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Wednesday Kpop Update | 2NE1 Final Farewell, “Goodbye” lyrics dedication from CL + Running Man Has Returned, Statement Released Discuss What Happened + YG Entertainment Zones In on Japanese Market, New Girl Group Debut? + New Music

There has been a lot going on in the world these past few weeks. With politics, show drama, producer statements, and artist/idol controversies and break-ups, it’s good to get back to the music!

Starting with 2NE1. I have to start with them. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t.

As we all know, 2NE1 has officially disbanded. Even after the revamp and the finished album that was never released, the world never got to meet the new 3-member group. With Bom currently inactive, CL and Dara still signed with YG and Minzy off to another agency working on new music, it made the fans question if we would ever get that official swan song. And it looks like we did but there’s a story behind this song that I thought was so poignant and moving. Apparently it was written by CL not only for the fans but also for Minzy, who is featured on the song.

“The song is something that I had written before. After Minzy left YG Entertainment, the three of us were preparing an album. It was a song that was supposed to be like a letter to Minzy. I edited the lyrics so it would be talking to both Minzy and the fans at the same time. It didn’t take me long to edit the lyrics because I move fast when someone is believing in me,” CL said in an emotional interview to IIgan, as quoted by AllKPop.

(source: ibtimes)

How sweet is that! The music video features just the three of them as they move through images of video of 2NE1’s history, including Bom. The final images show a photo of all four of them together and then finally the remaining three as they each go there separate ways.

The lyrics are incredibly moving and I’m so sorry to see them go. I want to believe this isn’t the end of 2NE1. I know how hard CL fought for this song to be released and how badly she wants 2NE1 to make a comeback so we’ll see. It’s been done before so certainly it can happen again!

For now, let’s all cheer them on as they all work on their own personal endeavors.

Running Man also is making a splash in the headlines. Apparently, it’s not ending this year. A statement released by the team stated:

“Running Man isn’t just a variety program. It boasts 100 million fans just overseas and I don’t think it’s fair not to reflect their opinions and decide the fate of the show just because of internal problems… I believe the correct path is to undergo change in order to become a better show and give more to the fans. That is why we are back.”

(source: koreaboo)

Interesting. But even though it’s not ending this year does that mean it’s a permanent thing? And will the old members return with new members?

“We’re keeping the possibility open but it’s hard to recruit someone right away. The original cast will continue to keep Running Man moving forward and we’ll keep looking for someone to fill Gary’s void. I think this is something we’ll have to keep working on to figure out…”

(source: koreaboo)

We’ll see who comes back officially and who we will be introduced to as new members. For now, it’s good to see that’s it returned.

It seems that YG is looking to expand. Apparently, they’re looking into the Japanese market to release new music and a potential new girl group.

Samsung Securities financial researcher Yang explained, “Though the company has not seen any concert cancellations or anything to that degree, we are continuously monitoring China’s limited regulations. YG will be focusing more on the Japanese market this season… YG Entertainment is said to be preparing for the debut of a new girl group following the success of Black Pink. With YG’s revenues from their acting division increased by 10% this past year, they recently recruited a new producer to be in charge of all the video content business industry. “

(source: allkpop)

Well I guess this would be good news to fans in Japan of the large agency. This expansion could potentially be a really big deal so we’ll see what happens!

SM | Suing Tao and Team for Illegal Entertainment Activities + Z.Tao “Crown” [video]

I’m going to be honest here, I saw this coming with the release of Luhan’s new music video. I don’t know why but my mind instantly went to a new lawsuit. However, SM has released a statement this time around and honestly, it makes a lot of sense.

“In April of 2015, Tao was already working with another company to create his own album, and he left SM and his team without permission. Moreover, in July of the same year, he released a mini album and continued to engage in illegal solo entertainment activities. While using what he gained with EXO to his advantage, appearing in advertisements, broadcasts, etc., he suddenly sued SM Entertainment on August 24, 2015. Until a final verdict has been reached, Tao is required to stay true to the obligations and duties outlined by his contract, and he cannot carry out [other] entertainment activities.”

(source: soompi)

Honestly, this is something I’ve been saying for a while now and I cannot stress this enough when it comes to this whole situation. The fact is this, if you are signed to a contract, you must fulfill that contract or you have to wait until it is terminated before you can act outside of that contract, otherwise, you’re breaking the law.

But in the meantime, while we wait to see what happens with this, here’s a new music video from Z.Tao called “Crown”. I’m not sure if by posting this here I am encouraging his criminal activity but here’s the video.

SMTOWN Land Grand Opening!

I don’t know if you’ve heard about this yet, but SMTOWN Land is this wonderful and mystical place where SM Entertainment launched their own pop up stores and sell merchandise to the public. It was held at the COEX Atrium with Girls’ Generation, SHINee and EXO in attendance.They updated their personal accounts with videos and pictures to introduce merchandise and to of course post the occasionally selca.

Even Victoria from F(x) was selling her own personal things in her own little flea market. She was selling her own clothes, shoes and jewelry for as low as 10,000w ($10) to 50,000w ($50). (Seriously why wasn’t I there?!!)

But of course, good news can’t just be good news! Stories pop up everywhere and people end up getting upset over what’s said and yea. An example? Taeyeon made some netizens upset by posting a picture of herself holding up a G.G. shirt without Jessica.

International and Korean fans alike have flooded Taeyeon’s Instagram update with comments that range from “What about Sica?” and “Please bring Sica back,” to “Jessica is not a member anymore, why do you guys keep mentioning her name?” and “We should now forget about the kid who wants to do design when thinking about Girls’ Generation…” (allkpop.com)

It’s clear some fans are still heartbroken over Jessica’s departure. There have even been rumors that the other girls pushed Jessica out of G.G. But honestly, I don’t think Jessica is hurting at all! She has her own line, she’s becoming extremely popular in the fashion world. I don’t worry about her and I’m sure she’s not worried about one ill-timed selca. She probably didn’t notice until fans started mentioning it.

As far as it goes with Taeyeon and this shirt, I like to think the best of people and I’d like to believe she was just advertising the shirt. I don’t see the drama here. It’s a shirt. She posed with it. Jessica’s not on it. Jessica’s moved on. G.G. is moving on.

Can’t we all just get along? Yes? No? Maybe? …at least try? #sigh

For more on this story, check out: f(x)’s Victoria sells her own clothing and more at her very own flea market and Taeyeon shows off a Girls’ Generation t-shirt without Jessica.