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Wednesday Kpop Update | MBN Reporter Mocks Tiffany Amidst Controversy + Zico Anti-Smoking Campaign + CL Comeback! + New Music Videos

There’s a lot that’s happened this week but I’m gonna get straight to it… starting with Tiffany.

So there’s this thing that happened with Tiffany on instagram where she posted a picture after the tour and she used the Japanese flag emoji. Under any other circumstances it would’ve been okay, but she just so happened to have posted this on The National Liberation Day of Korea, which is August 15th.

That didn’t sit too well with anybody… It bothered so many people that it sparked many debates on television and radio over whether or not it was okay or if she knew better considering that she’s from America.

Well now it’s spread all the way to the news. Apparently, an MBN reporter made a pretty “interesting” comment live on the air after announcing Korea’s loss to Japan in badminton at the 2016 Olympics. He mocks her saying, “Congratulations Tiffany” and he’s not apologizing. Many people are divided over this but I don’t think, regardless of the backlash, I don’t think it’s going to make him apologize.

In a bit of lighter news, Block B’s Zico is collaborating with The Ministry Of Health & Welfare for an anti-smoking campaign! This is basically open to the public and there will be a competition and a cash prize.

“An audition will take place… for a chance to perform a smoke-free campaign song with Zico. Those who audition can submit their self-composed songs, raps, and or lyrics to fingerband.kr until September 30th, 2016. Offline auditions will also be held in Seoul, as well as in two rural cities… The total cash prize of 1,000,000 (about $914.79) will be shared among six people.”

(source: kpopstarz)

And of course, the overall winner will take home the bulk of the prize.

So with 2NE1 down to three and hearing that Minzy is doing just fine, everyone still wants to know what’s going on with CL! She put out a song or two but we didn’t hear much else.

Well, it’s because she’s been busy and she’s ready to show us what she’s been working on.

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Are you ready to be “LIFTED”?



Kpop Music Update | Super Junior’s Yesung Solo Album + April Comeback + Park Bo Ram New Acoustic Single + New Music Videos

Alright so I was super excited about this week’s comeback news! There was honestly so much I couldn’t fit it all in one post.

GOT7 finally made that long-awaited comeback with the release of “Home Run”! The album dropped last night and it was well worth the wait! I.O.I announced that they will be releasing their mini-album May 4th. This is going in correlation with their new reality show that they will be filming soon.

And Mighty Mouth is also shocking fans and making a comeback as well!

“The hip-hop duo is preparing to release a new album at the end of this month. This will mark their first time to promote under their own independent label ALLMIGHTY RECORDS, which they recently established after parting ways with YMC Entertainment.”

(source: soompi)

Super Junior’s Yesung is getting ready to release his debut solo album “Here I Am” April 19th! It’ll be available on different music sites, for download (paid of course), streaming as I think it’ll be on Spotify (don’t quote me on that), and many others. And it’ll be released through Super Junior’s independent label, “Label SJ”. But there’s a surprise in all this… apparently, he played an active role in writing the title track.

I’m more than ready to hear this album!

April has also created some waves by announcing the release of their spring comeback! The ladies are ready for the weather change and season and have released a teaser for their upcoming mini-album.

And then there’s Park Bo Ram. I love her voice so much and I have been earnestly waiting for this moment! She’s preparing the release of her acoustic new single, “Dynamic Love” on April 21st. I love that this song will give her an opportunity to really show off her vocals!

Thursday Kpop Update | “Descendants of the Sun” Chinese Version and OST Woes + 2NE1 Fans Still Reeling from Shocking Minzy Departure + 2016 KCON LA Update

Descendants of the Sun has become a fast hit and been a huge success since it was first released. The show itself swept the airwaves and it made such an impact based on the visuals and storyline that now, it’s getting a possible movie deal (which hasn’t been confirmed yet but stay tuned on that), and a Chinese remake!

“According to the production company NEW, China has secured the rights to produce a Chinese language remake of the popular drama. Not only that, but other countries are currently in contact with the company to produce their own versions of the drama.”

(source: soompi)

No word on who will play what role but it is still pretty exciting news! Especially in light of the not so happy news surrounding the popular OST. One particular song on that album that is drawing a lot of buzz from netz is, “Everytime” but Punch and EXO’s Chen. Apparently, netz seem to think it sounds eerily similar to Eric Nam’s debut single, “Heaven’s Door”.

“…The original songwriter of “Heaven’s Door,” Han Jae Ho, opens up about the two songs in an April 6 interview with OSEN. “I’d heard so much hubbub about it that I listened to the song, and it was strikingly similar. In particular, the tone of the song and the refrain were the most similar. The flow was similar, as well.”

“…On the plagiarism accusation, Han Jae Ho says, “They changed it just enough to avoid calling it plagiarism. Rather than taking legal action, I’d like to mediate through conversation.”

(source: soompi)

It’s been already said by the songwriters that they collaborated with other well known OST songwriters to create the chorus so maybe the sound will have a familiar feel.

But what do you think, does it sound like Eric Nam’s song?


After the shocking news about Minzy leaving 2NE1, it’s no wonder that fans are still highly polarized and upset. And of course, YG’s statement didn’t do much to help the problem in this case. The statement had people believing that Minzy may have been to blame. The statement riled up so many people that even Minzy’s father threatened to hold a press conference to explain the true reason for her departure. And while some have been blaming her for the departure, others are placing blame elsewhere. They’ve decided to blame YG’s CEO and Park Bom.

“[ +15,204 / -553] I bet Minzy felt like a YG trainee again when all her unnis are having a good time.. Papa YG.. Should you be spending time and greed to want to sign an actor right now? Is 2NE1 important to you? Do you really think a group like 2NE1 easily comes out? Similar group won’t and will not come out.”

[ +9,562 / -495] I guess Park Bom doesn’t have real conscience.. seeing her not leave hahaha It is because of her the group came to this

(source: koreaboo)

Of course, these are just two of the many outraged comments that have been swirling around the internet. I can’t say I’m surprised that everyone is this upset. Even I am still in shock… there’s really not much left to say.


Who’s ready for KCON 2016???

Apparently, the line-up has been partially revealed and guess who has been announced? Check out the videos below to see the big reveal of GFriend and Block B.

Monday Kpop Update | Cube Responds to Hyunseung Leaving B2ST Rumors + Woolim Entertainment and SM C&C Split + Block B Comeback with Individual Teasers + Jay Park “The Truth Is” MV

So here we are again, back for another week of kpop news. I have to say, with all the rumors and lawsuits and mergers and splits… it’s a wonder how the kpop industry hasn’t become it’s own k-drama. They have all the elements for a really good one too.


Kicking off today with news about B2ST’s Hyunseung. Apparently, the rumor mill was in overdrive with allegations that Hyunseung was leaving the group. Fans were worried and netz were spreading it all over the internet, all in an effort to get some answers. And now, the answer has been given from CUBE Entertainment. And their response is, no, no he’s not leaving.

“This is false. Hyunseung will not be leaving the group. The six of them… will promote together as is in the future. Hyunseung has plans to participate in B2ST’s future schedules, including the planned B2ST fan meeting in Taiwan on April 4th.”

(source: allkpop)

But how did this all get started anyway? Hyunseung was missing for a good majority of the promotions of B2ST and with his absence, rumors began. Apparently a news site said they had various sources who said that Hyunseung was getting ready to leave and the stage was set for his departure. Huge side-eye.


Woolim and SM C&C are making a lot of people happy today. They announced that they will be merged as one no more! They are becoming two separate entities. I’m sure this may come as a shock to many but great news for those who never agreed with the merger in the first place.

“…SM C&C revealed its decision to separate the video content business and the music content business.  This will result in remaining company SM C&C managing the video content production, management, and traveling agency.  Woollim Entertainment will be a separate entity… returning to its independent state…”

(source: allkpop)

So according to this split, Woollim will now maintain their own music content. I wonder how this will affect the contracts of those who signed because of this merger or even the groups currently under this. My guess is that it won’t be too much of a difference.

I’m just glad this was done peacefully and not as the result of a lawsuit.


Block B decided to rock the kpop world when they announced their long awaited comeback and now they’re giving us proof with their individual teasers for their new single!

Official release date is on the 28th!


How often do we get to hear Jay Park sing? Usually the rapper but I do love when he releases a ballad every now and then. And I guess what? He released a new song. It’s not a ballad but he is singing.. Check out his new song, “The Truth Is”.