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The Beauty Bible | Skin and Make-Up Emergencies! (video)

I really don’t get to talk about this too much these days. As I struggle to figure out how to manage the changes going on with this new revamping of 23rdStation, I need to take a minute and go back to my favorite topic.

Hello Beauty Bible!

This episode is really one of my favorites. It’s for those who have that crazy skin! You know the kind that dries up and starts acting really weird? Yup! This is for you! At least, the first part of it is.

However, I must say the part that I was really so excited about was at the 16:30 mark. Emergency Transformation Make-up! With the seasons changing, my skin is deciding that it wants to do it’s own thing and that includes reminding me of my allergies. If you are an allergy sufferer, you’re probably very familiar with the dark circles under your eyes. Well literally in like 30 seconds they showed a way to hide all of it and still look au naturel!


Thursday Kpop Update | Kyuhyun Comeback Teaser ft. Amber + Jung Doo Ri Incite a Riot on Twitter

I don’t think today was meant to be a slow and peaceful day. Yesterday was too good to be true so it’s only right that today be full of angst to go along with the joy. It’s like a high school soap opera in the kpop world. Starting with Taeyeon saying how she feels about her solo debut on M! Countdown. Quite naturally she was nervous about performing solo when asked but then there’s this thing with netizens accusing her of plastic surgery. And then with the announcement that IU is dating singer-songwriter Chang Ki Ha, more problems arose. Now you guys should know by now that I hate, absolutely hate, talking about dating. It’s gossip and frankly not my business. But for today I break my rules a bit because of what model Jung Doo Ri said on her twitter.

But what did she say? (source: koreaboo)

“IU, stop acting like this. Are you crazy.”

“You’re a woman with a top-rated face in Korean society, so why? First Sulli, now you… Did your powerful uncle fans put a corset on you. You’ve been caught, you’re out.”

Ok what? I’m not sure she really honestly thought people would get as upset as they did. But the backlash was pretty massive with fans of IU and EXO coming out the woodwork. (And of course there were f(x) fans in the mix.) It was so bad she actually had to release an apology! It was pretty long winded but basically she said in short, “I didn’t think it was that serious!” 

“I love beautiful girls like IU. I can’t help it. Because of that my emotions tend to come out by my mouth a lot but in order to become that kind of beautiful girl (ㅆㅅㅌㅊ),  I wish you would date pretty and young guys like you. Of course, arguing about someone else’s relationship is funny but isn’t Twitter originally space for private conversations? Ah to the EXO fandom, I’m sorry. I don’t know Uaena’s (IU fandom) that well but when I looked at pictures, since they appeared to be such good looking, young, and fresh men, I went ahead and ended up using my mouth to express [such] emotions. I hadn’t known that would be a disturbance among the fandoms.”

“Anyway, wanting to see a beautiful girl X beautiful boy celebrity couple was my honest feelings. Before going around, pointing out who I antagonised or did whatever.  Ah, and everyone knows that the use of the word ㅆㅅㅌㅊ is a mirroring right? ^^ To be honest, I also think of IU as a great and beautiful musician of Korea.”

(source: koreaboo)

I’m not sure everybody got the apology because they are still kinda going back and forth on her twitter. This might take a while to simmer down.

After all that drama, let’s end with something pleasant. Kyuhyun is getting ready for a comeback! He released the cutest teaser video for “A Million Pieces” and it has f(x)’s Amber in it!

Jessica Jung | Photoshoot for “Li-Ning”

I was just browsing kpopstarz when I ran across this about Jessica Jung’s new photoshoot for the Chinese brand Li-Ning. This is the 2015 Fall/Winter line and just throwing this out there, I would totally wear all of these.

The new line modeled by Jessica features star-print sweatshirts, oversized hoodies, striped exercise pants, colorful sneakers and brushed beanies. Overall, the theme blends modern street style with comfortable on-the-court gear.

(source: kpopstarz)

Apparently, you can buy the line now at lining.com. Or you can click the link for kpopstarz for the sweatshirts, pants, and the shoes.

Excuse me while I go check my savings…

Model Kim Jin Kyung | Heavily Criticized for CL Look-A-Like Reaction + Blackjacks Flood Instagram

This is a very familiar story. It seems that once in a while, an idol is on a show and the host says, “You look a lot like so-and-so”, the idol responds in a way fans and don’t like and suddenly they’re disrespectful. That’s the usual script and it’s no different in this case.

Model Kim Jin Kyung appeared on My Little Television recently. During her appearance, she was told that she resembles CL. The MC said, “Some people say you look like CL”. She immediately laughs and says, “What are you doing?” Quickly after she says that she says, “I really like her but…”

Fans watching the show immediately were divided. Some saying her response was reasonable while others joined on the bandwagon with the outraged Blackjacks. Comments on the Youtube video and Instagram ranged from, “She wished she looked like CL” “Who is she?”, “So rude!” “She needs to apologize”. (click here to see more of the translated reactions on koreaboo)

Personally, it just looks like to me, she’s kinda tired of hearing that. Check out the video below and see for yourself. Did she do anything wrong or are fans overreacting?