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Red Velvet “The ReVe Festival” | Album Spotlight

I’m super excited to be making this post!!

I don’t think I ever told you guys that Red Velvet is my favorite kpop group. I’ve been a fan since “Be Natural” came out. Every time they release new music I don’t even have to listen to it to know that I’m going to love it. And their latest album is no different!

This album is like a mix between “The First Album” and “The Second Album – Repackage.” It’s so good!

Currently on repeat…

Artist Spotlight | WINNER

WINNER is released their 3rd Mini-Album “Cross” today!! They have also released the music video for their single “SOSO” today. It’s amazing and I really like it. The video is actually also really pretty to look at. I’m not really sure why but I really thought it was so aesthetically pleasing. (Is that a thing?)

If you haven’t heard the album I added the album sampler video to this post so you can check it out!

Artist of the Week |라임소다 (Limesoda)

So typically I reserve these for more underground artists but occasionally I will run across a kpop group that I want to highlight. In this case, it’s 라임소다 (Limesoda). They debuted in 2017 and they’re currently signed D Maker Entertainment. I thought the name was cute because it’s supposed to be refreshing. Cute name!

Check out their latest song, “Wave” below!