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내리다 (naerida) | [Word of the Day]



  • 내리다 (naerida) | “to go down; to get off”

This word can be used in a few different scenarios but we’ll look at examples for two. The first is when something is falling or going down like, rain. The second example is transportation.


  • 비가 내렸어요. (biga naelyeoss-eoyo. | “The rain fell down.”
  • 나 어디서내려요? (na eodiseonaelyeoyo.?) | “Where do I get off?”
    • [버스 또는 택시로 여행하기, etc.]

Weekly Lesson #41 | Talking to Yourself + -다 [video]


I’m back from my vacation!!

Since I was gone for a week and I hadn’t really been doing anything other than relaxing, I thought I would share this video from Talk To Me in Korean. I thought this would be good to get back into the swing of things. I used to use TTMK all the time when I first learning Korean. Literally one of the best sites to help you along the way. I really wish they had had a YouTube channel like this back then. Haha!

I’m thinking of doing an Artist of the Week or Album or the Week highlight this week.

장난이지 / 장난하냐 (jangnan-iji/ jangnanhanya)| [Word of the Day]


Today’s word is the same phrase however the are two different ways to say it because one is for men and the other way is for women. For a refresher of this topic, click here.


  • 장난이지 (jangnan-iji) | “are you kidding me?”
  • 장난하냐 (jangnanhanya) | “are you kidding me?”

I searched the entire blog looking for this phrase and didn’t see it. So if this is a repeat post it really wasn’t intentional. I may just be having dejavu though.