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뭐 찾아요? (mwo chaj-ayo?) | [Word of the Day]


So a while back I made a post about the word 찾다 (chajda) which means, “to find.” Today I’m going to post questions that goes with that post because I heard this as a question recently and because I realized I haven’t been posting as many questions as I’ve been posting statements.


  • 뭐 찾아요? (mwo chaj-ayo?) | “What are you looking for?”

Other sentences

  • 이것을 찾아요? (igeos-eul chaj-ayo?) | “Are you looking for this?”
  • 찾았습니까? (chaj-assseubnikka?) | “Did you find it?”

언제 와요? (eonje wayo?)| [Word of the Day] + Sample Conversation


Sorry I’ve been in and out so much! I’m almost done with the semester but I finally finished one of my papers! I’ll be back full time very soon.

In the meantime… I thought I’d stop by and share a word for the day with you guys.


  • 언제 와요? (eonje wayo?) | “When are you coming?” or “When are you coming back?”

Sample Conversation:

  • Min-ho: 파티가 오늘 밤이야. | “The party is tonight.”
  • Joo-young:  오, 진짜? | “Oh, really?”
  • Min-ho: 네, 오고있어? | “Yes, are you coming?”
  • Joo-young: 어, 늦을거야. | “Yea, I’ll be late.”
  • Min-ho: 언제 와요? | “When are you coming?”

I hope Joo-young makes it on time…

See you guys next time!

뭐 먹어요 (mwo meog-eoyo)| [Word of the Day]


I know you saw the title and immediately thought, “Oh I know this one! It’s about eating!” And you would be correct. But did you know that in Korean this can be used to mean something else too?


  • 먹다 (meog-da) | to eat
    • This verb has multiple meanings in Korean. It can mean “to eat”, “to drink”, “to get”, etc. There are a few different useful ways to use this word. However, we will only be looking at one of them.


  • 뭐 먹어요 (mwo meog-eoyo)| “What are you eating?” -or- “What are you drinking?”

I know that the verb 마시다 (masida) is used to mean “to drink” and that’s typically what you’re taught to use. But in everyday situations, it is perfectly fine to use 먹다 as well. It can essentially be used interchangeably when talking about drinking something.

그래서, 뭐 먹어요? [What are you drinking?]

… 를 한국말로 어떻게 말해요? | [Phrase of the Day]


A lot of times when we’re learning a new language, we need help saying things. Sometimes it can be in the middle of a sentence you forget a word and you ask someone, “how do you say…?”


  • … 를 한국말로 어떻게 말해요? (… leul hangugmallo eotteohge malhaeyo?)| “How do you say in Korean?”


  • bread 를 한국말로 어떻게 말해요? (bread leul hangugmallo eotteohge malhaeyo?) | “How do you say ‘bread’ in Korean?”
  • table를 한국말로 어떻게 말해요? | “How do you say ‘table’ in Korean?”