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Wednesday Kpop Update |”Scarlet Heart: Goryeo”, IU’s Acting Draws Criticism + I.O.I Comeback Announced + VIXX Leo, Status Update on Health

Due to my lack of internet access, I’m struggling a little to do this post. But we’re going to get through it as best as possible. I’m working on getting internet back on my desktop. But in the meantime, check out twentythirdstation.tumblr.com for links to the top kpop news stories this week as well as teasers, photos, and a whole bunch of other stuff that doesn’t make it to the blog! (shameless plug)

Alright, so I will just say it, IU can’t catch a break! Critics first said that she was wearing too much make-up for the drama and now they’re saying her acting isn’t exactly credible. Yikes! Well, Kim Young Sub, the director of “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo”, has responded to the acting critics and he says in short, it’s because people are already super critical of IU.

“I don’t think that it deserves to be so severely criticized… I know people are prejudiced about IU because she made her start as an idol… I don’t believe it is fair for people to judge her acting based on this excessive prejudice.”

(Source: soompi

I have to say I agree with him on this. IU gets a lot of flack for a lot of different reasons but at least give her a chance to improve.

A bit of a shocker to me but I was unaware there was any thought that I.O.I would be making a comeback with less members than before but, apparently there were rumors flying around that I missed. Well, Surprise! All 11 members are returning. I.O.I’s agency, YMC Entertainment confirmed the new on the 30th.

On August 30th, the girl group’s acting management agency YMC Entertainment confirmed their comeback which is set for the second week of October. The members have already begun with the tracks’ recording sessions, and it is being further reported that producer Rhymer would be producing two of their songs, raising expectations of the public.

(source: koreaboo)

Time to celebrate this bittersweet victory I.O.I fans and supporters alike, the ladies are winding down to their final time together as a group as they will disband next year.

VIXX’s Leo was injured during a recording of MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championship”. He was injured in the face during the futsal portion. There has been large debate over whether or not idols should be participating in activities like this, with a large amount of fans saying no. Why? Because of things like this! I digress. It’s actually a pretty interesting debate.

Back on topic…

However, Jellyfish Entertainment has come out and said, he’ll recover.

“Because there is still swelling in his face, Leo will get sufficient rest and recover stability this whole week, and we confirmed through an expert that there is no problem with recovering from the injury.” – allkpop “Jellyfish Entertainment updates on Leo’s condition”

(source: allkpop)

Looks like he’s going to be alright! Don’t worry so much.

That’s it for this week! Because I’m working from a tablet, I will now direct you all to twentythirdstation.tumblr.com for videos. I’ll have a separate post for them hopefully this weekend!


Apink | Bomi Criticized By Netizen for Actions on Naver V App

I was going to let this go, but after reading it and thinking about it, I just couldn’t. I ran across this story on Koreaboo and it was just felt… odd to me. The author was saying Bomi had a “bad attitude” of some sorts but… I don’t know.

Here’s the background, Apink has a show called Apink’s Mukbang Talk. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a show where the person will eat food while interacting with the viewers. It’s a way for people who live on their own and/or have to eat meals alone to not feel so lonely while they eat.

During the broadcast, Bomi was singled out for her actions. Apparently, everything she did was deliberate and “attention seeking”. The author of the post created a list of reasons why they didn’t like her attitude.

1. She put on glasses

2. Suddenly takes off her glasses

3. She talks on the phone during broadcast

4. She keeps eating

5. She suddenly jumps up

6. She talks with her mouth full

7. She disappears during broadcast

8. She points at the camera

9. She bites her fingernails

(source: koreaboo)

They added descriptions of why they felt the way they did for each of the reasons but it was a bit long. You can see their full explanations on the link. The point is, the whole thing seemed to be a bit much. It was pretty obvious to me by Number 4, that the author clearly just doesn’t like Bomi that much. Even other commenters noticed that. One comment said:

[ +25 / 0] Oh my haha Why does it matter if she wears glasses or not? She is eating during a broadcast? Didn’t you see the room’s title? It was ‘A Pink’s Mukbang Talk” for the members to eat while talking. What programs can she not stand up and sit down at her own will? This is too forced haha It is even funny that I have to explain these things. Aren’t you embarrassed for writing this? Are you crazy?

(source: koreaboo)

After all this, the only thing I can say is, I don’t understand the point of this post at all. I don’t even know why I couldn’t let it go but it just seemed a bit… odd.

Show Me the Money 4 | Mnet Fines + Black Nut Draws More Criticism Through Diss Battle

Let’s start with the “I knew this was coming” news. Remember that time when Mino made that rap and said those things on “Show Me the Money 4” that were dubbed as being “misogynistic” and even got the attention of the Korea Association of Obstrecians and Gynaecologists? Well, KCSC officially decided and Mnet was fined, heavily, for his comments.

By receiving the highest disciplinary action by the KCSC, Mnet will have to pay up to the max fine of 50 million Won ($43,000 USD). But the actual fine price is reported to be revealed later by the media.

(source: koreaboo)

The fact that this may not even actually be the full price is saying just wow. I can’t imagine it being cheaper. Maybe, but I don’t think so.

This brings me to the next topic of Black Nut, who drew criticism for his antics in a diss battle with Mino. It wasn’t as severe as Mino. There shouldn’t be any fines over this incident. This was just a matter of respect. It wasn’t enough to just let it be a diss battle and be lyrically creative but he had to go and get really disrespectful with it.

Black Nut got down on his hands and knees, heading Song Mino’s legs like a dog, making a play on the lyrics to Mino’s song “I’m Him.” Moreover, during Song Mino’s turn, Black Nut brought out a bamboo pillow and laid down, causing the rapper producers on the show to shake their heads with extreme disapproval.

(source: soompi)

I kinda agree with some of the comments though. I can’t figure out if he just wants to diss or is he wants to fight! But I have to say, at least nothing excessively derogatory was said this time so I guess that would be the silver lining.

CLC | Draws Criticism for Actions Toward BTOB on “CLC Queen’s Game”

Ok so I saw the video. And I have to say, I get it but I don’t think it’s being taken in the right way. Here’s the story, BTOB made an appearance on CLC’s, “CLC Queen’s Game”. The idea was for the two group to work together to complete group activities, play various games and for BTOB to kinda coach CLC in how to act on variety shows. Or, how to perform well on variety shows.

The controversial moment began when Chanseob asked them to show their individual talents. Ye Eun then claims that she can do aegyo. Now, mind you, during this time she has a water bottle. Chanseob tells her to not do aegyo but to do something funny with her water bottle. What follows in the video below sparked the controversial moment.

Many fans are pretty much divided over this. There are some who are saying that they need to learn how to treat and respect their seniors.

[ +314 / -3] I think they have to really be careful;;; I think they’re going to cause something greater soon? BEAST, 4Minute, Apink, and BTOB were all rumored to be nice but these girls need to be more cautious

[ +83 / -] After watching the video, this is not how they should treat their elder artists even if they’re in the same agency. When I saw the rap battle part, CLC is so stubborn… hahaha Try to win an argument that is reasonable.. haha

(source: koreaboo)

And then there are those who think this is just being taken too far. One particular comment on that that I actually agree with was one I found on YouTube.

[loveboxunderthetree]: “You should watch the full videos (CLC Queen’s game ep.2 – ep.3). I remember Btob said the problem of CLC was that “they were too kind!” and encouraged them to do something crazier. They even showed CLC how to do variety by making other member smell their feet lol. I think Yeeun actually followed what they said…that’s why she tried to do something crazy and unexpected by doing a joke with the bottle. After she did that, Minhyuk gave thumb up to Yeeun and said that she did well. (0:10)”

I really think if people saw the full episode they’ll see that this moment was as disrespectful as it’s being made out to be. I do believe she honestly thought she was following the directions they had been given. And since nobody made a big deal out of it, I don’t think this moment was meant to be a “bad thing”.

But don’t take my word for it! Check it out for yourselves. What do you think?