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Thursday Kpop Update | “Produce 101” Trainees on Show Illegally + Eddy Kim and Zico Collaboration Track Year-Long Production + Red Velvet Comeback (Teaser)


The kpop world this week was so eventful and exciting, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to talk about all the major headlines and still post the new music. But I did a pretty good job of covering all of it, or so I thought.

“Produce 101” is back in the headlines but not necessarily for good reasons. Apparently, some of their show trainees are from agencies that aren’t registered with the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. And in total, it’s about 6 agencies. So what does that mean for the trainees? Well, it means they’re illegally on the show. The show isn’t taking the accusation lightly and has already released a statement.
“We received an inquiry from the creative content agency regarding registered companies so we immediately made an inquiry with participating enterprises about the guidelines and submitted the necessary registrations.”
(source: allkpop)
The show targeted trainees from all agencies and even said that they willfully targeted agencies that hadn’t registered. Now that they have trainees on the show, the agency is still expected to complete their registration. And the show wants verification after the process is done.
Will the agencies properly register and provide verification? Will the trainees get to stay on the show? Find out on the next episode of…
In all seriousness, I’m sure they will now that attention has been called on their lack of proper paperwork and since the show is this far along, I’m sure they’ll allow the trainees to stay. Legal or not.


Eddy Kim just released a new single with Beenzino “Paldangdam” which has gotten the attention of a lot of people.

However, the topic quickly shifted to Kim’s collaboration track with Zico. Apparently, it’s taken over a year to produce this one song. Why? Apparently, Zico and Jung Joon Young have been saying that Eddy Kim is lazy and he wasn’t having it. Jokingly, he said in an interview:
“…I’ve been working on a collaboration track with Zico since April of 2015. While I’m as lazy as I’m available, Zico is so busy, and I tell him that if he gives me a date, I’ll be there. It’s getting to be a year since we’ve started this collaboration project, but now I’m not even sure if we’ll be able to finish it.”
(source: allkpop)
It is true that Zico is busy. With his new releases and mixtapes, it seems he is everywhere with new music. Here’s to hoping that this track doesn’t end up getting put on the backburner…


So I’m sure by now you have either heard about this comeback or seen the teasers for it so it’s probably not a total surprise about Red Velvet’s impending comeback that they’re doing so, gracefully. No pun intended, the ladies have been releases teasers in soft pink and ballerina theme. I wonder if this new single will be a ballad?
If you haven’t seen them, check out the teaser images below!


Soltattoo | Tattoos in S.Korea

Alright so I ran across a story on a few websites that looked pretty familiar to me. This is me not trying to persuade you to go get a tattoo (I personally don’t have any and won’t get any), but introducing you to another aspect of what is sometimes called, “youth culture” and that is, the Art of Tattoos.

I’ve been seeing a bit on tattoos in South Korea and how they’re illegal. It was really curious to me because I keep seeing all these idols, rappers, and actors with tattoos and my thought was, “how can they be illegal and nobody gets in trouble for having them?” So my investigative instincts kicked in and I discovered the truth on the matter.

Tattoos are not illegal in Korea. However, it depends on who is doing the tattoo, that is what determines the legality of getting a tattoo. Apparently, the law states that they must be done by medical practitioners only. In layman’s terms, only a doctor can give you a tattoo. So unless this doctor has a tattoo parlor, going to one to get a tattoo is illegal.

But that doesn’t stop them from cropping up nor does it stop people from going and getting them. Afterall, once you get one, who’s to say that you didn’t go to a doctor? Not telling you to break the law here but I can see how it could potentially fly under the radar of police or whoever does the prosecution on this. And there’s the whole thing of tattoos still being a bit taboo.

However, the tattoo lovers in Korea are trying to change this on all aspects by acting to make it legal and by making it more mainstream and less of a taboo. Enter, Soltattoo. It’s a tattoo shop that gained a lot of fame a few months ago for offering cat tattoos to cat owners. Though the “cat tats” were nice, they do so much more than that.

SM | Suing Tao and Team for Illegal Entertainment Activities + Z.Tao “Crown” [video]

I’m going to be honest here, I saw this coming with the release of Luhan’s new music video. I don’t know why but my mind instantly went to a new lawsuit. However, SM has released a statement this time around and honestly, it makes a lot of sense.

“In April of 2015, Tao was already working with another company to create his own album, and he left SM and his team without permission. Moreover, in July of the same year, he released a mini album and continued to engage in illegal solo entertainment activities. While using what he gained with EXO to his advantage, appearing in advertisements, broadcasts, etc., he suddenly sued SM Entertainment on August 24, 2015. Until a final verdict has been reached, Tao is required to stay true to the obligations and duties outlined by his contract, and he cannot carry out [other] entertainment activities.”

(source: soompi)

Honestly, this is something I’ve been saying for a while now and I cannot stress this enough when it comes to this whole situation. The fact is this, if you are signed to a contract, you must fulfill that contract or you have to wait until it is terminated before you can act outside of that contract, otherwise, you’re breaking the law.

But in the meantime, while we wait to see what happens with this, here’s a new music video from Z.Tao called “Crown”. I’m not sure if by posting this here I am encouraging his criminal activity but here’s the video.