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International News | South Korea’s Loudspeakers to The North + Update: North Korea Regrets Landmine Attacks

I don’t know why but for some reason, the tensions in Korea (North vs South), was somehow turning into a musical to me. It was reported recently that the North declared they were ready to go to war with the South at Kim Jong Un’s command. While the command hasn’t been given, South Korea is demanding that the North offer an apology for the border landmine attacks on the South Korean soldiers patrolling.

Since then, the North has finally said they regret their actions.

North Korea has expressed regret over two South Korean border guards injured by a landmine blast and promised to make efforts to prevent a similar incident from happening again, according to South Korea’s National Security Office Chief Kim Kwan-jin. The North also decided to withdraw its declaration of “quasi-state of war” against Seoul, he said.

(source: Korea Times)

Could it have had something to do with the South Korean loudspeakers blasting propaganda that pertained anti-North Korean messages and included music? But not just any music. According to Korean news, they were playing Big Bang’s “BANG BANG BANG” and Noh Sayun’s “Meeting” among other notable songs.

However, since North Korea has expressed regret for their actions and will do a better job at preventing incidents like this, (or in South Korean terms acting “abnormal”), South Korea has decided to turn off the loudspeakers.

The musical, for now, is over. But it still feels like a daily k-drama…