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New Music Alert! [Videos]

I haven’t done this in a while but sometimes while I’m just kinda relaxing on a lazy Saturday, I’ll just click on the recommended videos on YouTube and I’m always happy to hear the new music. Sometimes I get to hear new artists that I’ve never heard of before and sometimes it’s familiar faces with a creative visual for new music.


Days of the Week in Korean | [Musical Video]

Okay, so sometimes we need a refresher! It’s been a while since I talked about the days of the week of numbers for that matter so I thought I would make a quick post to refresh your memory.

If you’re anything like me you more than likely forget how to say things sometimes if you don’t use them frequently. I have the most difficult time remembering how the days of the week and Native Korean numbers. Those two things are sadly my kryptonite so of course you may have guessed that I shy away from asking someone the time and I sometimes will respond by saying, “Eleven시 삼십분” (sigh… don’t be like me)

However, things like the video below really are super helpful when you’re learning a new language! Below is a cute short song to help you remember the days of the week. When I find more of these that I think are helpful I’ll post them here!

로시(Rothy) | Artist Spotlight

I decided to do another Artist Spotlight because I really enjoy doing this. On my hiatus, I was listening to so many different songs and now my recommended lists are just amazing and I want to share what I was listening to and what’s been recommended.

The Artist Spotlight this week is 로시(Rothy). She’s not a new artist but I haven’t really seen a lot of press about her. She’s a solo artist and has been signed to Dorothy Company for the past couple of years. 로시 has been releasing music since 2017, her first solo mini- album being released last year and now we’ve come to her second one, Color of Rothy.

If this is the mini-album I cannot wait to hear a full length album! I love her sound!

If you haven’t heard of her, check out the video below!

Artist Spotlight | LEE HI

Instead of an Artist of the Week, I decided to do an Artist Spotlight because I wanted to talk about her new EP, 24℃!

After releasing her first debut Japanese album, Lee Hi is returning with a new Korean EP to add to her discography. Back in January she released a digital single with Code Kunst called “XI” and I was wondering if a full length album was on the way after that. And now the question has been answered and yes, even though it’s not a full length album (which I’m sure is coming soon) but it is new music and it’s amazing!

You may have already heard the leading single with B.I “누구 없소 (NO ONE)” but you have got to hear this whole thing!