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Wednesday Kpop Update | EXO First Sub-Unit + YG Teasing for October Release, “Who’s Next? + Sehun Ruffles Feathers with SNS Update

Alright so the world of kpop is getting increasingly busy as the holiday season rolls around. New comeback announcement and of course a lot of surprises! Beginning with EXO!

For the first time, EXO is getting ready to debut their very own sub-unit! That’s right ladies and gents! This is happening! And who will be the members? None other than the trio, Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin. This is not coming as a huge surprise to fans. They were given a sample of what this sub-unit would look like during the EXO concert with the mini-series videos, “Reservoir Idols”.

This is definitely going to be exciting!

YG knows how to get the conversation going with many people speculating who this could potentially be already! We only have two more days to find out! I have a few theories of my own that I’ll keep to myself. For now, we know for a fact it’s not BIGBANG! BIGBANG’s comeback is scheduled for December so who else could it be?

And finally, with all the good news surrounding EXO right now, of course one thing had to upset people. It’s safe to say that it wasn’t meant with bad intentions but fans are up in arms anyway.

EXO’s Sehun posted a picture to instagram and commented, “Nice weather” with a sun emoji. It wasn’t long before fans saw this and immediately flagged him for being insensitive to the typhoon currently affecting Busan, Ulsan, and Jeju Islands.

He later deleted the post and said:

“The weather over here was nice, so I just posted it. I knew what was happening after I saw the news. I guess the southland is still getting hit with a serious typhoon. I hope there won’t be a lot of damages.”

(source: allkpop)

Let’s try to be more understanding of each other! It’s been so peaceful lately!

Monday Kpop Update | TWICE’s Nayeon Apologizes for Instagram Post + 2NE1’s Dara Promotion in YG + Netizens Upset with Lovelyz Actions + Ladies’ Code “Myst3ry” Album Preview

I took a break from the kpop world for a couple of days so this may be a mix between a Weekend update and a Monday update. So without further ado… what happened?!

Jang Hyunseung caught of lot of attention this past weekend, and not in a good way. Netizens have been saying for a while that he has a bad attitude and now they have comprised the evidence. It began with a post talking about a past event when Hyunseung didn’t appear for a fan meeting because he was allegedly with a woman. While Cube Entertainment said that it was a personal reason. (In my mind, that is a personal reason considering we don’t know the nature of the meeting but… you know how netz are.) Then they added moments were it seemed like it was “uninterested” or deliberating “not performing well”. And basically, they’re upset that Cube isn’t addressing this.

Honestly it’s just a lot of misinterpretations and misunderstandings that are circulating like wildfire. But, you can see the whole story here. I just think this is a non-issue that’s getting far too much traction.

Taemin decided to release new music for the fans and honestly, I was unprepared for “Drip Drop” or “Press Your Number”!

But speaking of controversy and apologies… TWICE’s Nayeon had to issue an apology over the weekend after a post she made about Taeyeon’s song. She didn’t say anything bad, she actually spoke highly of Taeyeon, admiring her voice and hoping to one day sound like her. However, it was how she was listening to the song that had a lot of people upset. She was streaming the song through SoundCloud.

Now, I use SoundCloud a lot to listen to new music. If it wasn’t for that app there would be no way for me to share music with you guys unless it’s on YouTube and there’d be no realistic way for me to listen to music. However, it is still a streaming site and not all the songs released on the site are legally uploaded. And so, fans were saying that by her posting the picture she illegally listening to the song since Taeyeon had not released the song, or given permission for the song to be on SoundCloud. So she did the responsible thing, she took down the post to avoid controversy.

Fans noticed immediately and the post was taken down, and she apologized quickly, saying, “Hello, it’s Nayeon. First of all, I want to apologize for my Instagram post. As a singer, I always have to be careful on music and all of the ways to express it, but I was so rude. I’m sorry that I troubled so many people. I’ll only use the official music streamers that I originally used so something like this never happens again. And I will be careful on everything. Thank you.”

(source: allkpop)

Crisis averted.


2NE1’s Dara has received the promotion of a lifetime. She has been promoted to PR Director under YG Entertainment! However, she now has new responsibilities. She has to check everything and she could be in serious trouble if something slips by her and gets posted to SNS that shouldn’t be online.

In an interview with Entertainment Relay over the weekend, Dara was asked about her position as PR manager and gladly responded with, “I was promoted to director.” She went on to explain that she naturally thought of SNS to communicate with their fans, but the agency saw her effort and awarded her with a business card bearing that position.

(source: koreaboo)

I know she’ll do a great job as the new PR Director. Congrats Dara!

In not so happy news, Lovelyz received a lot of backlash from fans after a concert. Apparently, the ladies thought it would be a good idea to bring some snacks to the show. However, snacks are prohibited. And not only did they have the snacks, they kinda littered a bit.

Netizens, not amused by their actions even in the slightest bit, posted the pictures online and it spread!

Translation: “These are the seats Lovelyz were sitting in… They threw way all their posters too.”

[ +185 / -15] Food and drinks are prohibited to enter lol

[ +154 / -34] Wow… It is rude for even other fans to see. I have been to many concerts and they all prohibit food sand drinks hahahah a They even stepped on the posters like that. What are they doing? I’m losing my interest in them.

(source: koreaboo)

I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt to remain positive but this is a bit much. Follow the rules people.

Speaking of positivity. The ladies of Ladies’ Code have returned to give us a sample of “Myst3ry” and I will say, I am super excited for this album! I love their sound and I can’t wait to hear the full length songs!

If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out below!




Beauty Creator SSIN 씬님 | “아이라인 그리는법 (How to Use Eyeliner)” [video]

Maybe you’ve heard of SSIN or maybe you haven’t, but if you haven’t, allow this post to introduce you.

So basically, SSIN is a Korean beauty guru. She has tons of tutorials for different make-up looks from costume (Elsa), transformation videos, daily routines, cleaning your brushes and sponges, and how to do basic make-up looks. All her videos are in Korean, however, they usually have English subs so for all my English speakers you get subs. (And for those who love make-up and are also trying to learn Korean, this is good practice.)

Check out the video below and if you want to see more, subscribe to her videos or follow her on instagram!

Thursday Kpop Update | Heo Youngji Speaks On KARA Disbandment + Red Velvet’s Yeri Angers Netz with Golden Disk Actions + iKON Counseling Session for Fans

My days are starting to get crossed. I couldn’t remember if today was Wednesday or Thursday. (Yikes!)

However… the show goes on. Speaking of shows, I hope you weren’t planning on visiting the set of Reply 1988. Originally it was floating around that the show was going to be left standing as a tourist attraction, but apparently, that’s not gonna happen. It will be torn down. Hwang Jung Eum turned down the role she was rumored to take for the new upcoming drama Monster stating simply she was “only in talks” for the drama, nothing was ever official.

f(x)’s Luna on the other hand was spotted in her new role for the movie “Lightning Man’s Secret”. She’s cast in the leading role as Han Na.

Fans of KARA were heartbroken to hear the official news of the disbandment. Although many knew this was probably coming eventually with how everything planned out with their agency and their contracts ending, nobody really wanted it to happen. And while the veteran members have gone their separate ways, many wanted to know the future of the newest member Heo Youngji.

And now, Heo Youngji herself has released a statement to the fans.

“I miss you. Thank you. Always smile ❤ (It is because I have no lip gloss on). Fans who are crazy for me. Endorphin Youngji on her way. It is freezing outside. Don’t catch a cold. Awaiting to shoot program ‘Einstein.’ Somewhere in Hongdae.” 

(source | (translation) koreaboo/instagram)

It should also be noted that Heo Youngji will remain the DSP Media and that we will probably be seeing some of her future projects soon. Maybe as a solo artist?

You may have noticed posts about Red Velvet’s Yeri lately. She somehow managed to upset a lot of netizens are the 30th Golden Disk Awards. How?

“…Originally posted on Pann, netizens discuss whether Red Velvet member Yeri’s actions were rude or not.Titled “What Yeri Did Tonight,” here is the direct translation of the post and netizen discussion below…”

‘You know how Red velvet won bonsang for digital single right? They won the award. Irene grabbed the trophy first but than Yeri also put her hand on it. Yeri doesn’t let go of the trophy. During Irene’s speech, she just takes the trophy to her arms. Finally, Yeri ends up having the trophy to her own.’

(source: koreaboo)

So I saw the comments from Pann and basically, a lot of them called Yeri “rude” and “greedy”. Apparently, this isn’t her first time doing this. But then I went to YouTube and what did I see? Absolutely nothing about what she did.

Honestly, it’s happened. It happens a lot. She’s close with the other members of Red Velvet. Obviously she does it because nobody really cares.


Moving along…

iKON’s Jinhwan and Ju-ne decided to hold a counseling session for their fans on the V-App. They answered questions and gave advice to fans on just about every topic that came to their minds.

“…they asked their fans and viewers to ask them any questions they have or freely talk about their problems and worries… During the show, Ju-ne was asked about his ideal type of girlfriend. “Last time, I told my fans that I like sexy ladies,” Ju-ne replied. He added, “But to be honest, I‘m not exactly sure, because I haven’t dated a lot of people yet.”

(source: kpopherald)

They answered a few more questions and then thanked the fans before ending their broadcast.

I was looking for the video but apparently it’s not on YouTube… yet. Sorry.