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Lovelyz | Lee Mi Joo Individual Teaser

Woolim released the next individual teaser for Lovelyz8, Lee Mi-joo! (Individual teaser #6)

G-Friend Releases Teaser for New Mini-Album

Well this was a slight surprise for me. I knew that G-Friend was on their way to making a comeback this year but I wasn’t expecting it so soon. I should’ve known.

Earlier today, G-Friend announced their official comeback with their second mini-album with the release of individual teasers and group teasers on their official social media. The album is entitled, “FLOWER BUD”. Right now it just say coming soon but I imagine the release date is probably in the coming weeks.

But if you haven’t seen their group teaser yet, check it out below and also check their official facebook account to see their individual teasers.

STELLAR “Vibrato” Comeback + Teaser Image

STELLAR is preparing for a comeback with a teaser that is seriously turning heads. The new single is “Vibrato” and will be released July 20th. I can’t imagine what song is behind this teaser… is dance pop, regular pop, bubble gum pop…? I don’t know but I can’t wait to hear the new single!

If you haven’t seen the new teaser check it out below!

EXO Releases Teaser Images and New Teaser Video for “Love Me Right”

It’s pretty exciting seeing this re-release. It’s almost like waiting for EXODUS all over again. Although, I’m saddened to count the jerseys and only see 9, I know there’s a good reason and I know Tao will make whatever decision is necessary and wise.

But in the meantime, check out the teaser images and video below!