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Monday Kpop Update | Tablo Interview, Talks HIGHGRND Amidst Release of Lee Hi New Album + Monday Couple Backlash? Netz Tired of Storyline + FIESTAR “A Delicate Sense” Live Performance

This weekend wasn’t as busy as last weekend in the kpop world so I took the time to take a break from it. Today, it’s still not very busy but there were a few things that happened that over the weekend that kinda carried over into today that I got excited about.

Starting with Lee Hi. If you remember a while back, they signed with Tablo’s independent label HIGHGRND. We got to see some teasers for the official debut of the company shortly before it was announced that Lee Hi’s comeback would be soon. Well, with the comeback news, many fans were wondering, what’s really the difference between HIGHGRND and YG Entertainment? Aren’t they the same? Tablo, owner of HIGHGRND says, “No, they’re different.” (no Lee Hi pun intended.)

In a recent interview with Sports Illgan, Tablo said:

“President Yang gave me this authority…. he must think by letting me take the lead independently that perhaps I will come up with totally different products from YG. He has no knowledge of all out decisions. He is also unaware of our ongoing plan. Legally, we are two different companies.”

(source: kpopstarz)

I actually thought that HIGHGRND was a sub-unit of YG, I had no idea they were separate companies. Well, that’s good to know. And with Lee Hi’s newest single, I’m sure it clears up a lot about any agency speculation that may arise in the future.

If you haven’t heard it yet, check out their newest single below!

Everyone’s favorite Monday Couple is not so much a favorite anymore. At least, not for everyone. Apparently the idea of Song Ji Hyo and Gary being this adorable couple on Running Man has outstayed its welcome to some netz. It began about seven years ago. In the beginning, with Gary show his “love and affection” for Song Ji Hyo, everyone thought it was cute. But now, after the latest episode, netz are saying, “Give it rest!”

[ + 763, – 121] Honestly this is getting old. Their love line has been over used. How long are they going to hold on to this

[+ 579, – 88] I’m sorry but cut the BS. We know it’s all for show and just business

(source: koreaboo)

Well, with Song Ji Hyo’s latest ventures with the Chinese version of “We Got Married” and with other things she’ll be branching out and doing, I’m sure this is going to die down soon.

FIESTAR’s latest song “Mirror” has had a lot of people talking and excited about the new album. If you want to hear samples from the album, check out their MelOn live performance below!


Monday Kpop Update | BTS’ SUGA and V Update + BTOB Fandom and Netizens Angry with SBS “Gayo Daejeon” + Starship Unveils New Members of Cosmic Girls

I’m trying to find a way to add a tagline to these kpop updates. I have the headline stories along with other stories that happened all in one post and I have no words to kinda help me express that. So if you have any ideas, drop them in the comments below and I just might use it! (Of course you’ll get a special shout-out if I pick your tagline!)

And now on to the news…

4Minute has officially announced that they will in fact be making a comeback in January. After the special selfie with Skrillex, it was only a matter of time before the official announcement was made. Lee Sung Kyung will give a special performance at the 2015 MBC Acting Awards. And actress Actress Lee Min-jung will join Rain back on the small screen for the new MBC drama, “Come Back Mister”. She will play the leading role as the widow.

Jessica Jung was also in the news today as she was featured on the cover of Singaporean magazine, NUYOU.


In great news, Big Hit decided to update fans on the status of Suga and V. After announcing that BTS would have to cancel show due to illness, it is has been revealed that everyone is ok.

“All of the BTS members returned to Korea on December 28, and members SUGA and V received close examinations at a specializing hospital in the country. The results of the examination show that there is thankfully nothing wrong with SUGA or V; on top of that, the other members were also revealed to have no problems with their health, so they have all returned to their dorms to rest…”

(source: allkpop)

But then there was the mishap with SBS’ “Gayo Daejun”… apparently during before BTOB performed a voice can be heard saying, “Why are they doing a musical again?” and it seems that BTOB may have been able to hear it as well and according to fans, it reflected in their performance.

(it can be heard at 0:20)

And now fans are upset. They’ve taken to their SNS accounts to express their displeasure and disbelief with SBS. Many saying that they were in tears watching the sadness and hurt in the eyes of each member of BTOB.

SBS later released a statement apologizing for the incident.

“First of all, we are sorry that we didn’t look into [the issue] sooner. The mic glitch is just a misunderstanding. At the time, the only mics present were the ones handed to the artists and the ones installed in the audience seats. No mics were handed to the staff members. The production crew will look into the exact cause [of the glitch], but in the meantime, it was determined that that was not the voice of our staff member.”

(source: allkpop)

Fans aren’t having it and they aren’t happy with how SBS has chosen to handle the situation. Some even saying that it sounds as if SBS is “blaming the audience”.

Maybe with the outrage something else will be said or done but for the time being, this may be the only acknowledgement we see of it.

And finally, Starship Entertainment is still announcing the new members of Cosmic Girls! This sub-group is the first one to not have any Chinese members.

These three members will make up the “Sweet Unit” sub-group, the third addition to the two previously revealed “Joy Unit” and “Wonder Unit” subgroups. This subunit is meant to be full of members who are sweet, but gentle, hence the name “Sweet Unit.”

(source: kpopstarz)



Weekend Kpop Update | Lay Not Joining EXO on North American Tour + BTS Cancels Two Japanese Concerts + SNSD’s Yuri Cooks and Talks about Mom

Alright so this weekend was filled with highs and lows. Over the weekend, the 2015 SBS Gayo Daejun Awards took place. You can catch all the performances from the show if you missed it (or just want to see them again) here and here.

Kim Hyun Joong made his way back into the news after his father announced that he felt sorry for his child with Ms. Choi and offered to raise the child if she couldn’t. And TC Candler’s “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2015” had everyone talking with After School’s Nana topping the list!

And of course, I didn’t forget those of you who love beauty and make-up.

I’m sure by now a great deal of you are familiar with the V app. It gives you backstage access to your favorite idols, Korean vloggers and make-up gurus. Well, I found an article about Yenny while I was searching out news to talk about over the weekend. I searched high and low to find this for you guys! (Maybe an exaggeration but I definitely searched)

Check out Yenny’s end of year party make-up tutorial!

But with all the exciting news, it did have some lows. Starting with EXO. Everytime I see something EXO, I get a little nervous if it isn’t a new music release. This weekend was no different. It was officially announced that Lay will not be touring with EXO on their North American tour. And it should be noted, the dates have changed as well.

Fans have already begun to speculate what this could potentially mean. However, like I’ve said before, nothing is official until they say so. But it is a bit disappointing for the American fans, especially those who really really wanted to see Lay.

BTS had some good and bad news over the weekend. Let’s start with the good news. They will be joining BIGBANG and EXO at the 5th Annual Gaon K Pop Awards. The bad news, well, they also had a change in concert plans. Apparently they had to cancel two Japanese shows due to the illnesses of Suga and V. 

“The agency relayed that before the concert scheduled to be held in Kobe on December 27, Suga and V were unable to complete the rehearsal due to dizziness, and were immediately taken to a local hospital for a professional checkup. While the CT scan results showed that nothing was critically wrong, the medical experts said that physical activity on stage might cause them to feel dizzy again, and recommended to have Suga and V under further supervision.”

(source: soompi)

Of course they still wanted to perform, however, it was decided that it would be best for them to just recover first.

Get well soon guys!

And that brings up to SNSD’s Yuri.

She was recently featured on SBS’ morning show “Did You Eat Well” where she cooked and talked about her mom. During the episode, she talked about her mother’s battle with cancer and getting a procedure done that she didn’t tell the family about so as not to burden them.

“I want to be as strong as my mom,” said the 26-year-old. The singer added that her mom has recovered her health now.

(source: kpopherald)





Thursday Kpop Update | DIA’s Chaeyeon and Cathy Join “Produce 101” + BIGBANG Attending the 30th Golden Disk Awards + SM Entertainment Statement on 24-Member Male Group + GFriend January Comeback

So I took a couple of days away from the kpop updates. There were a few other topics I wanted to talk about and since not much had happened in the kpop world anyway I thought was a good opportunity to expand my horizons. Or, rather, expand my updates.

Today we’re back in the kpop world and interestingly enough, it’s been pretty quiet this holiday season. With the new photoshoot covers and pictorials being released like Starship Entertainment’s Instyle Magazine spread and other idols like VIXX featured in High CUT magazine, it’s been a pretty quiet time.

Jessi recently said in an interview on Radio Star that she would’ve been a member of SNSD but they just didn’t fit her personality. I kinda think she meant this in a lighthearted way as they do joke a lot on Radio Star. Psy won M! Countdown with his new song “Daddy” and Super Junior’s Choi Siwon got an award for outstanding solider during basic training.

Mnet treated everyone to a huge surprise debut of all 98 of their 101 trainees for their new competition “Produce 101”. 3 members couldn’t make the performance but the show had to go on. Out of the 101, only 11 will be chosen to form a group and release an album produced by CJ E&M. But you may have noticed some familiar faces in the sea of trainees, like maybe… DIA’s Chaeyeon and Cathy.

It was not a secret that they would be joining “Produce 101” in fact, they have been planning this with their agency for a few months.

DIA will still promote as a five-member group but not all the fans are accepting of the news. Calling it a bit unfair and almost unreasonable for the girls to participate since they have already debuted and this was supposed to be for the trainees.

I guess we shall see what happens with that. But in the meantime, check out the performance below.

And then there was BIGBANG…

It was recently announced that they would not be participating in any of the year end music awards. They wouldn’t be in attendance because they were on a break. Well now, it has been confirmed that there is one awards ceremony they will be making an appearance on and that is the 30th Golden Disk Awards.


“…Preparations for the ceremony have been undergoing since last month in November, and several other artists have confirmed their attendance since then. Furthermore, considering that Taeyang had won the Daesang with his hit song ‘Eyes, Nose Lips‘ just earlier this year at the 29th Golden Disk Awards, the production team quickly added BIGBANG into their line-up as they, too, have had numerous achievements this past year. BIGBANG has been involved in the preparations for their stage since earlier this month, carefully planning each aspect of their performance with the production crew.”

(source: ygunited)

Well alrighty then! Looks like a vacation nor an album will be stopping them from showing up.

SM Entertainment has decided to finally speak out about the rumored 24-member male group. For a while, many were even questioning the validity of this thing and now, SM is here to clear up any and all confusion.

“It is not true.” The rep continued, “I think we’ve tried all that we can with forming large groups already. In other words, there is no interest anymore in the number of members. While it is true that the SMRookies are very active these days [with their show] and that there will be a group debuting next year, how many members and who, and what genre have not been decided yet.” 

(source: soompi)

They went on to say that these type of rumors can be “hurtful” to the SMRookies that are working extremely hard at debuting. I agree with that. In a way, it can create some type of false hope that will get dashed and stomped out when a statement that denies said rumor comes out.

The good news in all of this is that there will indeed be a new group debuting next year.

And while we’re on the topic of debuts…

GFriend will be making a comeback next year in January.

According to various music industry insiders, the group have tentatively scheduled their comeback for January, exactly one year after they debuted. G-Friend have already recorded the album and are now working with the production team to add the finishing touches.

(source: kpopstarz)

They are apparently working with the same composer for this album that wrote “Glass Bead” and “Me Gustas Tu”.

So it looks like they’re in good hands for a comeback album!