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PONY Makeup | Natural Makeup Look

I debated on what to make this post…

I didn’t want to do another Weekend Kpop Update. With my internet pretty much down and I’m forced to use other means like my tablet or cell phone to blog, I didn’t really want to fight with the tabs and skipping and glitching that comes from trying to do too many things on portable devices.

And then it hit me… I haven’t highlighted a beauty vlogger in a while and thus my search began and landed on… PONY makeup. I don’t know why but I feel as if I’ve talked about her before. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen her videos from time to time. After watching her video, “Singapore Trip ‘get ready with me'” and then seeing all of her other videos and pictures (instagram| @ponysmakeup), I officially decided… it’s time to follow her. I think most of her videos are subbed but if you are new to her videos like me, check them out!

And for those learning Korean, watch the videos without the subs to see how much you understand and then turn the subs on to see if you were accurate or close.



Beauty Bible | Nature-Friendly Natural Cosmetics (video)

This clip is about a year old but, in my mind, even though products do change with each season, the tips in the video still hold true.

I didn’t do a special Friday post, but that didn’t exclude a surprise Sunday post! Isn’t it more fun when you least expect it?

I wanted to highlight this because I personally have been moving more and more towards all natural cosmetics. I have to be careful of the products I pick due to allergy reasons, however, I still seek them out more. But a lot of people are a bit apprehensive about them like I once was. Are they useful? Will they blend naturally? Will they look okay on my skin? It’s a lot of “what ifs” and it doesn’t help that these products can be pretty expensive. This video will probably answer a lot of your questions and will really help you for those you working on blending.

For those wondering, I have been using products from the company Pacifica. It’s an all natural company that has make-up, skincare, etc. I only use it for skincare products for now because that’s as far as I’ve gotten in my all natural journey but so far I like them. I’m not vegan but I do like these products. They’ve done a great job at cleansing my skin but I do combine them with my acne facial wash, Burts Bees exfoliator, and Dickinson witch hazel toner because I honestly don’t see them doing that much for my acne or evening my skin tone. But they are a great cleanser and make-up remover!

I don’t know if they’re available in your country but I know I found them in different stores like Sephora or Ulta. And you can also order them online.

Okay, on to the video!

You’ll notice in the video, she does a lot of the application with her hands vs brushes… remember, your hands are your best tools when applying make-up too!