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공부하다 + -니 (gongbuhada+ -ni) | [Word of the Day]


This week has been a lot of fun but now it’s time to end it. It wasn’t that bad this time around and I actually really enjoyed doing this lesson. I’m gonna have to think of something equally as interesting for next week!

Let’s get started!

공부하다 (gongbuhada) | “to study”


  • 잘 공부 했니? (jal gongbu haessni?) | “Did you study well?”

That’s it for this week! See you next time!

New: Grammar of the Week, Foreign Language Tip and Artist of the Week next week!

공부하다 ‎(gongbuhada) [Word of the Day]


Last week, we did some pretty fun words! This week, we’re going to get back into verbs. It’s been a while but like I said before, verbs are very helpful in constructing sentences in Korean.

공부하다 ‎(gongbuhada) [v] | “to study”

Not to be confused with a similar verb, 배우다 which means “to learn”. 공부하다 is all about focusing on a subject or a topic.


  • 나는 수학 공부했어요. (naneun suhag gongbuhaess-eoyo.) | “I was studying math.”
  • 테스트 전에 공부해 (teseuteu jeon-e gongbuhae) | “Study before the test”

Ok that’s it for today!