish it.”
(source: allkpop)
It is true that Zico is busy. With his new releases and mixtapes, it seems he is everywhere with new music. Here’s to hoping that this track doesn’t end up getting put on the backburner…


So I’m sure by now you have either heard about this comeback or seen the teasers for it so it’s probably not a total surprise about Red Velvet’s impending comeback that they’re doing so, gracefully. No pun intended, the ladies have been releases teasers in soft pink and ballerina theme. I wonder if this new single will be a ballad?
If you haven’t seen them, check out the teaser images below!

Thursday Kpop Update | Heo Youngji Speaks On KARA Disbandment + Red Velvet’s Yeri Angers Netz with Golden Disk Actions + iKON Counseling Session for Fans

My days are starting to get crossed. I couldn’t remember if today was Wednesday or Thursday. (Yikes!)

However… the show goes on. Speaking of shows, I hope you weren’t planning on visiting the set of Reply 1988. Originally it was floating around that the show was going to be left standing as a tourist attraction, but apparently, that’s not gonna happen. It will be torn down. Hwang Jung Eum turned down the role she was rumored to take for the new upcoming drama Monster stating simply she was “only in talks” for the drama, nothing was ever official.

f(x)’s Luna on the other hand was spotted in her new role for the movie “Lightning Man’s Secret”. She’s cast in the leading role as Han Na.

Fans of KARA were heartbroken to hear the official news of the disbandment. Although many knew this was probably coming eventually with how everything planned out with their agency and their contracts ending, nobody really wanted it to happen. And while the veteran members have gone their separate ways, many wanted to know the future of the newest member Heo Youngji.

And now, Heo Youngji herself has released a statement to the fans.

“I miss you. Thank you. Always smile ❤ (It is because I have no lip gloss on). Fans who are crazy for me. Endorphin Youngji on her way. It is freezing outside. Don’t catch a cold. Awaiting to shoot program ‘Einstein.’ Somewhere in Hongdae.” 

(source | (translation) koreaboo/instagram)

It should also be noted that Heo Youngji will remain the DSP Media and that we will probably be seeing some of her future projects soon. Maybe as a solo artist?

You may have noticed posts about Red Velvet’s Yeri lately. She somehow managed to upset a lot of netizens are the 30th Golden Disk Awards. How?

“…Originally posted on Pann, netizens discuss whether Red Velvet member Yeri’s actions were rude or not.Titled “What Yeri Did Tonight,” here is the direct translation of the post and netizen discussion below…”

‘You know how Red velvet won bonsang for digital single right? They won the award. Irene grabbed the trophy first but than Yeri also put her hand on it. Yeri doesn’t let go of the trophy. During Irene’s speech, she just takes the trophy to her arms. Finally, Yeri ends up having the trophy to her own.’

(source: koreaboo)

So I saw the comments from Pann and basically, a lot of them called Yeri “rude” and “greedy”. Apparently, this isn’t her first time doing this. But then I went to YouTube and what did I see? Absolutely nothing about what she did.

Honestly, it’s happened. It happens a lot. She’s close with the other members of Red Velvet. Obviously she does it because nobody really cares.


Moving along…

iKON’s Jinhwan and Ju-ne decided to hold a counseling session for their fans on the V-App. They answered questions and gave advice to fans on just about every topic that came to their minds.

“…they asked their fans and viewers to ask them any questions they have or freely talk about their problems and worries… During the show, Ju-ne was asked about his ideal type of girlfriend. “Last time, I told my fans that I like sexy ladies,” Ju-ne replied. He added, “But to be honest, I‘m not exactly sure, because I haven’t dated a lot of people yet.”

(source: kpopherald)

They answered a few more questions and then thanked the fans before ending their broadcast.

I was looking for the video but apparently it’s not on YouTube… yet. Sorry.