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Weekend Kpop Update | Jessica Jung Signs to Tyler Kwon’s Coridel Entertainment + ARMY vs iKONICS and Lightsticks at iKON Concert + More “Cheese in the Trap” Drama

So I apologize for the late post. I really need to get on it!

First let’s start with TWICE’s Dahyun and Tzuyu who will be special MCs for SBS’s Baek Jong Won’s Three Kings. Pretty exciting considering this is coming just off the heels of Tzuyu’s nationality controversy.

VIXX’s Ravi is new BFF’s with BTS’ J-Hope and Produce 101’s Kim So Hye managing agency is suing netizens for malicious comments.

All is right in world of kpop. With a few ripples that happened over the weekend…


Jessica shocked fans by revealing that she has officially signed on with Tyler Kwon’s Coridel Entertainment. This is move is causing a lot of fans to wonder if she’s preparing for a new kpop comeback as a solo artist. Though it was never something off the table, Jessica said recently back in the December issue of High Cut magazine that singing wasn’t on the backburner. It was still something she’s passionate about.

In Jung’s interview with the magazine, the singer made it clear where she stands in her own music endeavors. “I never said I was leaving the Entertainment industry,” Jung said. 

(source: movienewsguide)

This announcement also came around the time she posted a picture on instagram of herself in the studio. It was later taken down but fans got the message.

Well I certainly can’t wait to hear her new music.

And of course, what’s kpop without some type of “fan war”. This honestly isn’t a huge issue or even war material. This is between ARMY and iKONICS over a lightstick situation at a iKON concert. Apparently, there were some fans there with BTS lightsticks that upset a lot of iKONICS who promptly took pictures and posted them online.

When it hit the internet, iKONICS were heated and jumping all over this. But a few ARMY’s and iKONIC’s issued statements saying in so many words, “this is about to get out of hand so before it does, I’m sorry.”  and “No need for apologies.” Not exactly what was said but…

“I’m an ARMY. I think there will be controversy so I apologize in advance. I think this is ARMYs’ fault..I’m sincerely sorry. I really have nothing to say…” 

“I’m an iKONIC and I don’t think it’s right to demand an apology from innocent ARMY’s just because of those three…”

(source: allkpop)

You can see pictures here of the “outrageous stunt” (sarcasm intended)

And finally, Cheese in the Trap has even more drama to add to the drama!

This show has received great reviews for the writing and production and storyline… it’s just the offscreen drama that’s starting to become a turn-off for some viewers. This time, it’s the producers apologizing to the webtoon author for leaving her out of the loop on the final episode!

Fans noticed this after Soonkki released a post on her blog acknowledging the slip up upsetting the fans and being a bit of a buzzkill for the final show. The director has apologized personally to her and now staff of the show issued the following apology.

“First, we woud like to apologize the fans of the show and webtoon for worrying them with such negative news. Regret fills our hearts for making some of the actors feel uncomfortable with the situation as well… Regarding the post the original writer Soonkki recently uploaded on her blog, we are sorry that we were not more considerate of her. We were so focused on producing the drama that we forgot to share the script with her midway into the show. We are especially sorry for sharing the script for the ending only right before we started filming. Director Lee Yoon Jung has already personally apologized to Soonkki, and she has accepted it,”

(source: soompi)

Hopefully in the future, if there’s a second season, they’ll remember to include Soonkki in the process all the way to the end.







Thursday Kpop Update | Heo Youngji Speaks On KARA Disbandment + Red Velvet’s Yeri Angers Netz with Golden Disk Actions + iKON Counseling Session for Fans

My days are starting to get crossed. I couldn’t remember if today was Wednesday or Thursday. (Yikes!)

However… the show goes on. Speaking of shows, I hope you weren’t planning on visiting the set of Reply 1988. Originally it was floating around that the show was going to be left standing as a tourist attraction, but apparently, that’s not gonna happen. It will be torn down. Hwang Jung Eum turned down the role she was rumored to take for the new upcoming drama Monster stating simply she was “only in talks” for the drama, nothing was ever official.

f(x)’s Luna on the other hand was spotted in her new role for the movie “Lightning Man’s Secret”. She’s cast in the leading role as Han Na.

Fans of KARA were heartbroken to hear the official news of the disbandment. Although many knew this was probably coming eventually with how everything planned out with their agency and their contracts ending, nobody really wanted it to happen. And while the veteran members have gone their separate ways, many wanted to know the future of the newest member Heo Youngji.

And now, Heo Youngji herself has released a statement to the fans.

“I miss you. Thank you. Always smile ❤ (It is because I have no lip gloss on). Fans who are crazy for me. Endorphin Youngji on her way. It is freezing outside. Don’t catch a cold. Awaiting to shoot program ‘Einstein.’ Somewhere in Hongdae.” 

(source | (translation) koreaboo/instagram)

It should also be noted that Heo Youngji will remain the DSP Media and that we will probably be seeing some of her future projects soon. Maybe as a solo artist?

You may have noticed posts about Red Velvet’s Yeri lately. She somehow managed to upset a lot of netizens are the 30th Golden Disk Awards. How?

“…Originally posted on Pann, netizens discuss whether Red Velvet member Yeri’s actions were rude or not.Titled “What Yeri Did Tonight,” here is the direct translation of the post and netizen discussion below…”

‘You know how Red velvet won bonsang for digital single right? They won the award. Irene grabbed the trophy first but than Yeri also put her hand on it. Yeri doesn’t let go of the trophy. During Irene’s speech, she just takes the trophy to her arms. Finally, Yeri ends up having the trophy to her own.’

(source: koreaboo)

So I saw the comments from Pann and basically, a lot of them called Yeri “rude” and “greedy”. Apparently, this isn’t her first time doing this. But then I went to YouTube and what did I see? Absolutely nothing about what she did.

Honestly, it’s happened. It happens a lot. She’s close with the other members of Red Velvet. Obviously she does it because nobody really cares.


Moving along…

iKON’s Jinhwan and Ju-ne decided to hold a counseling session for their fans on the V-App. They answered questions and gave advice to fans on just about every topic that came to their minds.

“…they asked their fans and viewers to ask them any questions they have or freely talk about their problems and worries… During the show, Ju-ne was asked about his ideal type of girlfriend. “Last time, I told my fans that I like sexy ladies,” Ju-ne replied. He added, “But to be honest, I‘m not exactly sure, because I haven’t dated a lot of people yet.”

(source: kpopherald)

They answered a few more questions and then thanked the fans before ending their broadcast.

I was looking for the video but apparently it’s not on YouTube… yet. Sorry.



Wednesday Kpop Update | iKON Releases “What’s Wrong?” and “Dumb & Dumber” + Rain SBS Drama Comeback + Se7en Officially Launches Agency “Eleven9”

Eventful day today!

Park Bo Young is officially the model for Claire’s Korea brand “Guerisson 9 Complex Cream” and whitening brand “Cloud9” in both Korea and now China as well.

Bumkey’s drug trafficking ruling is officially being appealed in the Seoul District Court of Appeals. However, his lawyers are maintaining that the credibility of the witnesses is truly waning and they’re just blaming him for leniency. Back in August, Bumkey was acquitted of all charges.

Kim Soo-hyun’s stepsister, Kim Joo-na will be participating in “Produce 101”, Mnet’s production for the next girl group. She is currently a trainee with  musicK Entertainment.

iKON released two new videos today for their new songs from their upcoming full length album, “What’s Wrong?” and “Dumb & Dumber”.

And in actor news!

Rain has officially confirmed that he will be making a comeback with a new SBS drama, “Come Back, Uncle”.

Rain portrays the handsome manager Lee Hae Joon, who was a middle-aged salaryman who dies, but is given the opportunity to live again. The drama will explore the meaning of true love and the essence of life.

(source: soompi)

It’s based off a Japanese novel “椿山課長の七日間 (Tsubakiyama Kacho no Nanokakan)” about a middle-aged department store manager who dies from overworking and stress. He is granted the ability to come back to life for 3 days only but he is only able to come back as a woman named Tsubaki Kazuyama.

And finally, Se7en has officially launched his new agency “Eleven9”. He announced back in January that this was a project he was working on and has been working diligently ever since to launch it. The agency plans to cover “a wide range of segments including music, acting and fostering rookies to become a comprehensive entertainment agency”.

An official statement from Eleven9 read:

“Se7en was involved in many details throughout the construction process. Since the label officially kicked off, he will do his best to develop the company which will have much influence in an array of fields,”

(source: kpopherald)

Along with the new agency news, Se7en is expected to also be making a comeback early next year with a new album.

Looks like next year is set to be a very intriguing year!



Weekend Kpop Update | B.I on Running Man + iKON vs. Shinhwa Orange Fandom Color + Haha Considering Action Against Impersonators

This weekend was really eventful! For starters, 4Minute announced that not only are they making a comeback with Skrillex but it’s scheduled to be early 2016. Actor Yoo Jae Suk surprised fans by making an appearance on Reply 1988. Unfortunately, all news wasn’t good news as fandoms erupted into debates over Road Boyz behavior on Music Bank. They kinda blocked EXO from view. 

I will say, my favorite news of the day was all about B.I on Running Man. iKON’s B.I showed off his charismatic dance moves on to impress Song Ji Hyo. And apparently, it worked!

Hilarious! Good thing he’s a good dancer…

But speaking of iKON… Orange is the New… Battlecry?

iKON and Shinhwa fandoms have been busy this weekend talking about the significance of the color orange. And now, Shinhwa’s Eric , Junjin, and Kim Dong Wan have something to say about it too.

Beginning first with Eric and Junjin, who both took out their aggression on their SNS accounts.

“Hoobaenims, orange has been Shinhwa Changjo’s color since ’98 when we debuted. Please avoid orange if possible. Let’s meet next year when we promote. From Shinhwa’ Eric.” 

(source: allkpop)


I think it’s safe to say they feel pretty strongly about this matter. But it was Kim Dong Wan’s response to the ordeal that really stood out to me. In a statement recently released as a letter he says that he’s apologetic for all the misbehavior that has happened surrounding this incident and that even though they don’t own the color orange, it is something that they wish to be respected as part of their journey.

Here’s an excerpt of the letter:

“I sincerely apologize for all sexually harassing comments that were directed towards junior groups from accounts connected to the name of Shinhwa or Shinhwa Changjo, no matter what the reason or where they originated from… Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo have to spend this short time together passionately and warmly. I sincerely hope that there won’t be any obstacles in the way of us spending this time together… We aren’t hoping for admiration. We are just hoping that a few of the things we have protected during our long time together will be respected. Those things are Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo, and the sea of orange lights that we see when we’re on stage. Respect for us will return in kind to you and to your heroes on stage.”

(source: soompi)

He also said in his letter that they will be making a comeback soon with “The Return”. This is their first time promoting in a while and it won’t be a long promotion, but it would be nice for the short while that they are promoting to see that sea of orange and know that it’s for them.

I don’t think that’s too much to ask for honestly.

I did originally think that iKON’s color was like a red-ish-orange-ish-white color. I wasn’t sure their fandom even had an official color yet. Guess I’m behind on that one!

And finally, Haha. He definitely wasn’t playing around when it told the last impersonators that he would be taking some type of action in the future if they continued to pretend to be him online.

And now, someone has tried it yet again and he is letting them know, he’s not playing around.

“To the person who is impersonating me I’m now going to be taking action against you without any warnings.”

This could be legal action but we will see soon.