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Artist of the Week: G.Soul

If you haven’t heard of G.Soul yet, you’ve come to the right post! After hearing his Coming Home mini-album, I had to make G.Soul the Artist of the Week. He has a soulful sound that reminds me of old school R&B mixed with new school. I’m truly impressed, even though, I’m not surprised considering his backstory.

Born and raised in South Korea, G.Soul came from a low-income family. He saved up his own money just to catch the bus to get to school. JYP execs met him and heard his soulful sound at such a young age and took him under their wings to train him. He was originally going to do an American debut but like they say, “life happens” and unfortunately it all kinda fell apart. While everyone else chose to return to Korea, G.Soul stayed in New York to perfect that soulful sound and write music. 15 years later, he’s making his mark on the music industry.

I love his sound and I really love the open letter JYP wrote introducing G.Soul to fans. If you haven’t read the letter, you can read it here.

He truly is impressive and he is the new Artist of the Week! Don’t forget to check out the Artist of the Week playlist!

JOO No Longer With JYP Entertainment… Looking for an Agency

JOO recently split from JYP Entertainment and from what I was reading in many of the comments from people, it was a good thing. Apparently she didn’t get as much as exposure as she should’ve because JYP Entertainment was too focused on other artists. Fair enough.

But now that she’s no longer with JYP, she’s working solo. They’ve been describing her as being a “free agent”. Honestly, free agency though isn’t exactly a scary thing. In the sports world when you become a free agent, you can go wherever you want to go. Seeking the highest bidder and signing endorsement deals of your own choosing. But it’s not the easiest route.

I have no doubt that she will do just fine and that she’ll find an agency soon enough.

For more on this story, check out: JOO continues as a free agent after contract with JYP Entertainment expired.

“Dream Knight” Web-series Trailer + Teaser Image

Dream Knight just released their first official image teaser for the new upcoming web series. The image features all the members of GOT7 with the leading lady, Song Ha Yoon. The web series will also features other JYP Entertainment artists including JYP, Miss A‘s Min, 2PM‘s Chansung and 2AM‘s Changmin.

The trailer was released on December 23rd and it featurs three members of GOT7. The premier date is Jaunary 27th on Youku, Tudou and Navercast TV.

Will you be watching?

Netizen Arrested After Leaving “miss A” Suzy Death Threats Online

Back in November, Suzy of miss A was garnering a lot of attention due to some tweets being sent to her on twitter. Apparently, some “anti-fan” was extremely upset with her and was repeatedly telling her to “Get banned from the entertainment industry! Get into a car crash and die,” and, “You sickening person.. I wish you’d get into a car crash and die..” Suzy responded with “You want me to die, I see.” Honestly what else can you say to something like that? Kudos to her for not losing her cool!

Well now, JYP Entertainment has taken matters into their own hands and are pursuing a lawsuit against this “anti-fan”. They released a statement saying:

We will be submitting a lawsuit against Suzy’s anti-fan who left negative comments through the prosecutor’s office…There will be absolutely no legal leniency or tolerance. As much as our artists have been hurt and threatened, we plan on responding with the utmost firm and vigorous actions possible. We are very insistent on taking harsh legal actions against Suzy’s anti-fan. We will not overlook this incident.” ” – koreaboo.com

Allegedly, this person was in such a rage because her husband was fangirling hard over Suzy. If she is found guilty, she could face up to 3 years in prison or be ordered to pay $27,000 (USD). Many people think the sentence is too harsh and don’t understand why she’s been arrested in the first place. But honestly, I get it. There are way too many people out here who will threaten someone and then follow through with it. Whereas, everybody may not mean what they are posting online, there are others who actually do mean it and plan on following through. Agencies, police… they can’t just guess who is serious and who’s trolling so it’s safer to just act in accordance to the law on every situation that can be deemed serious. Threats cannot and should not be taken lightly. I’m just glad nothing actually did happen to Suzy.

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