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Artist of the Week | 효연 (Hyoyeon)

It’s been a while since the Artist of the Week was a kpop girl-group artist. I haven’t neglected them I’ve just been listening to so many different types of music that I almost forgot about mainstream artists.

So the spotlight for this week needs no introduction! You all know her for the top selling kpop girl group “Girls’ Generation (SNSD)”! She’s back with a solo comeback and so far she’s done really well on the charts!

If you haven’t heard her solo music before, check it out below!


Taeyeon | Upcoming Album Spotlight

So I said I wasn’t going to do Kpop Updates on here anymore because it just isn’t my passion to be a kpop blogger (but all the kpop updates will still be done regularly on twentythirdstation.tumblr.com if you’re looking for it!) However, I do still love talking about the music.

I was definitely going to reserve this for later but when I stumbled on YouTube earlier I saw all this promo for Taeyeon’s upcoming album. SM is really really pushing this with all the visuals and teasers. And after listening to it, I can see why. I truly enjoyed her solo debut and this album seems like it’s going to be the perfect follow-up. I won’t post all the teasers because there’s at least 12 of them, but check out the ones below!

Will you be listening?

Full Music Video:

Wednesday Kpop Update | Tiffany Solo Concert Sells Out + DIA Not Performing, 2016 Dream Concert + EXO Comeback Confirmed + New Music Videos

Ok so let me tell you! Today was so busy I had a hard time trying to decide what to talk about here! I couldn’t cover everything that I wanted to sooooo head over to twentythirdstation.tumblr.com for links and kpop updates that weren’t included here!

XIA was recently on a livestream through the Naver app talking about his latest album, “Xignature”. He was asked during the broadcast about his juniors that he actually likes and he gave the loaded answer of the year! He talked about BTOB and how they left a good impression on him but he also mentioned some other familiar names.

“Truthfully, there’s so many idols these days I don’t really know a lot of people personally. I might know their group’s name, but not individual names. If I had to choose, I would say the BEAST and INFINITE members. These days, it’s nice to see that idols really passionate about what they do, and how they can sing and dance really well. But of course, I’m closer to those I interact with and know personally. That’s why I am fond of BEAST and INFINITE.”

(source: soompi)

I like that answer!

SISTAR released their official comeback teaser and plans today. Pretty exciting way to start off June. This will be the 4th mini-album for SISTAR.


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And not to be left out of the comeback celebrations, SONAMOO also officially announced their plans for a comeback through their official website. They released a coded message with their homepage changed to the color green with orbs circling their logo.


“In June of 2016, colorful lights will brighten up one by one along with the Green Moon. Seven different colors will unite into one shining light”

(source: SONAMOO)

Tiffany is making waves since her official solo release. After the release of I Just Wanna Dance, it was announced that she would be performing her first solo concert for a select time period in Korea. Well… the shows sold out!! And now, new shows have been officially added to accommodate the demand.

“…[Tiffany] solo concert will be the sixth in SM’s “The Agit” concert series. Tickets went on sale on May 19 and immediately sold out. Since many fans were unable to procure tickets, more concert dates have been added… Tickets for the additional concerts will go on sale June 7 at 8 p.m. KST through Yes24.”

(source: soompi)

If you’re in the area and want to go, you might want to head over to Yes24 and get your tickets ASAP!

In unfortunate news, DIA is pulling out of 2016 Dream Concert. Interestingly enough, Jung Chae Yeon will still perform… with IOI. Representatives released a statement explaining the decision.

“Jung Chae Yeon will only perform as an IOI member at the ‘Dream Concert’. DIA will not be performing. After a discussion, the members decided not to perform at ‘Dream Concert’, considering the difficulties Jung Chae Yeon will face [in performing with 2 groups].”

(source: allkpop)

So while DIA decides instead to prepare for their comeback, Chae Yeon will perform with IOI. I guess this would be a little easier for her so she doesn’t have to overwork herself. And, IOI is only promoting for a year so might as well enjoy the ride now.

EXO pretty much “broke the internet” with the release of one photo.

이번 활동을 통해 가장많이 듣게 될 말은? #역시엑소

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And then more followed…

I don’t think anything else needs to be said here except, the official comeback date is June 9th! We are literally days away from this comeback.

I’m so beyond ready for this…


Weekend Kpop Update | Actress Ji Ha Yoon Taking Action Against Stalker + Unauthorized SNSD Calendar Photoshops Pictures + WINNER “EXIT”Individual Teaser Taehyun + CNBLUE and CROSS GENE Comeback

This weekend was a really exciting one! For starters, congrats Gary for winning #1 on SBS’ Inkigayo. From what I understand, he never did promote for his new single so that’s pretty cool.

I would post a video… but he didn’t perform. So if you haven’t heard the song or seen the video, check it out below!

JYP also received an award. He was awarded “Most Influential Producer” at 2015 Weibo Awards!


And then there was the news about Actress Park Jin Young. She’s been stalked for a while relentlessly by a man who has posted personal information about her and even showed up to her home. Now, she’s taking action.

Young posted the stalker’s photos, name, age, and captures of the messages sent to her and she uploaded them on her instagram account.

It’s become too much that I’m going to report him. I’ve tried warning and ignoring him countless times and he said he will stop; but his stalking only got worse. I’ll show him that I’m not just using words as a warning. I upload this so that he will see it.”

(source: allkpop)

Fans have been wondering just how bad was his torment to make her go to this extreme and even going so far to criticize her for taking such action due to her popularity, or lack thereof according to them.

Personally, I’m glad she’s taking action but I do also hope she’s able to get some type of help from the police as far as protection for herself. Nobody how popular (or not popular) you are, stalking is very scary and very dangerous. It doesn’t just affect the person being stalked, it affects their families as well.

Good for her!


I found this story on koreaboo and thought it was absolutely insane! Apparently, an unauthorized calendar for Girls’ Generation was on sale and they manufacturers decided to use old pictures of SNSD, but they photoshopped Jessica out of them whenever they could… in very obvious ways.

And according to the tweet, that wasn’t the only noticeable change they made. Some months were left on touched but others were just obvious that they were trying to compensate for Jessica no longer being in the group.

Personally, don’t they think it would’ve made more sense to just leave it alone until they could get current pictures?


And then the comeback news! These are just a few of the exciting teasers released over the weekend!