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부레 (Boole) | [Artist of the Week]

It’s not everyday I hear an underground artist that gives me those cool vibes with straight bars! Doesn’t hurt that he got a bit of a Nujabes vibe.

부레 (Boole) is one of the few old-school style underground hiphop artists right now in Korea. And even though I want him to get huge, I kinda want him to stay underground just a lil while longer before labels start trying to change his style.

If you haven’t heard of him before, check out his sample playlist below!

[Parental Advisory]



kumira| [Artist of the Week]

I have no idea why I’m such a huge slacker with this series. I listen to so much music so I’ll have to blame my falling behind on grad school.

So this is a relatively new artist, as in less than 2 years on the scene. Kumira is a singer, rapper, and producer who is has like this blended sound of jazz, chill and hiphop vibes kinda like an underground chill sound. It’s awesome and I’m such a fan.

If you’re new to this artist like me, check out the sample playlist below!

Artist of the Week | Minzy

This week’s artist of the week is Minzy!!

Since leaving YG Entertainment amidst 2NE1’s disbandment, Minzy has signed with CJ E&M’s subsidiary label Music Works. Under Music Works, she has released a solo album last year entitled Minzy Work 01: Uno and she also released a song for the drama Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People. And she’s been featured on two tv shows Sister’s Slam Dunk and King of Mask Singer. She’s been extremely busy!

It’s nice to see the members of 2NE1 doing well in their respective careers and I’m so excited about this debut album!

If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out below!

I don’t know why I’m so late getting around to doing this post and honestly I am seriously slacking on this series!!! I will be trying to do a better job at this. Also, if you follow the Artist of the Week series send me artists that you would like me to feature as well. You can either comment below or send them to me by email to twentythirdstation@gmail.com.

MIND U(마인드유) | Artist of the Week

So I was talking to a friend of mine who is relatively new to the kpop scene about some music he should listen to. That conversation led me to start recalling artists I hadn’t listened to in a while but I knew would be people he’d be interested in. And then I started scrolling through my old music and recommended artists and what do I find amongst all of that…

…MIND U(마인드유)

…formerly known as Acourve!

Starship Entertainment’s duo, Go Dak and Jae Hee announced back in April that due to some copyright issues they’d be changing their name. And though the name is different the sound is just as good! I tried to put together a playlist but I guess the online streaming sites aren’t up to date with their new name just yet. So I have videos below with a playlist featuring some of their older song.

Check out their new music below!