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Monday Kpop Update | Jellyfish Entertainment Statement on Leo and Ravi + BIGBANG Guerrilla Concert Cancelled, YG Statement + Jessica SBS Appearance Cancelled, SBS Statement

So this post is going to kinda be a kpop music update post. I had a post with way more information but of course WordPress automatically saves every few seconds and when the entire post got deleted, I lost everything soooooooooooooooooooooooo… let’s just get straight into the news.

No videos today but check back Wednesday!

With all the new music announcements and comeback news for the summer, the most exciting part is the concerts! Fans of VIXX were super excited, as they have been on tour this whole time… new music and concerts, VIXX is on a roll! But then in Mexico it was reported that Ravi collapsed and Leo was missing from the finale. Despite the reassurance from N that both parties were doing ok, fans were still worried.

Now today, Jellyfish Entertainment has issued a statement.

“The venue location’s high altitude and the heat of the performance hall caused [Ravi and Leo] to be dizzy and they could no longer continue [performing] on stage. Leo and Ravi received emergency medical treatment from the team that were standing by at the venue and are in the process of recuperating.”

(source: allkpop)

I’m sure the travelling hasn’t been much help either in terms of getting rest and staying healthy. However, it is good to know that they’re doing fine!

In other concert news, YG announced that BIGBANG’s guerrilla concert was not going to happen like expected. It was said about a week ago that BIGBANG would be performing a surprise pop-up concert. And now today YG said, in true YG fashion, “the show is cancelled”. But they later released a statement saying that they are working on something better.

“We want to let everyone know that we’re in the process of developing ideas so that fans can safely enjoy [Big Bang’s] ten-year anniversary.”

(source: allkpop)

I guess legions of screaming fans potentially causing a stampede in the middle of the street didn’t seem all that appealing in hindsight.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what they come up with!

And finally, Jessica has been sparking waves, good and bad lately. After releasing her first solo album since leaving SM Entertainment, fans were ready for her to begin music promotions. It was later reported that she wouldn’t be doing too much of that. After all, she is running a fashion line simultaneously with making music.

But then it was announced that even more of her appearances were either going to be cut short, or not happening. Like her now cancelled appearance on SBS’s Lee Kuk Ju’s Young Street.

“Jessica’s reps have said, “[Her appearance] was decided upon last Wednesday, and then her scheduled appearance was cancelled on the weekend. We haven’t heard the exact reason for the cancellation. She is very disappointed because she had been preparing to perform live…According to SBS, the radio show had first secured Jo Moon Geun Band as a guest on the show for the episode, and then invited Jessica… SBS states, “After some internal discussion, we decided to invite her to appear on her own next time instead, and asked Jessica’s representatives for their understanding.”

(source: soompi)

Looks like a serious misunderstanding there. Even though this isn’t the first time they seem to have had a misunderstanding with Jessica’s team, i.e., Inkigayo name removal incident, they are doing their best to make amends.

However, she will be appearing on another show, Park So Hyun’s Love Game May 28th.


BTS | Rap Monster Death Threats + “The Red Bullet” Cut Short in New York

At first, I wasn’t going to talk about this only because I wasn’t entirely sure of all the details surrounding this. The reason behind the threats is still largely speculation. It seems many people think that this all started after some unflattering comments Rap Monster made in an interview a little while ago about V and J-Hope being “too dark” and that he “couldn’t see them” because of it, kinda upset some people.

It got particularly bad in New York recently. It was reported that the entire event got cut short due to a gun threat.

The person, who hasn’t been identified and is only known by a possible made-up name on twitter (account has since been deleted) was not deterred in the slightest and made a new threat yesterday.


(source: twitter/koreaboo)

There’s no proof that this is even the same person who made the original gun threat or that this person was at the event.

I actually saw those tweets and read some of the responses yesterday before it just became ridiculous. The photo that this person used was actually an old photo of a gun that was circulating a while back. The original photos were linked to something entirely different. However, the accounts and tweets have been deleted but everyone is still wondering if there will be a concert in Mexico. I can tell you now, there hasn’t been any word that there won’t be. The only thing they’ve said they’ll do is just make sure there’s extra security.

Right now, there’s just a lot of speculation and not much concrete proof. But thankfully, security isn’t taking any chances. Hopefully it’s all just a really horrible prank.

It really is in bad taste to threaten someone’s life, regardless of who they are, as a “joke”. It’s not funny.