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Monday Kpop Update | Yoo So Young Posts about Fan at BIGBANG Concert + Comedienne Lee Guk Joo Apologizing Via SNS + DIA 6-Member Group

As if the weekend wasn’t busy enough, today’s kpop news has been super busy as well. There was so much going on I didn’t even know where to start! I should’ve been following the feed a little better I guess.

Jessie has officially announced she’s making a solo comeback. This time, instead of her tough girl image, she’s going for a softer side. She’s releasing a kpop r&b ballad. Seo In Guk has also made a comeback. He released a new ballad called “Seasons of the Heart”. Apparently, he not only sings the track but he also had a hand in composing and writing it. Not bad.

EXID’s Hani worried a lot of fans over the weekend with her sudden illness. However, have no fear, says a rep from her agency, she’s doing better. Glad to hear that! They also wanted to let everyone know that in light of her health, she hasn’t had a busy schedule and they’ve made sure to give her time to rest.

Supernova’s Yoon Sungmo is still in a lot of hot water after his recent drunk driving incident. Apparently, he drove over the line in the road, made an illegal u-turn, crashed into a telephone pole, made a left turn and stopped short causing an accident with the police chasing him, injuring the two officers. Today, his agency Maroo Entertainment has released a statement addressing the incident, saying simply that not only does he accept responsibility for his actions but he will also be cooperating fully with the investigation.


Former After School member Yoo So Young made waves with netz when she posted a picture on her instagram account of a fan who was standing during the BIGBANG concert blocking her view. Apparently, everyone else was sitting down.

In the post she said,

“It’s not polite to be the only one standing inside the concert venue. What are the people behind you supposed to do?”

(source: soompi)

She later deleted the post after getting mixed reviews from fans. Some saying that it’s good she put the fan on blast, others upset that she would post it without the fans knowledge even if it doesn’t show the fan’s face and of course they want her to apology.


Speaking of apologies…

Comedienne Lee Guk Joo is apologizing this week for what she called her “careless behavior”. Apparently, the comedienne ruffled a lot of feathers all in the name of a joke and it upset a lot of fans.

“I am sorry to everyone whom I offended. I will make sure to be extra cautious of going overboard because I’m only focusing on being funny. I will be all the more thoughtful and all the more careful and work all the more diligently.

(source: soompi)

I’m not entirely sure what she’s sorry for, as she never specifically says, but it may have to do with recent incidents. A lot of fans have been speculating that it could be because she expresses too much skinship with guests on her show.


And finally, DIA has returned with 18 year old Chaewon. They are now a 6-member kpop girl group!

You may remember that two of their members, Cathy and Chaeyeon, left temporarily for the Produce 101 program. The show were they will pick only 11 girls to debut and promote together for like a year or something and then, Cathy and Chaeyeon will return to DIA.

MBK Entertainment released a statement surrounding the news saying,

“Since Cathy and Chaeyeon have both temporarily left the group to participate on the cable show Produce 101, we have reorganized the group and recruited a new member to fill the vacant spot.”

( source: koogle.tv)

Well I’m sure they’ll still have the same great sound and it’ll be great to have Cathy and Chaeyeon back to join the 6 of them again.

Thursday Kpop Update | DIA’s Chaeyeon and Cathy Join “Produce 101” + BIGBANG Attending the 30th Golden Disk Awards + SM Entertainment Statement on 24-Member Male Group + GFriend January Comeback

So I took a couple of days away from the kpop updates. There were a few other topics I wanted to talk about and since not much had happened in the kpop world anyway I thought was a good opportunity to expand my horizons. Or, rather, expand my updates.

Today we’re back in the kpop world and interestingly enough, it’s been pretty quiet this holiday season. With the new photoshoot covers and pictorials being released like Starship Entertainment’s Instyle Magazine spread and other idols like VIXX featured in High CUT magazine, it’s been a pretty quiet time.

Jessi recently said in an interview on Radio Star that she would’ve been a member of SNSD but they just didn’t fit her personality. I kinda think she meant this in a lighthearted way as they do joke a lot on Radio Star. Psy won M! Countdown with his new song “Daddy” and Super Junior’s Choi Siwon got an award for outstanding solider during basic training.

Mnet treated everyone to a huge surprise debut of all 98 of their 101 trainees for their new competition “Produce 101”. 3 members couldn’t make the performance but the show had to go on. Out of the 101, only 11 will be chosen to form a group and release an album produced by CJ E&M. But you may have noticed some familiar faces in the sea of trainees, like maybe… DIA’s Chaeyeon and Cathy.

It was not a secret that they would be joining “Produce 101” in fact, they have been planning this with their agency for a few months.

DIA will still promote as a five-member group but not all the fans are accepting of the news. Calling it a bit unfair and almost unreasonable for the girls to participate since they have already debuted and this was supposed to be for the trainees.

I guess we shall see what happens with that. But in the meantime, check out the performance below.

And then there was BIGBANG…

It was recently announced that they would not be participating in any of the year end music awards. They wouldn’t be in attendance because they were on a break. Well now, it has been confirmed that there is one awards ceremony they will be making an appearance on and that is the 30th Golden Disk Awards.


“…Preparations for the ceremony have been undergoing since last month in November, and several other artists have confirmed their attendance since then. Furthermore, considering that Taeyang had won the Daesang with his hit song ‘Eyes, Nose Lips‘ just earlier this year at the 29th Golden Disk Awards, the production team quickly added BIGBANG into their line-up as they, too, have had numerous achievements this past year. BIGBANG has been involved in the preparations for their stage since earlier this month, carefully planning each aspect of their performance with the production crew.”

(source: ygunited)

Well alrighty then! Looks like a vacation nor an album will be stopping them from showing up.

SM Entertainment has decided to finally speak out about the rumored 24-member male group. For a while, many were even questioning the validity of this thing and now, SM is here to clear up any and all confusion.

“It is not true.” The rep continued, “I think we’ve tried all that we can with forming large groups already. In other words, there is no interest anymore in the number of members. While it is true that the SMRookies are very active these days [with their show] and that there will be a group debuting next year, how many members and who, and what genre have not been decided yet.” 

(source: soompi)

They went on to say that these type of rumors can be “hurtful” to the SMRookies that are working extremely hard at debuting. I agree with that. In a way, it can create some type of false hope that will get dashed and stomped out when a statement that denies said rumor comes out.

The good news in all of this is that there will indeed be a new group debuting next year.

And while we’re on the topic of debuts…

GFriend will be making a comeback next year in January.

According to various music industry insiders, the group have tentatively scheduled their comeback for January, exactly one year after they debuted. G-Friend have already recorded the album and are now working with the production team to add the finishing touches.

(source: kpopstarz)

They are apparently working with the same composer for this album that wrote “Glass Bead” and “Me Gustas Tu”.

So it looks like they’re in good hands for a comeback album!