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Wednesday Kpop Update | 2PM’s Chansung, Responds to Song Being “Unfit to Air” + Jessica Upsets International Fans + G-Dragon, Legal Action Being Taken Against Hackers and Defaming Comments

It’s back!! Did you miss the weekly kpop update? I’ve been really busy but I won’t keep you guys waiting any longer so let’s get it!

2PM’s Chansung’s new song “Make Love” has been getting a lot of buzz lately. It was released on 2PM’s new album “Gentleman’s Game”, and even though people like the song, the heads of broadcast networks weren’t a fan. They deemed the song far too sexual and “unfit for broadcast”. On, DJ Kim Shin Young’s radio show “Hope Song at Noon”, Chansung got the opportunity to speak for himself.

“I didn’t know that this was going to become an article topic. Thank you to the reporter who wrote the article… It’s a really good song. I don’t understand what about it is bothering them so much.”

(source: soompi)

Well, there you have it, folks! I don’t think this song will be getting edited for airwaves anytime soon.

Jessica has caused quite a bit of stir in the last couple of years, but perhaps this time, instead of rattling k-netz, she has gotten to the international fans. And honestly, I agree with her.

It all started on instagram…

She was posting pictures, responding to comments and then… everything went left!(Took a turn for the worst) 

“…there was one particular comment that grabbed the attention of Korean netizens with Jessica posting, “Learn Korean :P,” answering to requests from international fans. At Jessica’s reply for international fans to “learn Korean,” Koreans have shown satisfaction towards her answer. On the other hand, while some international fans took her comment as a joke, some took it more seriously, leaving comments that it was disrespectful and rude to write such a post towards her fans.”

(source: koreaboo)

I don’t think it’s too much to ask when she jokingly says, “learn Korean” instead of asking her to translate everything from Korean to English because international fans don’t understand. English-speaking celebrities are never asked to do the same. We expect the Beyonce’s, Leonardo di Caprio’s, Liam Hemsworth’s, Taylor Swift’s, etc. of the world to speak English and respond in English and we expect everyone else to just get it or “google it”. So why are we asking Korean celebrities to translate on their own personal sns accounts? It’s a bit unfair and a little rude in my opinion to expect special treatment like that.

But, on the flipside, I guess international fans figure since English is the language of money and power, everyone should speak it. I don’t know. It’s a bit of a stretch to me. But I guess at this point they have one of two options, either learn Korean or use Google translate.

G-Dragon and YG have had enough. With the hackers and the rude, malicious, and often times defaming comments, they’ve decided to take action! They’re not going to take it anymore.

Apparently, G-Dragon’s personal account was hacked recently and this isn’t the first time that it has happened. And now, he’s fed up and so is his agency.

“G-Dragon has been using his private Instagram account in order to share the daily lives of himself and some close friends around him. It is an illegal act to hack and share private accounts of his Instagram users. The person responsible for the hacking has broken the law by changing the settings on his Instagram account from ‘private’ to ‘public.’ Due to this, the account which only was accessed by 150 people was widely shared to the public. Some photos were also altered by Photoshop before being shared widely through the web.”

(source: koreaboo)

I say, good for them! Stand up to bullying.

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for… new music!

Monday Update | YG Ent. New Girl Group, Two Confirmed +”Produce 101″ Trainees Dropping Lawsuit + Jun Ji Hyun And Lee Min Ho Confirmed New SBS Drama

Ok so today has been really really busy!! If you don’t believe me, head over to twentythirdstation.tumblr.com to see more links of kpop/k-drama news. I couldn’t post it all here but I’ll talk about as much as I can.

RAIN’S “La Song” has made it back on the Chinese charts after two long years since its release. G-Friend’s Sin B has somehow managed to get into a world of trouble of an old photo that has begun circulating of her. Apparently, she’s flipping off the camera. Netz are saying that this is her alleged, “true nature”. (And I’m rolling my eyes.) 

BIGBANG fans are calling for a boycott! They believe that, due to mismanagement of their recent activities, if they boycott their 2016 Soul Concert Live DVD it’ll send a message to their agency and hopefully changes will come with management and treatment. There list of grievances include, a busy schedule, lack of concern for the members health and a “lack of consideration over their image online or safety“.

I’m not sure how this will all turn out considering YG just announced that not only is there a potential comeback in the works, they’re also working on a new girl group!

“According to reports, the girl group will be produced by Teddy, and start revealing one member per week starting this week…. Yang Hyun Suk said they’ve practiced for a long time, so their skills are guaranteed. I trained them like they were my elite troops. They won’t really feel like the second 2NE1 because they have a different aura. I am a little nervous because they’re the first girl group in 7 years, but I’m also confident.”

(source: koreaboo)

So far, there are already two confirmed members to this new group, Kim Jisoo And Jennie Kim. The names may sound familiar as this has not only been circulating for a while that they may or may not be involved with this project and after a failed debut, it wasn’t looking possible, but now it looks the ladies will get their day in the sun/time to shine!

Produce 101 Trainees Lee Hae In and Lee Su Hyun made major headlines when they announced they would be filing a lawsuit against their agency SS Entertainment to terminate their exclusive contracts. They felt that the contracts were too extensive and they didn’t receive everything they were promised.

Well now, that lawsuit has been dropped.

“…[Lee Hae In and Lee Su Hyun]  have dropped their lawsuit against their agency regarding their contract after having reached a mutual agreement… The two girls’ representative and lawyer revealed on May 25th that the agency has agreed to terminate the girls’ contract without any additional conditions during a meeting just the day prior. 

(source: koreaboo)

The statement released after this news broke by their representative went on to say that the two were apologetic to fans for “worrying them”.

Crisis averted?

And then there was k-drama news!!

It seems as though the kpop world has enough drama in it to keep your attention diverted from scripted dramas. (Because sometimes, life is far more entertaining than fiction) 

Enter: Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho

The two have been officially confirmed for a new SBS drama that will be written by the same writers from the ever popular drama, “My Love From The Stars”. The drama was so popular that it has received international praise with an American adaptation in the works. With that type of credibility following these writers and with the caliber of acting ability that Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho both possess, this drama may very will be another smash hit for everyone involved.

“The drama, with the working title “Legend of the Blue Sea,” will star Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun, airing on SBS, Wednesdays and Thursdays, starting in November. It is slated to premiere after the end of “Incarnation of Envy.” The drama is a fantasy romance, taking its motif from the mermaid/merman story in Korea’s first historical (romance) storybook. In the Joseon-era storybook, it is recorded that real-life figure Kim Dam Nyeong returned mermaids/mermen that were caught fisherman back to the sea.”

(source: soompi)

And now that the rumors have been cleared and the two have been named official leads, it looks like it’s already picking up steam internationally. Chinese broadcasting companies are already looking to find someway to air the drama as well.

I’m so ready for this one! 


Monday Kpop Update | SM Entertainment Responds to Super Junior’s Ryeowook Debut Rumors + Seungri Suing Singer for Fraud + WINNER “2016 Project: EXIT MOVEMENT” Teaser

Today was the day of debuts and comeback rumors it seems…

TWICE is ready to return with a new album and soon! In a recent interview, they hinted at making a name for themselves no longer recognizable as SIXTEEN but as TWICE. And this means giving the fans what they want and that’s new and exciting music.

Now that all the members of Cosmic Girls have been unveiled, they’re gearing up to release their new music. |Last month, they joined together with UNIQ to release a song called, “Happy New Year” which ranked pretty high on the Chinese music charts.

Suzy and EXO’s Baekhyun collaborated for a song called, “DREAM”. A teaser of the video was released but unfortunately it’s not exactly visible yet. I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer to see it.

Remember that huge fiasco a little while back involving 2PM and their music video director Han Sa Min? Well they’ve finally reached a settlement. Apparently, Han Sa Min is now responsible for paying the rental fees of the clothes used in advance for 2PM’s filming. Court ordered.

If you’ve heard the rumors surrounding Super Junior’s Ryeowook, then you’ve probably aware that he’s allegedly making a solo debut. It was said earlier that this debut was going to be very soon.

“On the morning of January 5, an industry insider told the media that Ryeowook’s first solo album will go on sale sometime this month, and that he will be participating in promotional activities. In response, SM Entertainment confirmed that Ryeowook is currently preparing his album, and that he will be promoting it. However, an official date has not been decided.”

(source: soompi)

They said, they’ll announce it officially when a date has been finalized. Guess we’ll have to wait on the date to know for certain but it’s good to know that a solo debut is in fact coming, just probably not this month.



BIGBANG’s Seungri is in the midst of a lawsuit against a female singer. Apparently, he’s suing her for fraud!

“Back in June, 2014, Seungri had received an offer from Ms. Shin to try his hand in investing into a building.  He had accepted, giving her 2 billion KRW (~ 1.7 million USD), then added 50 million KRW (~ 43,000 USD) later on when Ms. Shin told him the same year that she also needed money for the building investment corporation.  However, he had not been paid back. “

(source: allkpop

YG has responded to this matter saying that this lawsuit is a “personal issue” but the company is “likely to take action with him”. I don’t really know much about this matter and there are a lot of rumors flying around surrounding the two of them. I won’t speculate but I do hope he gets his money back.

And finally… the moment we’ve all been waiting for… or maybe it was just me.

I was hoping, back when YG was teasing for iKON, that WINNER would be following suit really soon. Well now, they really are getting the comeback I, and others, had been hoping for.

Can’t wait for the official single!


Thursday Kpop Update | IU Seeking Legal Action Against Netizens for Malicious Rumors + Why Is Yonghwa’s Picture On the Twitter Log-in?

Today is what I’ll call “#questionsthatneedanswers” mixed with a little “#butwhy”? Ok first things first, everyone is all hyped up at the fact that VIXX members are about 6 ft and a little taller. Is this really a huge deal? I guess so if you consider them your “boyfriend in your head”.

And the biggest #butwhy… IU boycotting award shows. Ummm, what? Ok so this started a while back and is continuing on to this year as well.

I guess her latest controversies are bringing this little known fact back to the surface but this all began back in 2014 at MAMA. Something about her performing but not receiving as many awards as she should’ve. I don’t know, long story short, she’s boycotting the awards.This coming right along with her new releases that have been nominated. But even if she wins, she won’t be there to accept the award.

But since we’re talking about her latest releases, IU hasn’t been exactly thrilled with the negativity attention they seem to be getting. It’s like one new controversy after another and she’s had enough. She’s decided to seek legal action against the perpetrators.

“According to an affiliate of IU‘s agency LOEN Entertainment, IU has filed a lawsuit against malicious commenters and netizens on November 17, showing fake photos that netizens have used to spread false rumors about her.”

(source: soompi)

I’m really curious to see how this will turn out.


And “#questionsthatneedanswers”. Why has Yonghwa’s picture been used as twitter’s log in for like… ever?

Twitter said:

“The pictures used on the log-in page change randomly. We decided to use this picture of Jung Yonghwa because he’s wearing a traditional Korean hanbok and it fits very well with Korea’s image. There are a lot of K-Pop fans on Twitter, and from all the K-Pop artists’ accounts that we’ve seen, this photo represents Korea the best. This picture can be seen on our website worldwide, not just in Korea.”

(source: koreaboo)

Satisfied with that answer? After hearing this, netizens all over who have been asking the burning question decided… this was good enough.

I guess now we know. #questionanswered