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Artist of the Week:: EXO

After everything EXO has been through, they managed to come back strong and focused. The teasers were an epic journey to a pretty amazing rebirth. The album EXODUS is worth listening to even if you don’t like EXO very much. I’m hugely impressed.

The teasers signified more than just a comeback. It showed their individual growth as well as their growth coming together a group. It showed them starting over from what would seem like a broken place. Though I’m sure it was hard having to let go of two of their members I’m sure they’re all wishing each other well in the end. I’m rooting for all of them!

And that is why, I have made EXO the Artist of the Week! Don’t forget to check out the Artist of the Week playlist!

EXO “Exodus” 2nd Album Released! [Audio Streaming]

Annnnddd it’s out!! That’s right! Exodus has been released! And I love it. I’ve been listening to it and I have to say, they managed to maintain the original sound and feel of EXO despite everything. All the teasers and clips leading to this beautiful rebirth have created a brand new EXO that’s still very recognizable.

If you haven’t heard the album yet, check it out below! (And if you have a Spotify account, it is out there for streaming as well.)