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[Grammar of the Week] — Postponed Until Next Week | Got7 One Point Korean Lesson Video


I’m back!! I was forced to take a week off because I somehow managed to cut my eye and so I was unable to do much of anything without resting it. It took a few days to heal and then a couple of more days before the pain stopped in it. It’s all better now so that’s the good news! But. The bad new is also because of my eye injury I wasn’t really studying much to post here. So this week we’ll do a Kpop Teaches Korean Too (with a twist) instead of a full grammar lesson for the week or maybe just random Words of the Day. I’m still working out the details but I’ll have topics to post by tomorrow. (New post on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday)


In the meantime, I decided to share this video. It’s pretty much conversational Korean but there are a lot of key points and vocabulary in here that’ll be helpful to those who are on a “speaking” level of Korean. Today was actually my first time seeing it but it is really similar to some of the other videos I’ve posted before.

New Grammar lesson next week! And new Artist of the Week! I might post that on Friday.

Kpop Update | “Running Man” Controversy Continues + Got7’s Jackson Begging Sasaengs “Leave Me Alone” Gone Viral + WINNER’s First Broadcast as Four Members + New Music

Alright, so I didn’t really want to title this “Weekend Update” because this was supposed to be on Wednesday. However, regardless of the day we’re going to get into all of this!

Starting with Running Man.

Everytime I hear something new about the cast of Running Man, I usually overlook it because it’s typically a lot of speculation. But with Gary shutting down his social media account after news broke following an announcement that Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook would be leaving the show, there might be some truth to what’s being said.

So what happened???

News broke that both Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook  would be leaving the show. The problem was, neither of them at the time were made aware of this. The show had announced it was going through changes, which is something each parties agencies acknowledged, however what they didn’t know was that this would include cast changes.

Song Ji Hyo’s Agency Statement:

“We knew Running Man would go through changes from SBS but it is true that we only found out from news reports which members would not be invited back. We do not want to comment on Song Ji Hyo’s feelings but it is not our official stance that it was not a good farewell. There is a definite road she needed to walk as an actress and considered leaving the show so it [seemed] natural to leave the show during the season-change. However, it is true there was a lack of active communication from the production crew in the steps leading up to Song Ji Hyo leaving the show. There is a lot of regret emotionally but as it is the production’s decision, we will humbly accept it.”

(source: koreaboo)

Kim Jong Kook’s Agency Statement:

“It is true that we were told about Kim Jong Kook leaving the show one-sidedly. It is regrettable. Even though Kim Jongkook was not in the best health condition, it was a program he really cared for and took part in.”

(source: koreaboo)

When did the two find out? The night of the report!

Now there’s speculation that Gary is responding to the news by cutting off his social media contact with all involved over slighting his friends. Of course this is purely speculation and nothing has been said to the affirmative, but it is interesting timing.

Gary has also unfollowed everyone on his Instagram account, previously following a total of 145 people. He also had 88 photos uploaded to his account prior to the purge. His last few posts were videos that were uploaded about 5 days ago.

(source: koreaboo)

Guess we’ll be following this story to see what happens…

Got7’s Jackson is also in the midst of a controversy that is taking the Got7 fandom by storm!

It is truly one thing to be surrounded with support and love by fans but it is another thing when that love and support becomes so overwhelming, it’s almost smothering. Jackson experienced this “smothering” love while in a Chinese airport recently. There’s a video from that experience that has fans all over outraged of Jackson begging on his knees for the sasaengs to leave him alone.

There’s another video of him asking fans to basically give him space, expressing how tired he is and asking them if he needs to get on his knees and beg. It was until after he literally gets on his knees begging and pleading that concerned fans begin to also plead with the others to leave him alone.

This comes on the heels of an incident, not too long ago, where fans actually forced him to crash his car when they were tailing him.

Seriously, this has gone too far.

In lighter news, WINNER has finally surfaced after being hidden away for a long time preparing for their comeback. But the moment is truly bittersweet seeing them now as a four member group instead of five. Earlier, it was reported that Taehyun would have to leave due to a medical condition making them a four member group officially.

On December 15th, WINNER greeted their fans through a live streaming broadcast. It was their first public activity with four members left in the lineup… The broadcast was done in conjunction with the statement by YG Entertainment that confirmed their comeback plans. The agency stated that WINNER and iKON are both preparing their albums, aimed to be released early next year.

(source: koreaboo)

It’s good to see that they will be making a return! And I’m sure we all wish Taehyun the very best and to get well soon.

Weekend Update | GOT7 Releases Official Light Stick + Taeyong Controversy on Radio Show + Mino Talks Horrible Trainee Years

So this weekend was pretty busy with the new music releases, magazine photoshoots and let’s not forget new teaser visuals to get fans ready for the new music.

GOT7 takes the cake this weekend! They debuted their official light sticks and I have to say, it is truly the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time! It’s a shade of green with a bird’s nest.

Check it out in the video below!

NCT’s Taeyong is not really off to an endearing start with the fans. A while back, he got a lot of attention when fans zeroed in on his not so squeaky clean past. And of course, he was given an opportunity to address this and he did so in the interview below.

But now he’s in trouble again for his actions at a radio show. Apparently, he discarded his script and netz felt it was disrespectful and rude.


Honestly, I think they’re reaching here but I do hope he redeems himself in their eyes. I’d hate to see this group (and him) suffer over things that can be dealt with easily.

And finally, Mino came out recently talking about his life as a trainee. It wasn’t exactly glamorous. He said in an interview that he “lived in the basement with roaches” and how to eat tofu.

When asked how long he’d been a trainee, he responded, “Starting from when I was 17. I went into a trash label. I lived in a basement with cockroaches and only had tofu for meals.”

(source: allkpop)

At least now he can honestly say that he won’t have to go back or endure that again if he keeps working hard.


Kpop Music Update | Super Junior’s Yesung Solo Album + April Comeback + Park Bo Ram New Acoustic Single + New Music Videos

Alright so I was super excited about this week’s comeback news! There was honestly so much I couldn’t fit it all in one post.

GOT7 finally made that long-awaited comeback with the release of “Home Run”! The album dropped last night and it was well worth the wait! I.O.I announced that they will be releasing their mini-album May 4th. This is going in correlation with their new reality show that they will be filming soon.

And Mighty Mouth is also shocking fans and making a comeback as well!

“The hip-hop duo is preparing to release a new album at the end of this month. This will mark their first time to promote under their own independent label ALLMIGHTY RECORDS, which they recently established after parting ways with YMC Entertainment.”

(source: soompi)

Super Junior’s Yesung is getting ready to release his debut solo album “Here I Am” April 19th! It’ll be available on different music sites, for download (paid of course), streaming as I think it’ll be on Spotify (don’t quote me on that), and many others. And it’ll be released through Super Junior’s independent label, “Label SJ”. But there’s a surprise in all this… apparently, he played an active role in writing the title track.

I’m more than ready to hear this album!

April has also created some waves by announcing the release of their spring comeback! The ladies are ready for the weather change and season and have released a teaser for their upcoming mini-album.

And then there’s Park Bo Ram. I love her voice so much and I have been earnestly waiting for this moment! She’s preparing the release of her acoustic new single, “Dynamic Love” on April 21st. I love that this song will give her an opportunity to really show off her vocals!