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Mannaseo bangapseumnida! “Word of the Day Series”

The “Word of the Day” today, it’s actually a phrase this time. And it’s only one to add to the previous words I’ve given. If you’ve noticed, all the words so far have been introductory words and phrases that you can readily start using. I’ve been posting videos on how to pronounce the words so it’ll be easier to learn.

So how many of you have ever heard of Hangul Day? Neither have I! (Unless you have in which case you’re way ahead of me!) But it turns out that today is actually Hangul Day! A celebration of the Korean written and spoken language.

So in honor of Hangul day, the “word of the day” shall be in Hangul. Of course I’ll have the romanization as well for those still learning. The word of the day is actually a phrase today and it is:

“만 나 서 반 갑 습 니 다.” [Mannaseo bangapseumnida.]

This phrase means, “it’s nice to meet you”. So when you meet someone for the first time you now know something to say!

Remember, practice practice! You’ll only get better if you continue to practice.

Red Velvet “Be Natural” MV Release

Personally, I haven’t heard any music from Red Velvet and to be honest I haven’t even heard of them before until today. Buuuuttt in the blogger spirit, I did my research and discovered, they released a new music video! How about that? The song is called “Be Natural” and apparently it’s been a lot of buzz about this song for a while now. Who knew?

I actually listened to this song while doing this post. Whereas I’m not entirely sure I know how to classify their sound, I do think they have a nice one. It has a kinda jazzy, r&b feel to it. Maybe soul? Tell me what you think! If you’ve heard of them let me know. I’ll check them out and may even make them my next Artist of the Week.

Seonghami eotteoke dueseyo? : “Word of the Day” series

So the word of the day today is actually a phrase.

“Seonghami eotteoke dueseyo?”

This is how you would ask someone (formally) for their name. Now I’ve been told there’s a simpler way to ask. And it is, “ireumi mwoyeyo?” 

Now I talked about this before and that is the usage of Ne and Aniyo. I was doing a bit of research and from what I’ve learned is this, “ne” is more of an agreeance. When someone asks you something and the answer is the affirmative then you would say “ne” as in “I agree” or “Yes”. If it’s a negative then you would respond with “aniyo”, as in, “I don’t agree.”

Just a side note, I love TTMK. It was a site I used frequently when I first started learning and still use from time to time when I need a quick word to use for the day or to refresh my memory. Check them out!  They have audio and exercises.

That’s all today! Practice. Practice! The only way you’re gonna learn is if you start using words in everyday speech.

Words, Words, and a Phrase or two…

So off the top of my head, these are just a few words I started out learning that I really do think will help get you started if you haven’t begun practicing speaking just yet.


-Many of us have heard this before (but if you haven’t…) It means, “Hello/How are you?” It literally means, “Are you in peace?”. You can use this to greet people you meet, family, friends, or associates.

“Jal jinaeseyo”

-This is a not so commonly heard phrase unless you are actively learning and speaking Korean. This phrase means, “How are you?” Something you would use in speaking to someone in a more formal way. The less formal version is, “Jal jinaeyo?” Means the same thing but it’s less formal.

“Ne” and “Aniyo”

We hear these all the time in Kdramas meaning, “yes” and “no”. You may have heard, “Ne”, as being used as a way to also say, “Huh?” or “Pardon?” in some shows when someone is addressing them. But we’ll cover that later.

I leave you with these! Starting tomorrow it shall only be one word and/or phrase. Practice. Practice.