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Mariah Carey in Seoul [Pop Culture News]

Doing my usual browsing of news, I saw that the top searched item was for “Mariah Carey”. Apparently, Wednesday marked the first time in 11 whole years that Mariah Carey performed in Korea as part of her Asian Tour. And apparently, she didn’t do too well. Fans went straight to the internet after the show to give the concert a very low rating in pure outrage. According to The Chosun Ilbo, the show started 20 minutes behind schedule and Mariah Carey was unable to sing her songs properly. This comes on the heels of her tour in Japan which didn’t do too well either.

Now, I said rants may ensue so bare with me. I do believe that a lot of this may have to do with the fact that Mariah is going through a hard time right now. She’s under constant media scrutiny and her personal life is literally being dragged around the media anytime “Carey” or “Cannon” is mentioned. So I can understand how she may or may not perform that well right now. However, I’ve never understood starting shows late. I’ve been told that it’s something big time artists used to do way back in the day too and it always bothered me. I remember watching a concert once on Yahoo! when they were doing that concert special, and one of the concerts I was watching was 30 minutes late. I know I didn’t have to pay for a ticket or anything to that effect since it was free but I still scheduled my time to be there and to watch their concert. So I can only imagine how you’ll feel if you pay for a ticket and the artist starts late.

Bottom line is, when it’s show time and nothing happens, that excitement and adrenaline just instantly begins to start turning into disappointment. From that point on, I’m sure, everything is just “bleh” to viewers. So if you don’t do some type of amazing vocal theatrics while swinging from the ceiling and riding a pony through fire, I don’t think anyone will be inclined to rate you too highly.

I still have faith in Mariah Carey. As soon as she gets through this rough patch, I have no doubt she can recover. I just hope the fans forgive her.