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같이 가요 “Go Together”| [Weekly Lesson]


So I’ve been working on this lesson for quite some time. I worked hard to make sure that it’s really short and super easy so that you can use it today if you wanted to. Based on the vocabulary we’ve already learned, let’s build a question and an answer! Also, no you aren’t experiencing déjà vu. This has been covered here before as a Word of the Day in the past but not as a Weekly Lesson.

Let’s get started!

같이 가요?

  • This is a phrase that has been used as a statement and a question in almost any drama or movie you may have seen. It can mean, “Let’s go together” without the question mark or “Do you want to go together?”
  • 같이 | together
  • 가요 | to go

So how can we use this to create a question? Well we’ll start with the vocabulary builder below based on words you already know.


  • 도서관 | library
  • 커피 | coffee
  • 저녁 | dinner
  • 가고 싶어요 | want to go


  • 도서관에 같이 가고 싶어요? | “do you want to go to the library together?”
  • 같이 커피를 마실까요? | “Should we get coffee together?”
  • 같이 저녁을 먹을까요? | “Should we get dinner together?”

So now, based on your own vocabulary of places, drinks and food, you should be able to create your own sentences following the same format as the sample sentences.

Comment below what sentences you were able to create!



전화번호 (jeonhwabeonho) | [Word of the Day]



  • 전화번호 (jeonhwabeonho) | phone number


  • 전화번호가 뭐예요? (jeonhwabeonhoga mwoyeyo?) | “What’s your phone number?”
  • 여기 내 전화번호가 있습니다. (yeogi nae jeonhwabeonhoga issseubnida.) | “Here is my phone number.”
  • 가게 전화 번호는 무엇입니까? (gage jeonhwa beonhoneun mueos-ibnikka?) | “What is the phone number of the store?”

역겹다 (yeokgyeopda) | [Word of the Day]



  • 역겹다 (yeokgyeopda) | “to be disgusting”


  • 이 케이크는 역겨워. (i keikeuneun yeoggyeowo.) | “This cake is disgusting.”
  • 그는 신발을 청소하지 않았어. 그의 신발은 역겹았어.. (geuneun sinbal-eul cheongsohaji anhasseo. geu-ui sinbal-eun yeoggyeobasseo.) | “He did not clean his shoes. His shoes were disgusting.”