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Weekend Kpop Update | I.O.I New Reality Show + Eric Nam Leaves “After School Club” + Vietnamese Singer Dương Hiếu Nghĩa Accused of Plagiarizing Kyuhyun’s MV

I was going through the news over the weekend and aside from some comeback news, (that I’ll share with you guys on Wednesday), not much really happened until today.

Starting with I.O.I. Even though fans still hate the name, it’s sticking now, so much so that they’re getting their own reality show. And they start filming soon!

“All 11 members of I.O.I… moved into their shared dorms on April 11. They all made the move so that they could start filming their new reality show, which aims to document their lives as they gear up for their debut. The show is expected to air in May.”

(source: soompi)

With their official mini-album debut May 4th and a showcase on the 5th, I can imagine this show will be close to a “behind the scenes” look.

I wonder what channel it’ll air on?

Eric Nam made a shocking announcement when he announced that he will no longer be MCing TVN’s English talk show, “After School Club”. This news may have come as a surprise to many viewers but I wasn’t really shocked. I was actually expecting this day to come. And after the official statement, my reasoning wasn’t too far off.

But even though he’s leaving the show, he will still be making appearances on tv. Maybe not “After School Club” but you will be seeing him again very soon…

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Hosting #SNL Korea this week! #SNLKOREA

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Vietnamese singer Dương Hiếu Nghĩa is in a lot of hot water from netizens after the release of his new music video “Đêm Không Còn Em”. Apparently, netz think it looks way too much like Kyuhyun’s music video for “A Million Pieces”.

What do you think? Is it plagiarism?



Weekend Kpop Update | Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Lectures Fans + Starship Entertainment Releases Group Teaser+ BTS “Run” and Yerin Baek “Across The Universe” (video)

It was a very busy weekend in the kpop world. I usually start writing this on Friday and finish on a Sunday but this weekend was kinda quiet… until today. For starters, congrats to Daebak on “The Return of Superman” who took his first steps on the show! So cute! Zico released a tracklist for his first mini-album and TaeTiSeo and Lovelyz also released teasers for their upcoming music as well.

Busy right?

But I think my favorite part of the weekend was when Super Junior’s Kyuhyun lectured fans for their irresponsible behavior. Apparently, people got hurt over the impatience of fans at a recent concert. They were pushing and shoving and running and well… he took to twitter let them know how he really felt about their behavior.

I’m disappointed even though the performance wrapped up well. I told everyone numerous times to be careful and not run but in the end they shoved [each other] and fell..if something like this happens again, I’m just going to leave without seeing the fans’ faces..Please relay this message to the fans overseas, too.”

(source: allkpop)

I actually think that was the best way to handle it. Really nothing else needs to be said. He was being serious and I really hope people take heed in the future. Stampedes happen in situations like this and people have died from it. It’s serious.

Starship Entertainment is gearing up for a new winter comeback track. Ahhh, it seems like only yesterday they released their last one that I adored so much.

I love how cute that looks! It’s a yearbook for the end of the year.


And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… new music!

Thursday Kpop Update | Kyuhyun Comeback Teaser ft. Amber + Jung Doo Ri Incite a Riot on Twitter

I don’t think today was meant to be a slow and peaceful day. Yesterday was too good to be true so it’s only right that today be full of angst to go along with the joy. It’s like a high school soap opera in the kpop world. Starting with Taeyeon saying how she feels about her solo debut on M! Countdown. Quite naturally she was nervous about performing solo when asked but then there’s this thing with netizens accusing her of plastic surgery. And then with the announcement that IU is dating singer-songwriter Chang Ki Ha, more problems arose. Now you guys should know by now that I hate, absolutely hate, talking about dating. It’s gossip and frankly not my business. But for today I break my rules a bit because of what model Jung Doo Ri said on her twitter.

But what did she say? (source: koreaboo)

“IU, stop acting like this. Are you crazy.”

“You’re a woman with a top-rated face in Korean society, so why? First Sulli, now you… Did your powerful uncle fans put a corset on you. You’ve been caught, you’re out.”

Ok what? I’m not sure she really honestly thought people would get as upset as they did. But the backlash was pretty massive with fans of IU and EXO coming out the woodwork. (And of course there were f(x) fans in the mix.) It was so bad she actually had to release an apology! It was pretty long winded but basically she said in short, “I didn’t think it was that serious!” 

“I love beautiful girls like IU. I can’t help it. Because of that my emotions tend to come out by my mouth a lot but in order to become that kind of beautiful girl (ㅆㅅㅌㅊ),  I wish you would date pretty and young guys like you. Of course, arguing about someone else’s relationship is funny but isn’t Twitter originally space for private conversations? Ah to the EXO fandom, I’m sorry. I don’t know Uaena’s (IU fandom) that well but when I looked at pictures, since they appeared to be such good looking, young, and fresh men, I went ahead and ended up using my mouth to express [such] emotions. I hadn’t known that would be a disturbance among the fandoms.”

“Anyway, wanting to see a beautiful girl X beautiful boy celebrity couple was my honest feelings. Before going around, pointing out who I antagonised or did whatever.  Ah, and everyone knows that the use of the word ㅆㅅㅌㅊ is a mirroring right? ^^ To be honest, I also think of IU as a great and beautiful musician of Korea.”

(source: koreaboo)

I’m not sure everybody got the apology because they are still kinda going back and forth on her twitter. This might take a while to simmer down.

After all that drama, let’s end with something pleasant. Kyuhyun is getting ready for a comeback! He released the cutest teaser video for “A Million Pieces” and it has f(x)’s Amber in it!

Super Junior | Kyuhyun Solo Concert “Fall Again”

It was announced officially that Super Junior’s Kyuhyun would be the new SM artist to have a solo concert. This news comes after a string of solo announcements from SM idols including Jonghyun and Taeyeon’s solo concerts.

The concert will be at the SMTown Theatre in SMTOWN’s Coex Artium. The dates are November 6-8th and November 13-15th. Tickets go on sale October 1st!