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New Music Alert! [Videos]

I haven’t done this in a while but sometimes while I’m just kinda relaxing on a lazy Saturday, I’ll just click on the recommended videos on YouTube and I’m always happy to hear the new music. Sometimes I get to hear new artists that I’ve never heard of before and sometimes it’s familiar faces with a creative visual for new music.


Artist of the Week | BIBI(비비)

While I was gone I was listening to some songs by a lot of different artists. I wanted to expand my horizon beyond groups and get back to listening to solo artists.

And low and behold I find BIBI (비비). I have never heard of the show “The Fan” but I found out she was a contestant on that show and honestly, she’s so great! I loved her rendition of Peek-A-Boo by Red Velvet. She has this unique sound that’s like a pop mix with contemporary. And it fits her so well.

If you haven’t heard her new song, “(비누) BINU” check it out below!

Jiselle 지젤 | New Artist Alert!

With the merge of Million Market and SM entertainment, we’re going to see a lot of new artists popping up from SM that don’t have the familiar sound that a lot of kpop fans are used to. However, if you aren’t new to the Korean hip-hop/urban sound, you’ll be really excited about this. (As I am!!) 

In October I shared a post about MOON and this week I’m sharing Jiselle 지젤. Just like MOON, Jiselle is an artist that was signed to Million Market and is now under the SM umbrella. I’m so excited that not only are they maintaining their sound but they’re also introducing these artists to a broader audience.

Artist of the Week | Colde


I decided to surprise you guys with an update on the Artist of the Week. While I was away studying and writing papers I was listening to a lot of new music. There was so many times I wanted to share with you guys before I went on that 2-3 week long hiatus…

But, I get to share it now!

The new Artist of the Week is Colde! He’s a singer-songwriter and producer. Half of the Duo Offonoff signed to HIGHGRND. If you’re a fan of DPR you might actually really enjoy his music.

If you haven’t heard Colde’s solo music before, check out some of his music below!