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The Woes of Acne! | Skincare Routine/Products to Help [video]

It’s safe to say that I’m not a beauty blogger. But I do love beauty tips and tricks and most importantly, I love sharing videos of what I find. So I’ve been trying to get rid of this awful acne on my face. It’s like a computer worm! It keeps multiplying! As soon as I think it’s gone, the stupid stuff comes back!

However… YouTube always seems to come in handy. So if you’re in a situation like this too, check out the video below.


Popular Beauty Products | Should You Really Try These Korean Brands?

Hey my beautiful people!

Before I begin:

  1. This is not a product placement post.
  2. I am not in any way, shape, or form sponsored nor was I asked to do this post. 
  3. This is not advertisement.

If you’re anything like me, when it comes to make-up, you may hear so much about a product and then head to Sephora to find it and try it out. I heard so much about NARS that I actually went out and spent $30 on concealer. Never in my life did I ever imagine I would spend that much on concealer or even $20 on Tarte matte lipstick based on reviews… but I did and I have no regrets.

But maybe you’ve heard a lot about the beauty products your favorite kpop star or K-drama actor/actress swears by! Should you try it? Is it worth the try? I ran across this video from one of my favorite vloggers “Straight Outta Australia”. This is part 1 but if you’re interested in hearing more, she has a link to a part 2.

Products mentioned in this video:

  • BANILA CO | Clean It Zero
  • April Skin | BB Cushion
  • GELPRESSO | Water-proof pencil
  • Etude House | play 101 pencil
  • Snail Products

Personally, I actually liked reviews of these products.

But I will say this about the April Skin BB Cushion, I used to buy BB Cream and use it, but it always felt like something sitting on my skin never actually blending in. After searching and searching for a BB Cream that worked, I saw people talking a lot about bareMinerals so I decided to try it. It’s called bareMinerals Complexion Rescue and I have to say, I love it! (link if you’re interested) This is not a Korean product but I do really like it. I use it as a foundation and I definitely forget I even have it on. It’s great on my skin and I’m more than willing to keep paying the money to replace it when it runs out. So I don’t think I’ll be trying out the April Skin, but U will give the other products a try. I’ve been looking for a new make-up remove for like 8 months now. (Long time…)

My advice before trying out any product, see if it’s available in stores like Sephora first so you can go in and match your shade with the samples they have laying out and also to see if you have a reaction to it. If you try it on a small patch of skin first, you’ll know before the end of the day whether or not you’ll have a bad reaction to it and then if you haven’t already bought it, you can avoid disaster. But if you did buy it, you can return it before you open it.

Anyway, check out meejmuse’s video below. What do you think? Are these products really worth the hype?

ICON Asia | YouTube Channel [Make-up, Travel, etc.]

How many of you have heard of the ICON network? If it’s unfamiliar to you, I’m here to get you acquainted! I used to follow Michelle Phan when she was doing make-up tutorials on YouTube. Now that’s she launched her own brand of make-up and skincare products, she’s larger than life! Meaning, she’s teamed up with Endemol Beyond to create the ICON network.

But it’s not just one network…

There’s ICON Asia, which I’m highlighting today. And there’s also ICON UK and from what I understand there are more in the works. She’s thinking beyond YouTube and thinking towards creating an actual network.

So what is ICON?

It’s a style network. They talk about fashion, make-up, skincare… but each host has there own YouTube channel where you can still find your favorite tutorials. I personally love this channel because I get pretty good ideas from it when I don’t really know what to wear or how to do my hair.

If you haven’t heard of it, check it out below! Apparently, this channel is about a month old.

Beauty Bible | Expensive vs Cheap Make-Up Brands/Products

I’m going to be honest here and say I have nothing against buying offbrand make-up a.k.a “drugstore brands”. It’s cheap I know. And a lot of times you can’t really tell the difference between expensive and cheap.

Although, I have learned that it’s better not to flake on foundation and concealer as they can look really chalky when it’s cheap. Just spend the extra couple of dollars. But you can get away with cheap tinted BB Cream… you really can.

But how important is it really when it comes down to Expensive vs. Cheap brands? I guess this is probably an economics thing. I did well in economics in high school and college but it’s not my favorite topic in life so I won’t even try to explain it. Or maybe it’s an issue of, “are you really getting what you pay for?” Make-up gurus and fanatics alike will spend hundreds on makeup monthly, but do they really have to? Or do those of us who don’t mind being cheap need to consider spending a bit more?

Check out this episode of the beauty bible! They go into the differences between expensive and cheap brands and also answer the age old question… does the amount you spend really matter?

Also, they do talk about those seemingly helpful beauty tips such whitening creams. Could these helpful tips actually be harmful?