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Wednesday Kpop Update | 2PM’s Chansung, Responds to Song Being “Unfit to Air” + Jessica Upsets International Fans + G-Dragon, Legal Action Being Taken Against Hackers and Defaming Comments

It’s back!! Did you miss the weekly kpop update? I’ve been really busy but I won’t keep you guys waiting any longer so let’s get it!

2PM’s Chansung’s new song “Make Love” has been getting a lot of buzz lately. It was released on 2PM’s new album “Gentleman’s Game”, and even though people like the song, the heads of broadcast networks weren’t a fan. They deemed the song far too sexual and “unfit for broadcast”. On, DJ Kim Shin Young’s radio show “Hope Song at Noon”, Chansung got the opportunity to speak for himself.

“I didn’t know that this was going to become an article topic. Thank you to the reporter who wrote the article… It’s a really good song. I don’t understand what about it is bothering them so much.”

(source: soompi)

Well, there you have it, folks! I don’t think this song will be getting edited for airwaves anytime soon.

Jessica has caused quite a bit of stir in the last couple of years, but perhaps this time, instead of rattling k-netz, she has gotten to the international fans. And honestly, I agree with her.

It all started on instagram…

She was posting pictures, responding to comments and then… everything went left!(Took a turn for the worst) 

“…there was one particular comment that grabbed the attention of Korean netizens with Jessica posting, “Learn Korean :P,” answering to requests from international fans. At Jessica’s reply for international fans to “learn Korean,” Koreans have shown satisfaction towards her answer. On the other hand, while some international fans took her comment as a joke, some took it more seriously, leaving comments that it was disrespectful and rude to write such a post towards her fans.”

(source: koreaboo)

I don’t think it’s too much to ask when she jokingly says, “learn Korean” instead of asking her to translate everything from Korean to English because international fans don’t understand. English-speaking celebrities are never asked to do the same. We expect the Beyonce’s, Leonardo di Caprio’s, Liam Hemsworth’s, Taylor Swift’s, etc. of the world to speak English and respond in English and we expect everyone else to just get it or “google it”. So why are we asking Korean celebrities to translate on their own personal sns accounts? It’s a bit unfair and a little rude in my opinion to expect special treatment like that.

But, on the flipside, I guess international fans figure since English is the language of money and power, everyone should speak it. I don’t know. It’s a bit of a stretch to me. But I guess at this point they have one of two options, either learn Korean or use Google translate.

G-Dragon and YG have had enough. With the hackers and the rude, malicious, and often times defaming comments, they’ve decided to take action! They’re not going to take it anymore.

Apparently, G-Dragon’s personal account was hacked recently and this isn’t the first time that it has happened. And now, he’s fed up and so is his agency.

“G-Dragon has been using his private Instagram account in order to share the daily lives of himself and some close friends around him. It is an illegal act to hack and share private accounts of his Instagram users. The person responsible for the hacking has broken the law by changing the settings on his Instagram account from ‘private’ to ‘public.’ Due to this, the account which only was accessed by 150 people was widely shared to the public. Some photos were also altered by Photoshop before being shared widely through the web.”

(source: koreaboo)

I say, good for them! Stand up to bullying.

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for… new music!

Make-Up Tutorials | Idol Edition! [video]

For those of us who love surfing through the web and YouTube to find new and different beauty tutorials, we usually seek out vloggers who are pretty well known. Ever so often we stumble across a new beauty guru who may introduce us to new techniques or products that we have never heard of before or show us a way to use what we already have more effectively.

But what about those vloggers who just so happen to be… Rainbow’s Jisook or maybe even SISTAR’s Bora? You never know who you’ll find on the net! I found this article on Soompi and I thought it was super cute and had to share it. Click the link to see the 10 other idol beauty gurus!

Wednesday Music Update | Star Empire New Girl Group with Chae Eun and Hyeri + AOA “Good Luck” MV Edited? + Jessica Says She Didn’t Leave SNSD for Money Despite Rumors + New Music (Videos)

This week’s kpop news has been a mixture of good and exciting news and even kinda bad news.

Starting with Sulli… I know I know, eye rolls right? Apparently, the singer’s instagram account has been deleted. Even though many people are excited about this, it is a bit concerning. She is known for her “out there” posts and selcas and now it’s all gone. Many are beginning to speculate that it could be a hack. It’d be a shame if all the rumors and criticism drove her to delete her own personal account.
OH MY GIRL has announced that they will be making a comeback a lot sooner than you think. How soon? Try May 26th soon! The repackaged album will be titled “Windy Day” and it’ll be released at midnight. (Well that was sudden…) Fiestar is also getting ready for a comeback that’s literally happening now KST. The teaser photo was released to get all the fans ready for their new upcoming single “Apple Pie” which will be released May 31st at midnight. CLC and EXID are both throwing their hats into the comeback ring as they prepare for their June season. This is looking like a pretty exciting summer!

SNSD’s Tiffany will be making waves as she announced that she will be holding her first solo concert, “Weekend – Tiffany” which will run, Jun 10th-12th at SMTOWN Coex Atrium. The announcement was made through SM’s “The Agit” concert show

Moving to another agency that’s been stirring up a lot of buzz in the kpop world… Star Empire and their soon-to-be girl group!

Star Empire may seem familiar to you as it is home to trainees Chae Eun and Hyeri, “Produce 101” trainees. Well now it seems that these two are the first confirmed members of the upcoming girl group which will have around five to seven members according to Star Empire.

“According to reports on May 18, Star Empire has decided that the upcoming girl group will have five to seven members. The confirmed members of the girl group so far are Han Hyeri, Shim Chae Eun, and two other Star Empire trainees.”

(source: soompi)

The group is set to begin promotion as soon as all the members have been confirmed.

AOA’s “Good Luck” music video has been facing some heavy speculation after the video was removed shortly after being posted before being re-ploaded with corrections. Product placement was blurred out, specifically the Toyota and Honda logos. Many fans began saying that this problem due to the controversy surrounding the members inability to identify An Jung Geun, who fought for Korean independence for Japanese colonial rule.

But FNC Entertainment says, “No, that’s not the reason at all!”

“Excluding the vehicles, we admit that other products in the music video were included as product placement. The vehicles, however, were merely borrowed due to the local situation and we had no intention to show [the brand]… We hope that there will be no misunderstandings regarding the vehicles and brand product placement.”

(source: soompi)

Well there you have it folks! Historical controversy crisis averted!

And finally, Jessica Jung!

Jessica recently made a “not so surprise” comeback and released two music videos “Fly” and “Love Me The Same” from her new EP “With Love, J”. But even with all the good news surrounding her latest releases and fashion line, people are starting to trudge up new and old rumors. One of which, Jessica personally addressed in an interview Sports Chosun.

“This is business. You have to invest and reinvest into it and grow it gradually in order to spread the brand. That’s why you cannot earn money right away. I really have not made any money so far.”

(source: allkpop)

This, of course, comes after the news that her new song “Fly” was banned from KBS due to another incident of product placement. I’m sure this won’t make the rumors go away but at least we’ve heard her side of the story.


Weekend Kpop Update | IOI Fan Club Releases Public Announcement + Yoseob vs Cube Entertainment on Twitter (Jesting Tweet) + Superbee’s Vulgar Lyrics Explanation

Alright so in short, this weekend was kinda weird in the kpop world. AOA pulled a video and then re-released a version of it that was more appropriate. Jessica’s countdown as moved and now fans are questioning if she’ll be promoting at all. And a tv show ranked actors who they feel are the top 20 idol actors in the industry and upset a lot of people.

It was just… odd.

But it seems that things are taking a turn for the worse with DIA if they don’t listen to their fans. The agreement was, Jung Chae Yeon would promote with IOI and release an album and be tied to them as a group for a year before rejoining DIA. Apparently, that has somehow changed and she may be coming back sooner. The plot twist didn’t sit too well with fans.

In a statement, they let the agency know that this wasn’t going to work for them and that if they did it anyway, consequences would commence.

“…The current period, which is far from the official conclusion of IOI’s one-year promotions, is not the right time [for Jung Chae Yeon] to join DIA. We cannot accept the agency’s decision which we expect will have a negative effect on IOI’s group activities as well as Jung Chae Yeon’s promotions… We oppose Jung Chae Yeon’s addition to DIA while she is promoting with IOI, and should Jung Chae Yeon join DIA during this time period, we will boycott all [of DIA’s] activities…”

(source: allkpop

They actually have a really good reason for this. They’re extremely worried about Jung Chae Yeon because of all the promoting and work, they’re worried for her health. They want to make sure that she’s healthy and that they honor their agreement of a one year promotion with IOI only first.

BEAST’s Yoseob has managed to become one of my favorite people with one single tweet.

(source: koreaboo)

“Hey Cube how are you doing? I’m singing with Jo Soomi I thought I’d just let you know since it didn’t look like you knew. Anyway have a good friday.”

(source: koreaboo)

The tweet has apparently been deleted but it was needed. It was clearly meant to be all in jest but I hope they start acknowledging his promoting activities a bit more.

Superbee has to be the strangest story of the day. Though he’s no stranger to controversy, I think today’s story definitely tops the cake! He said the most vulgar thing… I won’t even copy/paste on here but I’m sure by now you’ve heard his “101 pretty sexy…in my bedroom” comment in the song “Everything” on Swings’ mixtape Levitate 2.

Fans began to speculate that the comment could’ve been in reference to IOI and when asked about it, Superbee said…

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you and thank you. I worked on ‘Everything’ last year~I wrote [the lyrics] after watching ‘101 Dalmatians.'”

(source: allkpop)

Umm… if you have heard the comment, then you know how weird this explanation may seem. And apparently, fans thought so too.

Netizens have been generally skeptical of this response from Superbee, commenting, “What a joke. How can he use that as an excuse? That’s even more despicable,” “He’s crazier than I thought if he wrote those lyrics after watching ‘101 Dalmatians,'” “His excuse is even more perverted,”…

(source: allkpop)

I really have no words for this one.