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Weekend Kpop Update | Park Bo Young Apologizes to Yeo Jin Goo for Past Remarks + Netizens Criticize MONSTA X’s Wonho for Past + Hwang Jung Eum Receives Criticism for “Cocky Attitude”

Over the weekend, we saw the release of some many new music videos! It was really exciting! B.A.P released their new video for the song, “Young, Wild & Free”, iKON released two new videos, “Anthem” and “Apology”. And to be really honest, I like these two better than their first releases and I didn’t even think it was possible. Dynamic Duo released a new one too, for “J.O.T.S” and we got a new teaser for Lee Hong Gi’s new song “눈치없이(INSENSIBLE)“.

Great video weekend right?

Clara announced that now that her legal past is behind her with Polaris Entertainment, she is prepared to make a comeback in acting under her own agency Korena Clara. Tablo thanked all his fans for supporting him during his time on his radio show, “Tablo’s Dreaming Radio” and announced DJ Tei who will be taking his place. Apink‘s Chorong had to release an apology correcting her spelling error, but it didn’t come before she was called out by netizens for the error. Instead of saying “Pray for Paris”, she accidentally said, “Play for Paris” and netizens weren’t very kind in their response.

However, things did get pretty serious as well in Korea. 

With the news of the terrorist attacks in Paris receiving a great amount of media coverage, Korean twitter users were outraged at Korean media for downplaying their own national unrestKorean twitter users took to social media with the hashtag #PrayforKorea to spread the message of an anti-government rally that took place, involving 100,000 people, of which over 50 were arrested and 30 were injured, and the entire event received no media coverage.

Although the rally was attended by some 100,000 people, of which over 50 were arrested and 30 were injured, there has been little to no news coverage on domestic channels. Naver and Daum, which are Korea’s major search portals, do not display any related articles on their front pages, and their trending search lists do not contain related keywords. Domestic TV networks have likewise not highlighted or discussed the protests during their broadcasts.

(source: soompi)

This isn’t the first time that anyone has expressed their disbelief and anger at the lack of media coverage when it comes to internal strife inside of Korea. Many believe that their voices have been silenced with the all keyword searches and hashtags being scrubbed from popular social media sites such as Naver and Daum.

And now their voices are being heard. Could lead to the change they’re hoping for in media coverage?

In a bit of lighter news, Park Bo Young apologized to Yeo Jin Goo for some remarks made in the past in an interview. She was asked about a comment she made in the past about wanting to be in a melodrama with Yeo Jin Goo when he grew up.

Her response today?

“I think I was too obsessive. I’ve said it so many times that even Yeo Jin Goo knew about it…  I think I’ve burdened him. I’m sorry. I’ve taken some time to reflect on myself. I was being obsessive.”

(source: allkpop)

MONSTA X’s Wonho was in hot water over the weekend after his “past life” or “pre-famous debut life” was published and shared online.

“MONSTA X‘s Wonho has recently come under fire after netizens revealed his scandalous past as ulzzang Shin Ho Seok. Netizens uncovered photos of the Starship Entertainment artist from his time on the show Ulzzang Shidae. The photos featured Wonho clubbing, drinking, and smoking while he was still just a young teenager, fueling criticism against the group and the agency.”

(source: koreaboo)

Comments ranged from how “shady” it was that he participated in that lifestyle, to him possibly receiving some type of surgery because he looks so different, and even going on about how MONSTA X is so conceited and so this is no real surprise to them. Of course this could raise a problem if netizens are concerned with kids looking up to MONSTA X and following in the footsteps of Wonho because they look up to.

Personally, I don’t think you can judge someone by their past but honestly, things happen. We live, we learn, we change.

And finally, Hwang Jung Eum is in hot water over her alleged cocky attitude. I’ll post the video here so you guys can make your own conclusions but basically she was asked about the rumors saying she received plastic surgery to which she replied,

“People suspect that I received plastic surgery on my jaw, but I think they’re just saying that because I’m pretty,”

(source: koreaboo)

Because of her response and how she appears during the interview, netizens have said that she has a cocky attitude.

Over reacting or totally justified?

JINUSEAN Comeback Teaser with “MISSION #1”

It seems that YG was not kidding when they said this was going to be a busy time for them. Although it was already announced previously that JINUSEAN would comeback before BIGBANG, I’m not sure may of the fans believed them. Even though this teaser that they released not too long ago announcing the comeback.

Well now, they have released the teaser video! I’m actually really exciting to see their comeback. They waited 11 years and now finally they’re getting their chance. BIGBANG will comeback in May so calm down everybody.

April is JINUSEAN’s month!

Netizens Highly Upset with AOA on Yonghwa’s Hologram

Have you seen this yet?

I watched this, and the only thing I could say was, (when I first saw it) was “huh?” I didn’t think it was too risque I was just confused by why everybody was in Yonghwa’s room.

Apparently, everybody didn’t see it that way. (See the full story here at koreaboo.com)

Netizens responded saying, “In a man’s room… what are they doing right in front of him..” and “It really did look inappropriate for them to be jumping around and laying down like that when there are other men in the room, regardless of whether they’re close or not..” 

They also commented on the issue of AOA gifting underwear saying, “Inappropriate of them to gift him underwear… imagine if a male idol gifted a female idol underwear;;;;”, “If you watch you can just tell that they are trying to seduce Yonghwa, exposing their shoulders and such..it’s obvious to women..”

Well that escalated quickly! So what’s the real issue here? The issue is that, AOA was acting “inappropriately” according to netizens online. They saw their actions as being seductive and overall just plain wrong! I don’t see what they see, maybe I’m too jaded. But take a look at it…

Am I looking at this from the wrong perspective?

DSP Media Introducing a New Girl’s Group?

I’m becoming more and more of a fan of the solo artists and R&B/indie groups but to hear about a new girl’s group coming out from DSP Media, I got a bit curious. The only thing I know abut them right now is that their name is April. I haven’t seen a real teaser (audio or picture) so I’m assuming from that that they will not be debuting just yet. They’re scheduled to debut this year so maybe we’ll get an exact date soon.

But here’s something interesting I found here on allkpop:

The girls, made mostly of the trainees famously known as the ‘DSP Girls‘, will be debuting in the first half of 2015. Fans saw some of the girls already through the KARAsurvival show, so there are sure to be many familiar faces even though they’re a debuting group.

Looks like they’re more familiar than I thought….