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어떻게 생각하세요? (eotteohge saeng-gaghaseyo?) | [Word of the Day]


I’ve been getting back into my k-drama watching habits and this phrase has popped up a lot. So much so that even though I know what it means I just always catch it when I hear it. It’s just embedded in my head at this point.


  • 어떻게 생각하세요? (eotteohge saeng-gaghaseyo?) | “What do you think?”

I think this is said in almost every k-drama I have ever seen at least 5 times in two episodes. I should probably watch less crime dramas. I feel like they say this more in them.

…I could be wrong about that though…


Descriptive Sentences pt. 2 | [Grammar of the Week]


Alright so today is part 2 of the Descriptive Sentences grammar lesson. You may be wondering why I haven’t been blogging these past couple of weekends. And I’ll explain. With the new way of doing the Grammar of the Week and WOTD, I’m thinking it’s a bit of redundancy. The only other option I can think of to make this less of repetitiveness that you just don’t want to read anymore is to either A) Make Thursday completely unrelated with a new word or B) Cut back on the days I blog. I’m trying out both ways and then you guys let me know which one works better.

It is a bit difficult managing a blog full-time, tumblr, and working full-time so there are areas that are suffering. I’m aware of it. I haven’t forgotten about the tumblr. I will be back on there shortly. It’s just an impromptu hiatus for now. We’ll say definitively around late February – early March. But I will be posting every so often in between then.

Okay, let’s get started!

Let’s review from last week.

Simply add ㄴ/은 to the adjective stem.


  • 예쁜
  • 작은

Like I said before, this is basically just adjective usage. Today, I’m going to show you how to do the same thing using a verb.

This is not something common in English. We are taught that verbs are action words. They describe what you’re doing at the moment, what you’re going to do in the future, or what you’ve already done. However, using a verb to describe a noun is not necessarily something you really think about in English. It can be done and it is done often.

  • i.e., “The boy who drives…” 
    • Technically, the verb “drives” is describing the noun, “The boy”.
    • You’ll also notice that verb comes after the noun in a descriptive way. So the full sentence could look something like this, “Hey, it’s that guy who drives the red car!”
      • Even though we’ve added a color to the car, the sentence is still about “the boy who drives.”

Okay, so how is it differently in Korean? In Korean, the verb comes before the noun.

  • i.e., “운전하는 소년”
    • This is probably a bit confusing because everytime we’ve talked about sentence structure, we’ve talked about “s-o-v” or “s-a”. Either way, the subject always comes first. In this sentence, the Verb comes before the Subject.
    • This doesn’t actually change that structure because, “운전하는 소년” is still the subject of your sentence. You’ve just added a descriptive verb to the noun. This can now be added to those same sentence structures.
    • But how? Because this is nothing different than what we’ve already been doing with adjectives. 

Let’s look at some examples:

  • 빨간 차를 운전하는 소년. | “The boy who drives the red car.”
  • 스포츠를하는 여자. | “The girl who plays sports.”

Alright so we’re going to stop here. We’ll look at this more this week.

I know this lesson is probably a bit more complicated than what we’ve done in the past but if you have any questions please feel free to comment below! I will answer all your questions the best I can!

Jessica Jung Featured in Marie Claire Magazine | Talks about Life After SNSD + BLANC & ECLARE

So Jessica Jung was featured in the upcoming Marie Claire Korea magazine. She talked about her life now that she’s solo and also her plans with her fashion line partnership endeavor, BLANC & ECLARE.

When talking about her changes from SNSD to now she said:

“If I were still a member of Girls’ Generation, I would not be able to do a photo-shoot like today.. Idol groups must always be happy, nice, clear, and bright. But I am already 27, I cannot remain as a happy girl forever… It is possible that some who see this pictorial could comment, ‘She’s showing more skin now that she left Girls’ Generation.’ But the truth is, I am no longer a girl,” 

(click here to see the full story at kpopstarz.com)

She talked more about her fashion line BLANC & ECLARE and the future of her brand. They’ve recently begun a denim line this season. That’s huge considering this line has mainly been sunglasses and scarfs along with other accessories. As for the future of her brand, will it remain online only with a few pop-up stores?

“You will see more of BLANC & ECLARE in Hong Kong and China’s Lane Crawford shopping malls. I’ve also received some proposals in Korea and I’m looking at opening a store in the country as well,”

Hopefully soon it’ll become international.

To see more of her interview with Marie Clare Korea magazine, click here to see more of this story on kpopstarz.com. And check out TwentyThirdStation.tumblr.com to see photos from her photoshoot!

BIGBANG’s 2015 Welcoming Collection

To all my BIGBANG fans out there, this is especially for you!

BIGBANG has put together a collection of DVDs, calendars, photo albums, behind the scenes footage, and more special additional items into one big Welcoming Collection. It’ll be released March 21, 2015 but only in South Korea and Japan. I guess if you live outside of those areas you could order it online?

I kinda want one myself honestly. Check it out below!