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ICON Asia | YouTube Channel [Make-up, Travel, etc.]

How many of you have heard of the ICON network? If it’s unfamiliar to you, I’m here to get you acquainted! I used to follow Michelle Phan when she was doing make-up tutorials on YouTube. Now that’s she launched her own brand of make-up and skincare products, she’s larger than life! Meaning, she’s teamed up with Endemol Beyond to create the ICON network.

But it’s not just one network…

There’s ICON Asia, which I’m highlighting today. And there’s also ICON UK and from what I understand there are more in the works. She’s thinking beyond YouTube and thinking towards creating an actual network.

So what is ICON?

It’s a style network. They talk about fashion, make-up, skincare… but each host has there own YouTube channel where you can still find your favorite tutorials. I personally love this channel because I get pretty good ideas from it when I don’t really know what to wear or how to do my hair.

If you haven’t heard of it, check it out below! Apparently, this channel is about a month old.

“Top Asian Fashion Designers” (FungBrosComedy) | [video]

It is not often I run across a video where I get to talk about fashion. And then there was this one by the FungBrosComedy. I usually watch their channel when I want to laugh and I like their interviews but this one was way more insightful than I really thought it would be. I’ve seen their usual list videos and they’re almost always pretty satirical.

The designers mentioned in this video are popular Asian fashion icons internationally known. I stumbled across this completely by accident and I’m glad I did. I’m really a newbie to the fashion design world. I like lookbooks but I don’t really understand concepts, however, I think this video does a pretty good job of explaining it.

Beauty Bible | Fashionable Party Themes and Trends

Originally my plan was to do a kpop update but I ran across this video and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about it! This is about holiday party themes and trends. One of the things that is mentioned here is one of my favorite pieces for any type of party and that’s a “nail ring”. I love them almost as I love my huge statement rings. If you’ve never seen a nail ring before it is basically a small ring that fits around the tip of your finger and rests on your nail. It’s like 3D nail art that you remove. (exhibit A and B

But why nail rings?

Well because not only are they beauty pieces but it’s fashionable for a party. I mean, think of how celebrities look when they were they’re rings. They make a statement and if you didn’t have enough time to do your nails they can serve as a distraction. My advice though, if you do wear them, buff and polish your nails because they will draw a lot of attention to your hands the more glamorous they are.

Of course this video also focused on how to dress for different parties. Great video if you’re still celebrating New Years and the holidays or if you have a party to go to some time soon!