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오는 (oneun) [Word of the Day]


I was still trying to figure out a theme for this week and then it hit me, why not focus on the Grammar of the Week post? After all, there will be an activity next week so why not add more verbs to make the activity easier? And so, that is what we’re doing today!

오는 (oneun) | “coming”; from the verb “오다 (o-da)” meaning “to come”.

Remember, this falls in with the Grammar of the Week which was discussing, “…are you doing?” ~는 거야? If you don’t remember, click here for a refresher.


  • 오는 거야? (oneun geoya?) | “Are you coming?”
  • 학교 오는 거야? (haggyo oneun geoya?) | “Are you coming to school?”
    • You can also use “가는 (ganeun)” meaning, “going” in this instance, and it’d probably be better to use. I just used 오는 for the purpose of an example. 

Ok so that’s it for today!