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Wednesday Kpop Update | 2NE1 Final Farewell, “Goodbye” lyrics dedication from CL + Running Man Has Returned, Statement Released Discuss What Happened + YG Entertainment Zones In on Japanese Market, New Girl Group Debut? + New Music

There has been a lot going on in the world these past few weeks. With politics, show drama, producer statements, and artist/idol controversies and break-ups, it’s good to get back to the music!

Starting with 2NE1. I have to start with them. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t.

As we all know, 2NE1 has officially disbanded. Even after the revamp and the finished album that was never released, the world never got to meet the new 3-member group. With Bom currently inactive, CL and Dara still signed with YG and Minzy off to another agency working on new music, it made the fans question if we would ever get that official swan song. And it looks like we did but there’s a story behind this song that I thought was so poignant and moving. Apparently it was written by CL not only for the fans but also for Minzy, who is featured on the song.

“The song is something that I had written before. After Minzy left YG Entertainment, the three of us were preparing an album. It was a song that was supposed to be like a letter to Minzy. I edited the lyrics so it would be talking to both Minzy and the fans at the same time. It didn’t take me long to edit the lyrics because I move fast when someone is believing in me,” CL said in an emotional interview to IIgan, as quoted by AllKPop.

(source: ibtimes)

How sweet is that! The music video features just the three of them as they move through images of video of 2NE1’s history, including Bom. The final images show a photo of all four of them together and then finally the remaining three as they each go there separate ways.

The lyrics are incredibly moving and I’m so sorry to see them go. I want to believe this isn’t the end of 2NE1. I know how hard CL fought for this song to be released and how badly she wants 2NE1 to make a comeback so we’ll see. It’s been done before so certainly it can happen again!

For now, let’s all cheer them on as they all work on their own personal endeavors.

Running Man also is making a splash in the headlines. Apparently, it’s not ending this year. A statement released by the team stated:

“Running Man isn’t just a variety program. It boasts 100 million fans just overseas and I don’t think it’s fair not to reflect their opinions and decide the fate of the show just because of internal problems… I believe the correct path is to undergo change in order to become a better show and give more to the fans. That is why we are back.”

(source: koreaboo)

Interesting. But even though it’s not ending this year does that mean it’s a permanent thing? And will the old members return with new members?

“We’re keeping the possibility open but it’s hard to recruit someone right away. The original cast will continue to keep Running Man moving forward and we’ll keep looking for someone to fill Gary’s void. I think this is something we’ll have to keep working on to figure out…”

(source: koreaboo)

We’ll see who comes back officially and who we will be introduced to as new members. For now, it’s good to see that’s it returned.

It seems that YG is looking to expand. Apparently, they’re looking into the Japanese market to release new music and a potential new girl group.

Samsung Securities financial researcher Yang explained, “Though the company has not seen any concert cancellations or anything to that degree, we are continuously monitoring China’s limited regulations. YG will be focusing more on the Japanese market this season… YG Entertainment is said to be preparing for the debut of a new girl group following the success of Black Pink. With YG’s revenues from their acting division increased by 10% this past year, they recently recruited a new producer to be in charge of all the video content business industry. “

(source: allkpop)

Well I guess this would be good news to fans in Japan of the large agency. This expansion could potentially be a really big deal so we’ll see what happens!

Weekend Kpop Update | Taeyeon “Why” Teaser, New Music Video + MONSTA X’s Shownu “InStyle” + Jiyoung Talks Life After KARA, Acting in Japan

So this weekend was a musical haven it seems. New music was dropping every hour and I have to say, I was truly unprepared. Though we knew we were only days away from Taeyeon’s new album that was day partly in California, USA, I didn’t realize how close the day was approaching. Three days ago her new song “Starlight” featuring DEAN was released and now we have a teaser for her upcoming song, “Why”.

The official release date is tomorrow at midnight!

Monsta X’s Shownu had a solo photoshoot with InStyle magazine. And apparently, it’s his first since his debut.

Fun fact: He was a backup dancer for Lee Hyori “Bad Girl”.

After KARA disbanded, many of the members went on to sign to other labels and work in acting, but one member in particular, Jiyoung, went into acting in Japan. In a recent interview, she talked about this decision to go all the way to Japan and what it’s like to act there. And it wasn’t easy.

Jiyoung held an interview for the upcoming movie ‘Kataomoi Spiral’ and shared, “I learned how to discipline myself in Japan. ‘Today, I won’t read the screenplay and sleep,’ ‘Today, I’ll skip out on class.’ I was tempted by those things, but I always made the decision. I was in a group until then, so I did experience loneliness. If I didn’t become stronger, I would fail. What I made the most effort for is Japanese.”

(source: allkpop)

She talked about the extra effort and caution she used when practicing conversations in Japanese. And it also helped that she had staff on hand to correct her when she made errors in her words.

One of the things she said in particular that stood out to me is that nobody asks her about KARA anymore instead they focus more on her acting now. And she’s only grateful they still pay attention to her.

“…they listened to me about my movie and promotions in Japan… I always want to receive love. A rookie award for film. I think it’s the best to receive an award after doing various work. I’d be happy if my acting was acknowledged.”

(source: allkpop)

Very happy for Jiyoung!



Weekend Kpop Update | Lay Not Joining EXO on North American Tour + BTS Cancels Two Japanese Concerts + SNSD’s Yuri Cooks and Talks about Mom

Alright so this weekend was filled with highs and lows. Over the weekend, the 2015 SBS Gayo Daejun Awards took place. You can catch all the performances from the show if you missed it (or just want to see them again) here and here.

Kim Hyun Joong made his way back into the news after his father announced that he felt sorry for his child with Ms. Choi and offered to raise the child if she couldn’t. And TC Candler’s “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2015” had everyone talking with After School’s Nana topping the list!

And of course, I didn’t forget those of you who love beauty and make-up.

I’m sure by now a great deal of you are familiar with the V app. It gives you backstage access to your favorite idols, Korean vloggers and make-up gurus. Well, I found an article about Yenny while I was searching out news to talk about over the weekend. I searched high and low to find this for you guys! (Maybe an exaggeration but I definitely searched)

Check out Yenny’s end of year party make-up tutorial!

But with all the exciting news, it did have some lows. Starting with EXO. Everytime I see something EXO, I get a little nervous if it isn’t a new music release. This weekend was no different. It was officially announced that Lay will not be touring with EXO on their North American tour. And it should be noted, the dates have changed as well.

Fans have already begun to speculate what this could potentially mean. However, like I’ve said before, nothing is official until they say so. But it is a bit disappointing for the American fans, especially those who really really wanted to see Lay.

BTS had some good and bad news over the weekend. Let’s start with the good news. They will be joining BIGBANG and EXO at the 5th Annual Gaon K Pop Awards. The bad news, well, they also had a change in concert plans. Apparently they had to cancel two Japanese shows due to the illnesses of Suga and V. 

“The agency relayed that before the concert scheduled to be held in Kobe on December 27, Suga and V were unable to complete the rehearsal due to dizziness, and were immediately taken to a local hospital for a professional checkup. While the CT scan results showed that nothing was critically wrong, the medical experts said that physical activity on stage might cause them to feel dizzy again, and recommended to have Suga and V under further supervision.”

(source: soompi)

Of course they still wanted to perform, however, it was decided that it would be best for them to just recover first.

Get well soon guys!

And that brings up to SNSD’s Yuri.

She was recently featured on SBS’ morning show “Did You Eat Well” where she cooked and talked about her mom. During the episode, she talked about her mother’s battle with cancer and getting a procedure done that she didn’t tell the family about so as not to burden them.

“I want to be as strong as my mom,” said the 26-year-old. The singer added that her mom has recovered her health now.

(source: kpopherald)





Girls’ Generation “Catch Me If You Can” Japanese Version featuring Jessica

This was leaked on the internet and the stratosphere has blown up with comments ranging from how much everyone misses Jessica and how good it was to see her again, etc. to the negative comments saying how glad they are she’s gone, didn’t miss her dancing, etc.

Here’s the thing, whereas it’s nice to see her again in this video… she’s happy now doing what she’s currently doing as a fashion designer. The new OT8 are doing great. Everyone’s happy. Enjoy the video but don’t expect a reunion anytime soon just because this was leaked.