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Wednesday Kpop Update | JYP Talks Park Ji-Min, Comeback + YMC and I.O.I: Sexy Concept Misunderstanding, Says Agency + VIXX “Fantasy” Teaser Comeback + New Music Videos

There is a lot to talk about today in the world of kpop. With the rumors of dating and new actors on the horizon, sometimes it is just so good to hear some kpop news that we’ve been waiting on.

To for example, 4Minute, everyone has been waiting patiently to see what was going to happen with the rest of the members. Afterall, we all knew that HyunA was going to make a solo comeback, but what about everyone else? Well, the news is out and it’s official, Jiyoon is prepping for her solo debut! She recently signed with a new agency, JS E&M, and they’ve put together a team to build her new image and new solo music. Jiyoon’s solo comeback date is scheduled for October.

BLACKPINK, YG’s new girl group, made their official debut this week and I have to agree with everyone else when I say this, they are really good! The ladies gave their first interview after debuting saying that they were “nervous” and working hard on creating their own signature color. Some fans have been drawing comparisons to previous YG groups like 2NE1 and even BIGBANG, but this is what they have to say.

YG’s Yang Hyun Suk shared his thoughts about BLACKPINK and 2NE1. “We didn’t try too hard to create a difference between BLACKPINK and 2NE1. It was the same when we created 2NE1. YG has its own unique sound so we focused on making the music sound the most like us,” he explained… He continued to say, “There is no leader. They have been friends for so long that having a leader is impossible. All four members can be leaders.”

(source: soompi)

As a fan of 2NE1 I have to say, while I watched their debut music videos, I could draw some similarities but overall, they are truly their own group with the classic YG sound. I loved watching them and can’t wait to hear the debut single album, “SQUARE ONE” which was released on the 8th!

And since we’re talking about comeback news, one of my all-time favorite solo artists Park Ji-Min is about to make her own solo comeback! After releasing the single “Hopeless Love”, she disappeared for a while. She did a few songs with 15& but we weren’t given any new official solo music. Now, JYP says, that’s about to change very soon.

On August 10, JYP Entertainment announced, “Park Ji Min is planning to make a comeback mid-August with a new song. She’s in the final stages of preparation.”

(source: allkpop)

This is great news! I can’t wait to hear her new music!

When it was announced that I.O.I’s comeback was going to be different than before, many people began to speculate what they could possibly be planning. And then teasers began to slip and fans went crazy! The net-o-sphere blew up with comments that the ladies were gonna go with a “sexy” concept. Even I fell for it…

And then YMC said… “Umm what?” 

“This unit’s concept is not ‘sexy,’” a source from the agency says. “We didn’t emphasize sexiness at all, so we don’t know why we’re receiving this kind of response… Rather than sexiness, we wanted to emphasize the charisma [the girls] can display on stage and their girl crush charm,” the source continues. “This will definitely be a performance that differs from the previous ‘unique’ concept [for ‘Dream Girls].”

(source: soompi)

After listening to the new song, “Whatta Man” and watching the video I realized, it wasn’t meant to be sexy at all. I actually got the look they were going for before I read this and I have to say, I like their concept better than the rumors. The song samples the 90’s R&B song “Whatta Man” by En Vogue/Salt-N-Pepa. And though I remember when the original came out, (even though I was a little kid I do remember the song), I did like their take on it and I like the concept they chose to go with it.

And then there was VIXX…

We have been waiting tirelessly for a VIXX comeback. Or at least I have… and the teaser photos and announcements were just making me anxious. And then, this happened.

The video has been released on Naver but some kind soul decided to upload it to YouTube. Because for some reason, no matter how hard I tried to share it from Naver here it just wouldn’t work. However, I don’t know how long it’ll be up there but for the time being, you can watch it here.

I’m excited and can not wait for the new music!

That’s all for the Wednesday Kpop Update. And now for some new music!

Thursday Kpop Update | Jay Park Allegedly Dissing Jyp + IU’s Interpretation of “Zezé”, Publishing Company Responds + Netizens Express Anger After Tablo Announces He’s Leaving “Tablo’s Dreaming Radio”

I took a break from kpop news to talk about other things that I love like food and art. I think I’ll do that every Wednesday. However, in my absence, it seems the mood of the kpop world changed within 24 hours!! First, it was really good to hear that Girls Generation’s Seohyun was cast in a new Chinese film, “So I Married an Anti-Fan.” Congratulations to her on her new debut into the realm of acting!

However, things aren’t all happy in the world of kpop today.

There’s news of netizens calling out an alleged idol who apparently used to be bully. One user talked about it and now others are calling for them to reveal the person before they get famous and fans start to protect her. Yikes. And then of course, Dongho got married. But now he is calling for netizens to stop attacking his marriage! And he wants the reporters to stop too. He claims that ever since it was announced he was getting married, reporters reached out to him to write articles about it but he’s worried about what they’ll say. He doesn’t want or need anymore slander.

And speaking of slander… did you guys hear about Jay Park potentially dissing JYP? Apparently, fans have begun speculating about his new song on his album “Worldwide”. The lyrics seem to insinuate to them that it could be about JYP.

“My old teacher is jealous now that we’ll become same same. You’re a TV personality that sells fans. I continue forward even if you block me. Woah. XX I was about to be asked to a music festival. Yeah. But the old man doesn’t act his age. Childish childish. I’ve been free for five years. I’m at this level even if you block me. I’m doing fine. I don’t bother with you.”

(source: soompi)

I don’t personally know if it’s about him and his agency released a statement saying that Jay Park writes his own lyrics and so only he knows who he is talking about. So until he just outright says, “yes it’s about JYP” or “Nah, I’m talking about someone else”, we’ll never really know.

It’s really all just speculation at this point. However, this is a good marketing tool if he was trying to draw more attention to his album.

But since we’re talking about drawing attention to an album, IU has become another offender.

Apparently, on her new album “CHAT-SHIRE”, she has a song “Zezé”. I’m sure by now you’ve probably heard that the lyrics describe Zezé as being “cunning” and not as innocent as he may seem. Well, not only did fans take issue with the song but now Dongnyok Publishing Company, which published “My Sweet Orange Tree” has spoken out as well. They began their statement explaining that Zezé is “not that kind of child” and also quote the offending lyrics.

Here’s an excerpt of their official statement but click the link to see it in full.

“…Zeze is a five-year-old child who gets abused by his family and is full of hurt. So many readers shed tears at Zeze’s words, ‘Why must children grow up?’ However, Zeze is cunning in the song made from the point of [the tree]? ‘My Sweet Orange Tree’ is also an autobiographical novel of the writer. It is also a book that is meant to console the many Zezes who could even now be getting hurt. The writer had an intention [to console other Zezes] yet you assess the work like this…” 

(source: allkpop)

They continue on by saying that she’s allowed to interpret as she wishes in regards to freedom of expression, however, her choice of expression and interpretation was disappointing and upsetting to them. And I can understand that 1000%. It is unnerving and it’s an upsetting image that she’s drawn with those lyrics. I don’t personally think she meant for it to take on the life that it has but it would be nice if she were to say something on her interpretation.

IU is staying silent but I do hope she plans on addressing it soon.

And last but not least, Tablo is receiving hate from netz. (again.)

But this time, it’s because he’s leaving a radio show. That’s right! They’re upset with him for leaving his radio show.

On November 3, during MBC FM4U’s “Tablo’s Dreaming Radio,” the male rapper announced he will be leaving the show. “I was happy while leading ‘Dreaming Radio’ for the past two years. November 15 will be my last day… I am sorry I was absent for many days thanks to the concerts and national tour supported by all this unexpected love,” he says. “Though I’m not sure when I’ll be back, I’ll be sure to pay back all your love with good music.”

(source: soompi)

He has a great reason for leaving, he’s working on his music. But apparently, fans were disappointed and expressed their emotions by bringing up things that had absolutely nothing to do with him leaving. All his past controversies they decided to bring back up into the spotlight.


Of course it wasn’t everyone. Others did wish him well and hope that he does in fact decide to return.

That’s enough internet for one day.

Day6 | “Congratulations” Video Removed and Re-Uploaded + JYP Unusual Marketing Strategy

First, let’s start by saying, to all the fans who noticed this video was taken down, it was done allegedly due to hacking. I don’t know all the details but that’s what JYP and Junhyeok are saying. Junhyeok actually mentioned this as a possibility on his instagram account. But it’s back now! So if you want their views to get back up, go watch it and share it!

But why has there been so little promotion surrounding Day6? JYP said, they are trying a different approach to marketing this band.

DAY6 is a group that is different from other groups. Since they do band music, more than anything, their talent and skills are important. We’ve prepared a system where the members start from the very bottom and work their way up. In the end, the goal is to receive recognition as the band DAY6 through their talent.”

(source: allkpop)

I actually like that idea. But I’ll tell you why. They aren’t like the typical kpop group, they are an actually band. For them to become well-respected and popular in their genre, you have to go about it a different way. If you hype them up too much then they look like another cookie-cutter bubble gum pop group. But if you don’t hype them enough, people will forget about them. It’s easier to do it in a low-key fashion and let it spread by word of mouth.

Plenty of bands were able to become really big behind that type of marketing strategy and they lasted a long time. However, Day6 has nothing to worry about. They already have a huge fan-base and with the recent video hacking, they’re going to go even more viral.

What do you think? Marketing fail or “mad genius” strategy?