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Weekend Kpop Update | I.O.I Yoojung Parody of “Very Good”, Zico Responds + “Goblin” Delay, Creators Statement + Gary and Gil Ready to Split?

So, usually the netisphere is buzzing with different things that I couldn’t begin to predict happening, but it’s been unusually quiet. Or maybe, I just haven’t been paying attention. Either way, it’s been a lot of good news!

Suga has returned to BTS following an injury. He was noticeably absent from some promotions and the end of the year performance but have no fear, he has returned and is ready for their comeback in the future!

I.O.I’s Yoojung is also having a good and interesting week! Her parody of Zico’s “Very Good” was extremely well received by the fans but also by Zico himself. After the show aired, he responded to it saying simply,

I was watching and I was surprised to see my own stage parody. Yoojung copied me better than myself. She managed to be cute at the same time, so I enjoyed watching it.”

(source: koreaboo)

If you’re a fan of the show “Goblin”, you may have been wondering what the hold up was! There was this amazing moment and a cliffhanger and everyone was waiting to see what was going to happen next, with three episodes left annnnnnnnnnnnnnddd… the next episode cancelled and replaced by a special episode, “All Days Were Good”.

So what happened????

The producers say… they wanted the graphics to look right. While debunking all the popular rumors and wide-spread speculations, they gave a really valid reason.

“..While is it true we had a hectic filming schedule; when we reached the middle episodes, we didn’t have any problems filming the rest… The delay is partly due to our PD’s ambitious goals. The last 3 episodes are going to be full of bright colors, as they will be focusing on a lot of the magical and fantastical aspects of the storyline. Thus, we are planning on using a lot of computer graphics, which requires a little more time. We don’t want the computer graphics to look tacky, so we’re focusing entirely on improving the visuals so that it can live up to the name of being a fantasy drama.”

(source: koreaboo)

Honestly, I think that’s a better way to end a show. I’d much rather it be a late airing and look good then to be thrown together and trash. Sooooooooooooo many good dramas have gone that route and it’s always super disappointing and upsetting.

Quality over quantity any day!

It’s being reported that the Leessang company is about to split up due to Gary and Gil wanting to pursue solo career paths. They’ve already started their own solo labels, Magic Mansion and Yangbans Nation, but is this really happening? Will Leessang break up too?

Leessang Company, owned by Leessang’s Gil and Gary, are currently in the process of closing their business, and have already enlisted their building up for sale. January 13, according to an insider in the industry, Leessang Company’s employees have not been working since last year, and the company’s building is currently on the market priced at 9 billion won since January 11.

(source: koreaboo)

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens but honestly, this is super upsetting.


길 (gil) [Word of the Day] + Foreign Language Tip 1.A


Alright so I’m doing this new thing where I try to “think” more in Korean. So for example, have you ever had those moments when you’re just kinda sitting around and a thought occurs to you like, “I’m so hungry. But what do I want to eat?” Well, I’m working on doing that in Korean, in my head. Sounds a little weird but I heard it’s extremely helpful for making sentences.

The two things I’ve been told about learning a new language:

1) Stop translating. You don’t translate every word you read/say/hear in English and break it down to the definition so don’t do that in Korean.

i.e., “하지마!” “Hajima!”

Did you just translate that word? Did you read it and say, “Oh, that means ‘don’t’.”? If you did, Stop doing that. You understood the word when you read it therefore there’s no need to translate it unless you’re telling someone else what it means. You’re hindering your progress every time you do that. It’s difficult for me to stop doing that too. Hajiman, I’m going to try so you try hard too!

2) Think in Korean.

i.e., “정말 배고파요. 하지만, 뭐 먹고 싶어? (Jeongmal Baegopayo. Hajiman, mwo meoggo sip-eo?)”

Instead of thinking it in English in your mind, think it in Korean. The more you do this, the easier it becomes to form sentences. The idea is, you’re going to be using more sentence structure, more verbs, adjectives, and everyday phrases and words so it becomes almost second nature after a while.

Those are my tips for the day and now for your WOTD.

길 (gil) | “road”


1) 여기에서 길을 건너.(yeogieseo gil-eul geonneo.) | “Cross the road here.”

Alright so that’s it for today!