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Artist Spotlight | WINNER

WINNER is released their 3rd Mini-Album “Cross” today!! They have also released the music video for their single “SOSO” today. It’s amazing and I really like it. The video is actually also really pretty to look at. I’m not really sure why but I really thought it was so aesthetically pleasing. (Is that a thing?)

If you haven’t heard the album I added the album sampler video to this post so you can check it out!

Artist of the Week |라임소다 (Limesoda)

So typically I reserve these for more underground artists but occasionally I will run across a kpop group that I want to highlight. In this case, it’s 라임소다 (Limesoda). They debuted in 2017 and they’re currently signed D Maker Entertainment. I thought the name was cute because it’s supposed to be refreshing. Cute name!

Check out their latest song, “Wave” below!

Artist of the Week | dosii

Okay, so I haven’t done one of these in a while. And I’m glad to return to this series with a new artist to me! Today was the first day I ever heard of dosii. (I know. I know.) I literally heard only one song and I was hooked!

So! Quick background for those of you who are new to dosii too! So dosii, (from what I’ve seen) is a duet signed to Stone Music Entertainment. I couldn’t find a lot of information on them but they’ve been releasing music for a while now. I think this year was just kinda like a breakout year where more people started listening to their music and spreading it around.

If you haven’t heard of dosii before, check out the sample playlist below!


Ahem… Hi! Okay so no… you aren’t seeing things. If you follow my soundcloud you won’t see this playlist on there. This is on a separate account that I created by mistake around the same time I created my “official” account. You can still follow me on this one but there isn’t a lot there. I was signed into the wrong account when I made this one.