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Day6 “First Time” | [Word of the Day] | Kpop Teaches Korean Too


So today ends  this week’s Kpop Teaches Korean Too. I honestly had a lot of fun doing this and I’m thinking about it doing it again. I focused more on the hook of the song this week, but next time I do this, I want to focus on lyrics. Hopefully you guys have enjoyed this as much as I have. Today’s lesson will be a little shorter.

Line by line… here we go! Remember, when you do this while listening to different Kpop songs, listen for words that you already know to help figure out the meaning of what’s being said in the song. If there are English words, you can typically use them to help you with the translation, but sometimes that doesn’t always work like with the song we’re using today.

For the first time
너와 다른 곳을 향해 걸어가
I say goodbye to you you
For the first time
다른 꿈을 가지고 걸어가
I say goodbye to you
이 말이 마지막이 될 수 있게

For the first time

Neowa dareun goseul hyanghae georeoga

I say goodbye to you you

For the first time

Dareun kkumeul gajigo georeoga

I say goodbye to you

i mari majimagi doel su issge

I’m going to leave out the English parts of these lyrics because we only want to focus on the Korean part. You can use the English as markers in other songs but in this one, it might not be that helpful.


너와 다른 곳을 향해 걸어가 (Neowa dareun goseul hyanghae georeoga)

  • 너와 | I am
  • 곳을 | place
  • 걸어가 | walking

Okay, the two words below, I added as potentially unfamiliar words because I don’t remember talking about them before. Even though I know what they mean, we’re going to treat them like they’re new words. Remember to write down words you don’t understand and look them up later.

다른 (dareun) | “different”
향해 (hyanghae) | “toward”

“I’m walking toward a different place” (A more comfortable way to say this in English would be, “I’m walking in a different direction”)

다른 꿈을 가지고 걸어가 (Dareun kkumeul gajigo georeoga)

  • 다른 | different
  • 꿈을 | dreams
  • 가지고 걸어가 | I am walking/I have walked

“I am walking with different dreams”

이 말이 마지막이 될 수 있게 (i mari majimagi doel su issge)

  • 이 | this
  • 말이 | words/speak
  • 될 수 있게 | This could be
Potentionally an unfamiliar word:
마지막 (majimagi) | “last”

“These words could be the last”

You may have noticed that I combined phrases this time around. For the purpose of translation and understanding, I wanted to keep certain phrases together so that they’d make more sense. Since this isn’t a Grammar post, I won’t go into too much detail on a lot of the principles this time around.


For the first time

I’m walking toward a different place

I say goodbye to you you

For the first time

I am walking with different dreams

I say goodbye to you

These words could be the last

Alright, so that ends that for this week! Again, I hope this was useful and I think I’ll do this again soon. New Grammar of the Week/WOTD next week! (This time I’ll be more diligent in getting it done!)

See ya next week!


Artist of the Week | Day6

I am so shocked right now that I never made this group an Artist of the Week!

Let me start by saying, I love this group so much. I’ve been a fan of pop rock since middle school so when I first heard JYP was making a real band I was a bit skeptical. And then of course the promotion style throw me a bit because, there wasn’t much of one. They wanted them to work their way into popularity and gain respect in the rock community and not be seen as a kpop group due to their label.

…and it worked…

I love their sound! I love that they are true to the genre. And I don’t think there’s anything else to say except check out their sample playlist below!

Kpop Music Update | BTOB and DAY6 Join KCON 2016 + Minzy’s Alleged New Agency + Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Solo Debut Teasers + Music Videos

Alright so this post is a day late! Normally a Wednesday post, I just couldn’t pass up on another Artist of the Week post. Sorry! But, we’re here today!

And we’re kicking off this week (or ending it) with more on KCON 2016! The line-up just keeps getting more and more exciting. It seems, in addition to BTS, MAMAMOO, SEVENTEEN and Ailee, BTOB and DAY6 have made their announcement as well!

Ugh!! I wanna gooooo!!!

After announcing that she was leaving YG and ultimately 2NE1, it seems that Minzy may have found a new agency to call home. Though Blackjacks were heartbroken by her leaving, they have expressed well wishes at this potential “could be official” rumor.

“According to a report from news outlet Sports Donga, an insider revealed to them that Minzy has decided to sign an exclusive contract with Music Works after having discussions with several different agencies… Music Works addressed the reports and commented, “It’s true that we recently met with Minzy to discuss an exclusive contract, but a contract has yet to be officially signed.”

(source: soompi)

Don’t know if she truly is signing with them yet but I’m sure if she’s talking with them we just might hear something soon.

Minzy… 화이팅!

And then there was another… Girls Generation member solo debut! 

It was announcement a little while ago that Tiffany would be making a solo debut as well and now, we get to see what that solo debut will look like because we are days away from it! She’ll begin performing her new song on May 12th on Mnet’s M!Countdown and then she’ll be performing on KBS’s Music Bank on May 13th, MBC’s Music Core on May 14th, and finally SBS’s Inkigayo on May 15th.

Kpop Music Update | History Comeback Teaser + Wonder Girls Comeback Date Questionable + Day6 “Letting Go” + Jun Hyo Seong “Find Me” + SG Wannabe”By My Side”

This post is ever changing and becoming kinda like an MTV of kpop posts. I really like the Wednesday posts more than my “gossip column/rumor mill addressing” post of a Kpop Update. But, no long speech, let’s get to it!

The official comeback date from HISTORY is getting closer and closer! The official date is April 11th and honestly, I can’t wait!

“According to their agency, “HIM” will showcase a more masculine side of the five members through both music and visuals. In the black-and-white teaser shot, the members are groomed to perfection in sleek suits, owning the modern city man look while posing for the camera.”

(source: soompi)

Check out their new teasers they posted to SNS.

Fans were delighted to hear about the revival of Wonder Girls. With the new look and sound after the loss of two members, we were thrilled to see them starting over. But now, we’re all starting to wonder when we’ll ever see them again. JYP says, it’s still up in the air.

“As a response to these rumors, JYP stated to another news outlet, “Nothing has been confirmed regarding the comeback schedule or album format. The members are all working hard to prepare for their comeback,” suggesting that it’s too early to start counting days.”

(source: soompi)

So apparently there will be a comeback… but again the date is still questionable. I guess we’ll know when JYP starts releasing teaser videos again.